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Shari Holds a Torch

by GymTeacherYouDeserve 01/11/18

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is a re-worked and extended version of the SAME story which I uploaded back in 2016. The story takes places in the past, decades ago. If you enjoy this re-working, please check out the other stories in this series. Thank you so much for reading!


Shari Keefer should have been excited for the end of her senior year at Talcott High School, but she was not. Unlike most of her classmates, she was devastated, and as the end of her final day drew closer, her heart raced with a mixture of exhilaration and sheer anxiety. Earlier she thought that the adrenaline bursts might have been brought on by the Salisbury steak and cherry Jell-O she'd eaten during lunch, but she knew better. Shari could feel her apprehension building as she got closer to the gymnasium.

The endless locker lined hallway near the gym was eerily silent since school dismissed an hour earlier than usual. It was noticeably empty of the hall monitors and the occasional teacher dashing from classroom to the workroom or teachers' lounge. They probably took advantage of the early dismissal to rush out the door for home as quickly as possible. Shari didn't blame them. Any other day she'd be loudly proclaiming how much she hated school. But now she stood there in the hall clutching a copy of the school yearbook she'd purchased earlier in the day and heaved a ragged sigh. She paused and carefully set her yearbook on the floor for a moment. Next she reached into her book bag and fished out her little silver mirrored compact. There was little need to check her appearance, but she still felt like she had to.

Shari Keefer is one of those impossibly beautiful girls blessed with creamy fair skin and a breathtaking body that was made to be worshipped. She has cascades of lustrous light blond hair and sparkling sapphire blue eyes. She has the toned soft curves of a semi-serious athlete with pert little breasts and a firm rounded rear end. Shari is a sweet yet mischievous and wry girl. An air of innocence and complete naïveté surrounds her; a sweetness that shines in her ever-present smile and a desire to please those around her.

Shari gathered up her things and entered the gym, heading straight for the girls' PE office that was near the entrance to the girls' locker room. She breathed in a hint of new floor wax and stale sweat as she walked with purpose in her steps. But suddenly a lump formed in Shari's throat and she felt the first stinging signs of tears in her eyes. This might be the last time she would ever see her favorite teacher, Miss Blount, before graduation. Since her sophomore year, Miss Blount has slowly built a nice rapport with the beautiful blond Shari.

Since the beginning of senior year, Shari's rapport with Miss Blount quickly grew into a genuine friendship. Sometimes they would make a game of slipping notes to each other in the hallway during passing periods. Shari secretly liked the danger in not knowing for sure whether another teacher or fellow student saw them exchanging notes. Even if someone did see them, the notes were fairly innocuous except for the one or two she received from Miss Blount last week. One of the notes seemed provocative to Shari in the way Miss Blount confessed that she will miss having such a "stubborn little angel" in her class. Shari blushed when she remembered that particular note which she kept carefully stashed in a small locked jewelry box in the back of her closet. She thought it was a little weird. She wasn't sure if Miss Blount meant anything by it, or if she was just teasing her. Although Shari was a generally cheerful student, she was also somewhat fragile emotionally. She appreciated the way Miss Blount seemed to understand this when the other teachers she had could care less.

Miss Velma Blount is Shari's PE teacher. She has been teaching PE at Talcott High School for almost 25 years. She is a very fit athletic butch woman who towers over her students at an intimidating 6'2". Miss Blount is in her late 40's, and that fact is evident in her boyishly cropped light sandy hair and the deep lines etched in the hardened features of her masculine looking face.

Shari recalled that the first time she laid eyes on Miss Blount, she felt fearful and at the same time beguiled by the sight of her teacher. Shari wasn't sure how to process those strange new feelings. Was it normal to feel that way about her gym teacher? The other female PE teachers, Miss Lusby and Mrs. Horton, elicited no such feelings in the beautiful blond senior. And the male gym teachers, Coach Callahan, Coach Linley, Mr. Mapes, and Mr. Johnson, did even less for her! But Miss Blount seemed to cast a powerful spell over Shari. The girl took a sort of perverse pleasure in antagonizing her teacher while at the same time she held aloft a smoldering torch.

When she reached the girls' PE office, Shari peered through the open door. Miss Blount was sitting alone in the small office nursing a cup of coffee as she shuffled through some papers she fished out of one of the file cabinets behind her. Miss Blount was aware that Shari was standing there watching her just outside the door. The girl wanted to walk inside, all smiles, and tell Miss Blount that she can't wait to see her at graduation, but she couldn't. There was no one else outside the PE office besides her, but she was a little paranoid that someone might see her staring so hard at her gym teacher.

There was something about Miss Blount that Shari found intensely attractive. Athletic, aggressive, and masculine looking women seemed to draw Shari from a very young age. She had yet to discover exactly what the appeal was, but she always admired Miss Blount from her first day in high school in spite of her predilection for being a pain in the ass—particularly if her classmates were around to watch her being one. Shari admired the strapping gym teacher's unwavering confidence. She had this remarkable knack for intimidating the most difficult students into submission without breaking a sweat. And Shari loved when Miss Blount paid special attention to her during gym class. Sometimes when they talked, she'd swear she could detect Miss Blount's softer side when all the other girls in her class were busy talking about boys and shopping.

As Shari stood in the doorway of the girls' PE office, a melancholy sigh loudly announced her presence. Miss Blount stopped what she was doing and stared straight at the beautiful blond senior, her features stern as ever. The teacher's hair was freshly cut, and her bangs were as short and blunt as her temperament. The butch woman's face was weathered and severe; her eyes a soul piercing shade of ice blue.

Shari considered leaving, but she stood frozen in the doorway clutching her yearbook to her chest. She started to set her yearbook on the floor. Miss Blount never broke her stare. She had this condescending look on her face. It was an all too familiar look that she gave to the girls who disrupted her class or refused to wear their gymsuit or take a shower when class was over. It was the look that caused Shari to admire her teacher so much. She snapped from the threat of any illicit stray thoughts with a shudder. The girl started nervously rooting around inside the contents of her book bag for a pen.

"What are you still doing here, Shari?" Miss Blount spoke in a low domineering voice. "You know graduation is tomorrow. I think you should be at home or spending time with your friends, not sneaking around the halls at school."

"Would you please...sign my yearbook, Miss Blount?"

Shari could barely mutter the words now. She was feeling so broken hearted! Her favorite teacher didn't seem to care at all that this was their last official exchange as student and teacher.

"I gave everyone time during class yesterday to sign yearbooks." Miss Blount replied brusquely before noticing the grief stricken expression on the girl's otherwise angelic face. The towering gym teacher rolled her eyes, feigning irritation, and sighed. "Of course I'll sign my favorite student's yearbook. Hand it here."

Shari barely noticed that Miss Blount had gone over to where she stood and gently tugged the yearbook from the girl's shaking grasp. The gorgeous blond senior watched in a mixture of sorrow and reverent awe while Miss Blount sat on the edge of her desk scribbling what seemed to be a long message inside her yearbook. For a fleeting moment or two, Shari imagined herself attempting to seduce the prodigious woman. But Shari thought it was a dumb idea, and it would never work anyway. Miss Blount is a teacher! And she's pretty old too—old enough to be her mother. Shari expelled the idea from her mind, preferring to fondly ruminate over her strange friendship with Miss Blount.

As she watched Miss Blount write, Shari recalled the first real exchange she had with her sexually ambiguous gym teacher several months ago. Shari habitually showed up late to PE and sometimes purposefully neglected to put on her gymsuit.

"I don't want to mess up my hair and makeup, Miss Blount."

She'd say this in a light musical voice. An innocent, winsome smile would spread across her pouty pink lips, and for a minute or so, she'd think she'd gotten one over on her teacher. But Miss Blount was a consummate professional. She demanded that the lovely wry girl should report to the auxiliary gymnasium during her lunch periods to run laps as penance for her annoying transgressions. It was while Shari was completing one of these make-up sessions for tardiness when they began to talk in earnest.

Things started innocently enough. Miss Blount initiated a conversation about school and grades and Shari's favorite subjects. Shari's favorite subject this last year had been English. She told Miss Blount that she planned to stay in Thatcher Blake after graduation and attend Blake College. Blake is the city's namesake college for women, situated on the far west side of the moderately sized city. Shari told Miss Blount that she wasn't sure whether she'd move into the dorms or rent a small apartment with her two best friends, Edith and Irene, in nearby Harmony Heights.

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