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Sheep and Wolf Ch. 10

by SciFurz 12/02/17

She shook her head. 'Wait? What transformed?'

'Into Chelsea.'

'Who's Chelsea?'

'Your werewolf form!'

Shelly stared at him for a moment, then laughed. 'Werewolf!?'

'Yes!' Gary said. 'If you had been home last night I would have already confirmed it.'

'Last night?' she asked. 'I was home last night.'

Gary blinked. 'You were home all night last night?'

She nodded. 'I even went to bed early after a tiring day at work.'

'But, I saw you wear the necklace.'


'The moon and stars necklace!'

She pondered for a moment. 'Ah!' she said. 'When I brought Suzy the cake?'


'I saw it on Suzy's dresser and she let me wear it to try it out because I liked it.' she said. 'She couldn't even remember how she got it.'

Gary's eyes went wide as he sat back on the floor. 'But, then it really is Suzy. It has to be!'

A howl startled them.

'Suzy!' Gary said and jumped up.

A softer howl filled with sorrow came from inside Suzy's apartment.

'SUZY!' shouted Gary and tried the doorknob. 'Dammit!'

Shelly stood up quickly. 'Gary!?' she said. 'What's that!?'

Gary examined the door quickly. 'Step back.' he said holding out his hand to Shelly and moving back to the wall behind him.

Shelly stepped back and saw him hold his head down. 'Wait! You're going to-' she said when Gary pushed himself away from the wall and bolted at Suzy's door.

The door burst in pieces at the force of his horns.

He hadn't thought about braking though and the weight of his head combined with tripping over the small rug in the short hallway caused him to fall forward. One crash later he found himself upside down in a heap of cleaning materials from the broken cupboard underneath the kitchen counter.

Shelly rushed inside. 'Gary!' she called out, then froze when she saw a giant wolf standing in the living room.

'NO!' cried the wolf and dove into the bedroom.

Gary crawled up from the minor accident and hurried into the living room. 'Suzy!?'

Shelly pointed at the bedroom door and he tried to open it but found it locked.

'Don't come in here!' Suzy cried.

'Suzy! Come out.' he said, hearing her sob.

'No!' she cried. 'I'm a monster!'

He sighed deep. 'Suzy, you're no monster.'

'I am!' Suzy sobbed. 'I'm a horrible beast! Everyone will hate me.'

'You're not horrible.' Gary said. 'I know you feel scared, but it's okay.'

'Noo..' she said. 'I've got hair all over me! And my face, I have fangs! I'm ugly!'

'You're not ugly. You're cute!'

'I'm not!' she cried. 'Why would anyone think I'm cute!?'

Gary rubbed the top of his nose and took a deep breath. 'Dammit Suzy!' he shouted. 'You're the cutest thing I know and I love you whether you're human or wolf! Now come out of there or I will smash down this door with my horns, even it breaks them!'

Things were silent in the bedroom until he heard a shuffle and the click of the door lock. He stepped back and the door opened slowly. Suzy looked down with her tail between her legs, her ears flat and her arms in front of her for protection.

She glanced up at Gary. ' don't think I'm ugly..?'

He pulled her against him and kissed her hard.

Shelly blushed and looked away, but giggled when she noticed Suzy's tail wagging slowly while they held their kiss.

Suzy and Gary gasped when they pulled back and gazed into each other's eyes. 'You're the cutest thing I've ever seen, and I'm happy that it's you, Suzy.' Gary said and chuckled. 'I was afraid I'd had to choose between you and you.'

She giggled. 'I'm glad I don't have to compete with myself then.' she said and stroked his cheek. She smiled softly. 'I'm starting to remember everything. Being with you all those nights. I only had a few images of what had happened during the nights before and I thought I was just seeing things so I never said anything.'

'Do you also remember the night when you wanted a taste of me then?' he asked and pointed at his thigh.

Suzy looked away. 'Ehm, not really.'

He chuckled and held her tight again. She hugged him back and wagged her tail.

They looked back at Shelly when she cleared her throat. 'So, could I get an explanation on what is going on here?'

Gary first took one door from his apartment that fit the door frame of Suzy's front door as a temporary replacement. Then he recounted the events from the first time he awoke at the park with his mouth full of grass. Shelly laughed often at Gary's embarrassment while she cuddled Larry.

When he was done telling the whole story Shelly said she needed a breath of fresh air while wiping the tears from her eyes. Larry gave a bark in support of her suggestion and they went to the park where Suzy and Shelly laughed when they asked Gary to retell some of the events. Especially when it involved him and the unfortunate parts.

Shelly was still giggling when they returned at the staircase of Suzy's and Gary's floor.

'Okay, I'm going to sleep.' she said. 'If I can stop thinking about the whole thing.' She giggled again and Gary sighed.

'Go.' he said. 'Shoo. Before I chase you upstairs.'

'Oohh..' she grinned. 'You shouldn't make Suzy jealous by chasing other women too.' she said and Gary groaned.

She gave Larry a good night hug and hopped up the stairs. 'See you later!' she said. 'Sweet dreams!'

Suzy and Gary heard her giggle for a while longer and he smiled softly at Suzy. 'Yeah, it's late again.' he said. 'We'd better sleep too.'

Suzy smiled a little deviously at him. 'How about my place this time?'

He swallowed. 'You sure?'

She nodded slightly. 'This wolf is in the mood for a little taste of sheep.' she whispered and kissed him.

They shared their deep kiss until they heard a soft creak next to them.

They opened their eyes and looked to the side seeing their bald neighbour staring at them in his doorway. He sighed, shook his head at the sight of a giant sheep and wolf kissing, stepped back and closed his door.

Suzy and Gary broke their kiss and chuckled as they hurried to her apartment.


Fred blinked his eyes. His vision came back slowly and he saw the park around him. He sat back and racked his brain to remember why he was here in the dark.

He'd been having episodes of hallucinations more often lately. Which is why he stopped drinking altogether, cut down his working hours, listened less to psychedelic rock. But the illusions hadn't ceased yet. The last one involved that sheep and wolf making out in the hallway in front of his door.

He figured he had either some major suppressed sexual issues, or someone had told him some very fucked up fairy tales when he was little.

He held his head in his hands and froze. Something wasn't right.

His head felt rounder. His hands felt different. He held his hands in front of him and saw his fingers ended with hard tips. He crossed his eyes further. His nose seemed weird. He felt his face and squealed.

He crawled fast to the edge of the pond and stared at the partial reflection of his head on the surface and squealed again.

'WHY AM I A PIG!?' he shouted and fell back.

He touched his head all over, then looked down at his body, turned on his side and gazed at the curly tail at his back.

'I've gone completely mental.' he said to himself and sighed deep. 'This is the end for me. Things can't get any worse now.'

A chill ran down his spine when he heard a low growl behind him.


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