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Sheep and Wolf Ch. 10

by SciFurz 12/02/17

Gary sat on his couch, staring forward into nothing while his mind flipped between images of Shelly, Suzy, and Chelsea, and memories of the last days, and doubting what was real.

Only when a subconscious urge to check his leg came up because something was happening there did he snap out of it. 'Ouch!' he said and saw Larry sink his teeth into his shin. His sheep shin.

Larry sat back and whined once.

'Sorry, boy.' he said and rubbed his chin. 'Seems I was really far out of it. Missed the whole transformation.' He looked at his torn pants. 'And the opportunity to save another pair of these.'

He went downstairs with Larry quickly because he saw he was later than usual and crashed into the front door as Chelsea came inside.

He rubbed his nose. 'Chelsea!' he said.

'Gary!' she said and hugged him tight. 'You not there, thought something happened.'

He smiled softly and hugged her back. 'I'm okay, just a little late.' He pulled away, took her by her shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. 'I think I know who you are.'

Her eyes went wide. 'You do!?'

He nodded and lifted her necklace. 'I saw you, or who I think is you, wear this today.'

She looked down at the moon in his fingers. 'Then, who am I?'

They went back up the fire escape to the apartment above Suzy's. 'Here.' Gary said. 'Your name would be Shelly in reality.'

Chelsea peered inside the room with sparse but colourful furniture. 'I don't remember.' she said. 'I only remember the same as yesterday.'

Gary hummed again in thought. 'The window's open.' he said. 'We could go in, but if I'm wrong we'll scare someone to death. I don't want to risk it until I'm a hundred percent sure.'

Chelsea nodded at him. 'Have to be absolutely sure.'

They went down again and Chelsea looked up with a sigh. 'So difficult.' she said.

Gary rubbed her back gently. 'I'll make sure I'm on time tomorrow.' he said. 'Then we'll know.'

She nodded and smiled softly at him.

They took their usual walk though the park and sat down at the playground to enjoy the clear sky and stars. Chelsea put her hand on his and looked away when he looked at her and smiled. He took her hand in his and together they continued their silent stargazing.

When they heard faint mumbling they looked back and saw a man swaying on his feet as he walked through the park. He came closer along the path, noticed them sitting there, blinked as he swayed on his feet, then shook his head and stumbled further along the path mumbling 'Twas goo beer... 'm s-seeing things..'.

Chelsea, Larry and Gary watched him for a while, then saw him move towards a car and lean against its side and fumble with his keys.

'Ah, I think I'd better stop him before he gets into an accident.' Gary said and went towards the car.

The man was still fumbling when Gary cleared his throat. 'Do you think it's wise to drive when you can't unlock your car?'

The man stared at him, trying to focus his vision on Gary. 'Swhat're you..?'n sheep..' he muttered. '..sreally good beer then..'

'Maybe it's better to walk home.' Gary said. 'When you're seeing things it's better to not handle a car and possible cause damage in an accident.'

The man flailed one arm towards Gary. '..gway! ..fgmin.., fegmen.., fimint.., you fantasy!' he mumbled. 'mfine! Ngonna lissen to any sheep! Canna touch me!'

'Okay.' Gary said. 'But maybe you'll listen to my friends?'

'Hah!' the man said. 'Wha grass chew'n beast you wanna call?'

'They don't exactly feed on grass.' Gary said and gestured with a nod behind the man.

The man turned to look back and stared right into the face of Chelsea who frowned and bared her fangs at him. A growl next to her focussed his attention to a collie sitting next to her baring his fangs. He let out a high pitched sound as he inhaled. Chelsea leaned closer, staring deep into his eyes. The man swallowed as sweat ran down his temples.

'Listen now?' asked Gary.

'Yes..' said the man with a high pitched voice.

'Then you'd better get on your way home.' Gary said. 'We don't mind you getting drunk, as long as you don't do it too often, but we do mind endangering yourself and others by driving drunk. So I hope you'll not try to do that again, otherwise we'll have to correct you.'

The man nodded quickly. '..kay..' he muttered in his high voice again, shuffled away keeping his gaze on Chelsea and Larry until he was far enough to run home.

Gary grinned at Chelsea. 'Don't mess with a sheep who has close ties to a wolf.' he said.

Chelsea chuckled. 'More dangerous than the wolf itself.'

Gary puffed up his chest. 'You bet.'

Chelsea and Larry pounced him and tickle fought him until he gave up.

They finished their walk and went to Gary's apartment where they relaxed on the couch again.

Chelsea noticed Gary staring for a while in front of him, scritching her fur slowly with his fingers while she leaned against him in his arms. 'What're you thinking of?' she asked. 'You seem a little worried.'

'Ah.' said Gary. 'It's just that I wonder how things will continue if you're really Shelly.'

Chelsea nodded slowly. 'Will you like me as human?'

He rubbed his cheek against her ear. 'I'll like you, whether you're wolf or human.' he said. 'That's not the problem.'

'What is?' she asked.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. 'It's that I also like another woman just as much as you.' he said. 'I didn't plan any of this, but I just can't help it and I have to admit I don't want to choose between you two.'

They sat silent for a while when Gary sighed again. 'Now you know, and I'll have to tell her the truth too.' he said. 'And then leave it up to you both whether you'd be willing to get serious with me, because I would like to.'

Chelsea nodded. 'I understand.'

They sat silent for a while when Gary noticed Chelsea had fallen asleep. He smiled softly and closed his eyes to sleep as well.


Gary and Larry stepped outside the next morning and Gary saw a note stuck to his door. "Have an emergency so can't see you this morning :-( X S." 'I guess I have an extra day to get ready to tell Suzy.' he said to Larry who gave him a bark.

Shelly came down the stairs just as he and Larry were about to go down. 'Oh, good morning.' she said with another bright smile. 'Gary, right?'

He nodded and smiled back. 'Good morning, Shelly.' he said.

She looked down and gave Larry a pet. 'And good morning to you, Larry.'

He wagged his tail and gave her a friendly bark.

'Going to work now?' she asked as they went down the stairs together.

'Yeah.' Gary said. 'You too?'

'Yes.' she said. 'I started working at the supermarket last week, doing administration there. But I hope I can make it as an artist.'

'Oh? Do you paint, or sculpt?' Gary asked.

'I paint, modern style.' she said. 'But sometimes I paint something in a totally different style.'

Gary nodded. 'Working late on it every night, I imagine.'

They went outside on the street and Shelly looked up at the cloudy sky. 'Not really.' she said. 'I fall asleep early enough.'

'Ah.' he said. 'I was just wondering if you were a night person.'

'I don't think I've ever been awake at night.' she said and chuckled. 'Unless I'm sleepwalking and haven't noticed yet.'

Gary chuckled. 'Right.'

'All right, Gotta get to work.' she said. 'See you maybe later.'

'Yeah, see you later maybe.' he said as he waved before she crossed the street to walk to the supermarket. 'Tonight, if I'm correct.' he said and went to the office with Larry.


As soon as he had transformed into his sheep alter ego, Gary went down with Larry and waited at the fire escape for Chelsea to appear.

When she didn't appear for a while he went from one side of the building to the next to be sure she wasn't at either side. 'What could keep her?' he said to Larry.

Larry gave him a short whine.

After waiting a while longer he climbed up the fire escape and peered through Shelly's window. Everything was dark inside and the window was shut this time. Just to make sure he went down to peer through Suzy's window where it was also dark inside.

'It seems they're not at home.' he said to Larry when he came back down. 'It's dark and the windows are closed.'

He sighed as he looked back up. 'Let's go for our walk, boy.' he said. 'She's probably not in town then.'

There was no sign of Chelsea during the walk and Gary felt restless at home, watching a movie for a few minutes, then switching to another one, going to the kitchen to find something to snack, then losing interest but later going to look for a snack again.

Larry jumped on Gary's lap and laid down when Gary sat down again. He looked up at Gary and gave him a definite bark.

Gary chuckled. 'Ah, you're right, boy.' he said and stroked Larry's back. 'There's nothing I can do but wait. No use fretting over it. But it's not easy.' He sighed and played one of his favourite movies to distract himself as best as he could.


Gary didn't feel very energised when he and Larry went outside the next morning. It seemed Suzy hadn't yet returned and thoughts of her, Chelsea missing, and Shelly disrupted his work at the office enough to call it quits early.

He waited eagerly for his transformation and when it was done he hurried to go out the door with Larry. And almost crashed into Shelly who stood just outside.

She cried out in surprise and fell backwards on the floor.

'Shelly!?' Gary said. 'What are you doing here!? How are you not Chelsea!?'

Shelly looked up at the half sheep, half man. 'What!?' she said and noticed Larry. 'Who are you!? What are you doing at Gary's!?'

Gary held his hands to his chest. 'It's me, Gary!' he said. 'Don't you remember!?'

She rubbed her eyes and blinked. 'Gary?' she asked. 'Is that really you? How are you.., this!?' she said and gestured at him.

'It's really me!' he said and went on one knee in front of her. 'But never mind me, how is it you haven't transformed yet!?'

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