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Shared: Begging for BBC

by andoverblonde 12/16/13

My answer came embarrassingly fast. "Yes."

"OK, here is what we are going to do. Let's test your ability to keep quiet. I want you to stick your head out the window, and do your best not to alert the neighbors."For some reason this struck me as the sexiest, most dangerous thing we could do. I moved quickly to the window, pushed my head through the frame, and reached between my legs for him.

Jalen spoke softly as he crossed the room. "That's a good girl." As his penis touched my hand he spoke. "Now show me what you want."

I positioned him, and tried to push back onto him. "Don't worry, Baby, your man will help you out." And with that I felt his pressure, his force, driving forward. The power was recognizable, but his typical aggression was absent. He allowed my body to adjust, he just didn't give it relief. With his hands digging into my hips, his weight constantly pushing forward, he kept entering me.

He shifted weight slightly to the right, and then to the left, and kept every millimeter my body made available. There was pain, no doubt, but a sexiness I had never known. I felt challenged, and was thankful for the challenge. And I kept silent, mostly. A deep moan slipped through my lips, itself originating from a place I had never known.

Immediately after my moan, the truly unexpected occurred: I heard words. "My god, Tiny told me you were beautiful, he didn't tell me you were an angel."

In front of me was a stranger, and I had no way of knowing how long he had been there. With his skin tone, and in dark clothes, he was difficult to see. But he was older than Jalen, by a lot. He also seemed kind. I wasn't afraid, but I also couldn't move backward. Jalen was continuing his slow, deep exploration of my body.

"Thank you for this, sweetheart." And with that he kissed me, and I felt the right thing to do was kiss him back. The moment quickly went from scary, to surreal, to erotic. When I fully gave myself to the embrace, he pulled from me, and instead pushed his penis toward my mouth.

I accepted him without shame, and his movements indicated appreciation. I couldn't use my hands on him, because they helped support my weight, and I couldn't move forward and back for him, because Jalen's pressure hadn't waned. He understood my constraints, so with his hands around my head, he made love to my mouth.

He was clean, and gentle, even whispering to me as a courtesy before he came. His orgasm was large, surprisingly strong for a man of his age. His taste was exceptional. Before leaving, he bent down and kissed my forehead. "Thank you, sweetheart."

Before I could process the experience, Jalen pulled me back into the room, rushed me to the bed, and entered me missionary style. Given the rush he was in to get me onto the bed, I was surprised by his slow pace.

With his lips on my neck, his thrusts deep, and his pace steady, he whispered to me. He spoke of love, and passion, and moments too perfect for words. He encouraged me to accept him, and to let go of any inhibitions. He timed this thought, he must have timed this, with my orgasm. My body thrusted onto his in waves, each wave more powerful than the former.

The depth and angle of his penis kept me floating from one orgasm to another. When I felt him explode into my body, and felt him grind impossibly deep into my world, my passion was colored with an unexpected feeling: gratitude.

I believe we shared that gratitude, but I know we shared an amazement for the moment. That amazement bubbled up in laughter, as we both shared in the glow of perfection.

He rested upon me for a long time, then pulled his perfect body from mine. I rested my head on his chest, and he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close. Unconsciously, I rested my hand upon his soft penis, and gently stroked its head.

We chatted softly, and I brought up the stranger, but I did so in the least aggressive way I could. "He shouldn't call you Tiny, you know, you're bigger than him -- in every way."

He smiled, then spoke. "I know, but he's been calling me that since he brought me and my mom home from the hospital. I've grown to love the nickname."

I decided to let the topic alone.


Eventually, I pulled from his frame and went to the on-suite bathroom. I obviously had a need to release him from me, but I also wanted to brush my teeth. And I announced this when I returned to bed.

"I brushed my teeth, Jalen."

"Well look at what a big girl you are!" He joked back. "Seriously, why did you tell me that."

"I told you so you'd feel comfortable kissing me again." Which he did, long and hard. When he broke the embrace he set the stage and asked a question I was unprepared for.

"Well, Baby, it's only 10:30, I still have you for 90 minutes. I know what's real, and what's role-play. And I can do either. So I'll leave this decision to you. And I won't judge you. We're going to have sex again tonight. How do you want it? Wanna be a good girl, like we just had -- which was amazing -- or do you want to be a bad girl?

I wasn't sure I understood. "What do you mean?"

"OK, maybe this makes it easier. You're either going to stay as you are right now, and we're going to make love. Or you're gonna get dressed up, and I'm gonna stuff you so full of black cock that you'll beg me first to stop, and then you'll beg for more. Which will it be?"

Emotionally, I chose the safest path, and left reality behind. "I'll get dressed."

His tone, and syntax, changed. "Just hose. Black. You ain't gonna need nuttin' else."

I complied, the asked. "Make-up, hun?"

"Absolutely. I don't give a fuck about your eyes, but I want those lips pussy pink." I complied with this as well, although I did add eye shadow.

"Alright bitch, get on your goddamn knees. You've been sucking black cock all night, but you left me out. Ain't I good enough?"I quickly fell to my knees in front of him, and took his head into my mouth.

"That's better, now suck that thing like it owns you."I kept eye contact, took as much of him in as possible, and kept both hands working in unison.

"I like that. Your white fingers look small on my cock. And that ring fucking disappears. You want your Daddy to get you some jewelry?"

I mumbled yes, although I don't know why.

"Good, bitch, I got a cock ring you can wear as a bracelet."

I can't explain it, but I had never wanted to taste any man as much as I wanted Jalen. I worked his body with as much energy and passion as I could, but it wasn't enough. "Now get on that bed." I was sad to stop, but followed his direction.

"It's time for you to show me some respect." He lay down and pointed his cock to the ceiling. "I'm tired of doing the work. Get on this and show me how much you need." I went to scale him. "Fuck no, woman, face my feet, don't look at me!"

This was the aggressive Jalen that I imagined, but I wasn't afraid, just aroused. I mounted him, held his knees, and tried to take as much of him into me as possible. Being on top of him made me feel powerful, and I wanted to show him what I could do. I took him as fast and as deep as I could.

"Now look at that?" I felt his thumb press at the edge of my anus. "I just love things I can't have. What do ya think? Who'll give me that ass first, you or your husband?" I grunted a non-answer as he pulled me down off him.

"I need some sideways shit, like I was fucking an Asian whore." He pushed me onto my side, lifted my leg, and slid into me. "Gettin' easier now, I think your pussy's learning respect."

His thrusts were long, and sexy. His thumb worked my clit. And his words drove me crazy. "Fuck ya, can you feel that? Your pussy is begging for my cock, and your leg is massaging my balls." I could feel his heavy testes being dragged across my inner thigh. The feeling was amazing.

"You're a hot slut, know that, I need it now." He pulled from me, tossed me back on the bed, pressed my knees to my chest, and entered me. "I'm not stopping, you fucking cunt, until I reach your womb!" And he didn't stop.

With his full weight upon me, he thrust deeper and deeper into my body. The pain was almost unbearable; the only thing worse was the thought that he might stop. When my orgasm hit, it hit with such power that it felt like something broke inside me. And yet, mine paled in comparison to his. After he exploded into me, I felt him grind deep, and continue to spasm.

We were quiet for a long time, just sharing our pants, when he whispered. "Sandy, I haven't cum so hard since I was in high school. You have to know you're the reason." His kissed me, and all I could think was how happy I was that he knew my name.

"It's 11:50, girl, I'm gonna have to leave. I don't want to. There is just one more thing you have to do for me."He pulled from me, but never released my legs, even now held close to my chest. He rotated my body, placed my legs against the headboard, and angled my hips skyward.

"I wish you could see what I can. You look swollen, and wet. My God, you smell fantastic. Woman, you are in possession of one well-fucked pussy! Now don't move." He didn't have to worry, I was exhausted.

Jalen picked up the phone and dialed my husband's cell. As it rang, he pressed his softening penis into my mouth. I took it happily, dying for a taste of this man.

"Well, my man, it's late and I have to be heading out. I need you to listen. I'm going to unlock the door and leave. But you can't come in until midnight - your rule, remember? I left your wife with one more order, she can't move until you tell her it's ok. But have some mercy on her, she's gonna need the bathroom."

With that Jalen kissed me, got dressed, unlocked the door, kissed me again, and slipped out the window.


My husband, nude, entered the room at exactly 12:00. His arousal was undeniable, and he barely spoke to me as he got on the bed. He moved quickly to inspect my body, hips held high, stockings pointing to the sky.

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