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Shilpa's Affair with Neighbour 03

by doctorx 11/02/12

Hello friends! Extremely sorry for the delay. Took so much time to complete the story. But I am sure that you would love this part also. This part is about Shilpa's affair with the new lover. This part is relatively longer, so you need some patience as there is so much talking in between. So many friends gave inputs over emails, I have included many of their fantasies, suggestions(two of them were really helpful, thank you ladies). The conversations are mostly in Hindi. So many new words added to my vocabulary by readers, I have used them in the story(on their demands). The central character, Shilpa is used by the watchman in the story. Contains many of reader's fantasies like: light bondage, peeing fun, degradation, dirty language and being watched. All the best, make sure you have read first two parts before you start reading. Please keep the feedback flow on. Thank you.

_ _

It was 11 in the morning when I woke up. I was having light headache due to lack of sleep. I sat up on the couch and recollected the moments from last night. Uncle had fucked mom whole night. As mom's thought came to my mind, I entered my room where she had slept. Nobody was there. I opened mom's bedroom door, she was there, still asleep. Her face was glowing like a star. She was enjoying all the treatment uncle was giving her.

I came back in my room and sat on the bed. The bed sheet was telling all the story, some dried cum was there. Pieces of broken bangle were lying there along with an anklet.

After an hour, mom got up and went directly to the bathroom. She came out after some time and prepared tea and breakfast for both of us.

"Dad knows about this?" I tried to break the silence as I took a sip from the cup of tea.

"Ajit.... you should stay out of this.." mom said with a bit of anger as she looked away.

"Mom... please tell me... dad knows all this?" I asked again.

"What if I say YES...?" mom said boldly. "I already have told him everything.... he was more than happy... Do you want to know anything else....?" she explained calmly as if it was normal to fuck a neighbour in front of your son. I couldn't believe her.

Mom and I didn't talk about the incident again.

After two days mom was preparing to go for a party, with her two friends from our building. At around 4 o'clock in the afternoon Vinod uncle came to our apartment. He came directly in my room and we chatted for some time. After half an hour, mom's friends from the building came and sat in the hall. Mom was talking with them while getting ready for the party.

"Why are they here?" uncle was curious. I told him about the party and everything.

"Your mom is certainly the best looking lady from our building... isn't she?" uncle said as he looked at the ladies through the half open door. I didn't reply.

I went in the kitchen to get drinking water, when I saw mom in her room getting ready. She was wearing a light pink coloured chiffon saree and matching blouse. The blouse was backless, showing her bare back with only one knot in the centre. She applied some glossy lipstick. A pearl necklace looked awesome along with the shiny border of the saree. The perfume was just enough to drive men mad.

"You are right uncle... I would have fucked her right now if she wasn't my mom.... She's such a beautiful... delicate... sweet... slut..." I winked at uncle saying that and switched on the computer. It started showing mom's bedroom on the screen. Uncle adjusted the bulge in his pants as he looked at her.

"Fuck.... She is a perfect lady... she is to be pounded hard...." uncle was rubbing his cock now.

Mom came in the hall and sat on the couch to put on her red coloured high heels. After checking herself in the mirror, she came at the door of my bedroom.

"Bye Ajit.... I'll be back after 9 o'clock... please get your dinner from outside.... ok... bye..." mom said standing at the door, unaware of uncle's presence. She peeked inside as she said last few words.

Suddenly uncle reached from behind the door and hooked a finger in mom's necklace, making sure her friends don't notice him.

"I want goodbye kiss... Sexy lady... Come in please.." uncle whispered.

Mom was surprised to see him, she quietly came in.

"Vinod ji, please... not now.... " mom was made quiet by uncle's lips. Her heels made some noise as uncle pulled her suddenly and started kissing madly. Mom tried to keep silence. I closed the door.

"Why are you so beautiful.... Shilpa?" uncle turned her around and pushed her against the wall. He moved her hair aside and licked her bare back.

"mmmmm.... aaahhh..." mom shivered and took a deep breath. "Vinod please.... they are waiting.... we can do this later.... please..... mmmmm... mmmmm..... mmmmmmm.... Vinod ji... chhodo na...."

Uncle took his cock out and started rubbing it on mom's ass, covered with saree. Mom was struggling hard now. Uncle started humping her. He pinned her hands above her head and moved his hips faster, "Nice ass... Slut..."

Mom sighed as she was being turned on slowly. She too started moving her ass on uncle's hard-on.

Uncle left her hands and grabbed mom's round ass cheeks, squeezing them hard.

"Baby... this ass is driving me crazy... yess.." uncle pressed his body on mom.

"Come here..." uncle pulled her by the necklace, towards my bed. Mom knew his intentions; he was completely turned on by her beauty.

"Please hubby... they are waiting outside..." mom tried to stop him.

"A quick fuck.... darling.... just a quickie... " he threw her on the bed. It all happened in a second, mom couldn't resist him.

Uncle turned mom on her stomach and started lifting her saree along with the petticoat, mom lifted her hips off the bed to help him. He stopped at her thighs, gave quick licks and threw her saree and petticoat on her back, displaying mom's cream white, round ass.

Mom tried to cover her ass with the saree.

"See Ajit... your mom is not wearing panty.. she loves me so much.... she wants me to fuck her all the time..." uncle kissed her shoulder blade and pulled her hands back and pinned them together.

Uncle passed the strap of her wristwatch through the bangle on other hand and secured her hands behind her back. He was best at tying women, it showed. He came down and sat on her thighs. Pulling her ass cheeks, he angled his cock at her twat.

"Finish it quickly... Please... " mom begged. Uncle did not wait for anything, he just pushed himself inside my mom.

"Maaaaaaaaaa.... urghhhh..... aaeeeeeeee.... mummmyyy... " mom quivered as uncle gave a hard thrust. Her eyes went wide and tears came out. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Mom tried to spread her legs.

Uncle took his cock out and removed all his clothes. His muscular body was looking formidable. He looked at me and flexed his hips, "Your mom is my fuck toy... Just a fuck doll... " he laughed and attacked mom's pussy again. Mom tried spreading her thighs, uncle joined her legs, straddled her with his legs and pushed his monster in my beautiful mom's velvet hole. She was not enjoying this, I thought.

It was a beautiful site. Mom was lying face down; her saree was thrown on her back, hands tied together behind her, her sandals striking occasionally at the foot board, anklets and bangles making some sweet music. She was trying to look away from me.

His biceps and triceps flexed along with his hips as he started ramming the beauty, increasing the pace. He was kneading mom's ass mercilessly as he gave her some serious pounding.

"Shilpa ji...." one of her friends knocked on the door, calling her.

Mom kept quiet.

"Come on bitch... not shouting now...?" uncle increased pace. He reached below her and started kneading her breasts through the saree.

"Come on... make some noise... saali .. ab nahi chillayegi...?" he left her tits and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her off the bed, arching her back.

He was using her body like a doll, bending her like a doll, testing her yoga.

The bed started creaking as uncle banged mom for 2 minutes, without stopping. Mom came hard as she threw her head back but did not make any noise, her body was convulsing from head to toe.

"She is the best.... " uncle moved out of her and pushed his cock in her mouth.

"I can fuck you for hours like that, you cunt..." uncle started fucking her mouth.

Mom knew she can make him cum faster with her oral techniques. She moved her tongue faster.

"Aaahhh... yessss.... my blowjob queen... I'm close" uncle left her mouth suddenly and pulled her off the bed, to stand on the floor. Bending her forward he entered again, and gave a few violent thrusts as he came inside her.

"I don't wanna waste my sperms... aaaaaahhhhhh... fuck..... yes.... yess..... yessssss... cumming.... aaahhhh.... bitch...." he fell on the bed, pressing mom under him.

After 2 minutes, mom moved under him. Uncle reached under her saree and did something as mom stood up. He untied her hands and left her.

Mom straightened her saree as she steadied herself on her feet. She looked in the mirror and smiled back at uncle, "I can take that all night... hubby... have to go now... " she checked herself again as she opened the door.

As she was about to get out of my room, her petticoat came down her thighs; rustling through her saree and fell around her ankles. It was an embarrassing moment for mom, as she stood in the door with her two friends and uncle and me looking at her, with her petticoat gathered at her ankles.

I realised uncle had untied it when she was getting up. Mom was standing there, dumbfounded. Her friends, confused.

Mom came back in my room and closed the door behind her. She stepped out of the petticoat and threw it at uncle, "Is it OK now...?" she was angry.

"Enjoy the party... Sweety...." uncle teased as mom left.


9 pm. Mom had returned from the party and she was preparing dinner in the kitchen. She had changed her clothes after taking bath. Looking beautiful as usual, she was wearing her black night gown. I couldn't concentrate on the cricket match on the TV, as I looked at her in between, through the kitchen door, wondering how lucky that bastard, Vinod uncle was! But at the same time my mind was saying, that it was only Vinod uncle, who knew the art of satisfying a lady like her!

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