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Showing My Wife Off for a Day

by Lovestoshowoff 03/26/19

My wife Jill and I decided to go to a concert a few hours from home. She booked the room, bought the tickets, and packed our overnight bag. Being a few hours from home and our normal routine has led us to some other situations before, if the feedback from this one goes well I will get into them as well. I shared with my wife a few years ago how I love to show her off, that I'm not the jealous type and actually find it to be a compliment when other men and women check her out. When she has a few drinks all of her inhibitions float away and it's time to play.

We made it to the room with little time to relax since the venue opened early. It wasn't a spectacular hotel but when we got in the room I noticed she booked one right off of the indoor pool, we had a large sliding glass door that walked right out into the pool area and hot tub. I made her a drink and left her to get ready while I sat on the pool deck knowing we would prob not have time to enjoy it.

She came out after a few drinks wearing a short black skirt with fishnets, a black band shirt that she cut to pieces and tied together with a black bra with pink skeletons on it. Jill is tall at about 5 foot 10 inches, long dark hair, 36d, and one hell of an ass and legs. So when she came out in this outfit I knew she planned to have fun tonight.

We made it into the venue and ran into some friends we always run into at shows, a few more drinks and she is free flowing through the masses of people stopping now and again for some hot make out sessions while I grope her body in front of anyone watching. The main group starts and we head down to the front where the mosh pits and mayhem are. As sexy as she is she can also handle her way in a crowd of roughnecks, the crowd begins to sway and everyone is pushing and bumping into each other, people are crowd surfing over our heads and we become part of the masses.

I always wrap my arms around her to protect her from falling or getting moved away from me, of course while I do this the most suitable thing to hold onto is her boobs. A few songs in and we get pushed to the back of the crowd where things are not so crazy and I notice a few guys checking her out, time for another drink and to put on a little show. In the back I don't need to hold her so tight so I put my arms over her shoulders and naturally my hands slip right in her bra, I see the other guys watching but don't make it obvious to her or them. I am slowly lifting her boobs out of the bra to show most of her nipple. She don't pay any attention and the guys watching are glued to her. She slammed her drink and turned around to kiss me, like a pro I was able to unhook her bra and returned my hands to squeezing her ass and lifting her skirt high. She smiled knowing I undid the bra to gain better access to fondle her but she was still unaware of the 10-15 guys now watching her every move. The next song started and it was her favorite so she turned back to the stage and started jumping around causing all hell to break too loose under her ripped up shirt and now falling off bra. In one swift motion I took the straps from her shoulders and ran it down her arms and she obliged by lifting her arms from the restrained material letting me remove her bra completely. The next half hour or so she made no attempt to cover herself and the young guys watching stared at my wife's tits as I fondled and played with them. The show ended and hand in hand we walked through the hundreds of people to our car with her tits bouncing freely and spilling out of her shirt.

The hotel was only a few miles away and we got back around midnight after a quick stop for some snacks. She took a quick shower and came out of the bathroom in a very small bikini and drink in hand. She was still in party mode and I would be a fool to stop her. For her first time she slid open the door to the pool and walked out setting her drink by the hot tub. I of course looked in the bag and changed into my shorts following her out to sit at the table. I looked around to take it all in.

There are 5 rooms with sliding glass doors to the pool, 5 rooms above those with large picture windows facing the pool, on the other side of the pool was a corridor to the hotel and on the other 2 sides was the parking lot and courtyard all surrounded by windows. The pool area was still very lit so we couldn't see if anyone was outside, if anyone was up in their rooms we couldn't tell as long as they kept the lights off too. Jill slid into the hot tub and I was watching her in admiration that this is my sexy wife, anyone can look out their windows and see her in a bikini right now. She asked me if I thought anyone could see and of course I lied and said no. With my reply she removed her top and put her arms on the side and put her head back. That's all I needed and I sat next to her with my legs in the water and played with her tits. I was scanning the windows, the rooms, trying to see if anyone was watching, I seen a few flickered lights but we had already been out there for 10-15 minutes.

If the hotel was going to catch us it would have already happened. Jills next move was to get out and walk topless back to the room to get her phone so we could have some music, so much for being quiet and sneaky. As she returned to the hot tub she pulled my shorts down and my dick sprang free finally. My topless wife started giving me a blowjob while I lean back on the pool deck. She stands up and says she is hot from the water and with that removes her bottoms. Jill is now completely naked for anyone to see, her next move cracked me up.

She did a full blown cannonball into the cold pool and it was surprisingly loud. I know if I'm staying in one of the 10 rooms off the pool and hear a splash like that I'm looking to see what's going on. I slid down into the tub and watched her like an angel float on her back around the pool for a good 20 mins or so. I grabbed my phone to take some pics of her. Wish I could post them to along with the story. She came back to the hot tub and we had sex on the pool deck in every position you could imagine. In the hot tub doggy style, on the chairs, the tables. At this point I knew we were being watched from somewhere so we put on a show.

We went in the room and crashed hard not thinking to even close the door or blinds due to how much we drank and all of the sex.

In the morning I woke up first and from the corner of my eye I noticed a woman outside our room in the hot tub with a complete unobstructed view right to our bed. I also noticed we left her bikini sitting on the table outside the room too...oops.

I began to slowly adjust and remove the blanket to show the woman in the tub that we were naked but didn't want to scare her off. I guess my movements woke my wife up because she threw the blanket off of us and later there with her head on my chest unaware of the other woman since she wasn't facing that direction. I rubbed her back the way you do when you wake up after a good night of sex admiring her body. The lady in the tub didn't move at all even though my wife's ass was only exposed at this point. As I rubbed her she found my dick and started to give me a morning hand job. The motion of her arm was a dead give away but the lady in the tub didn't move at all. In one motion she rolled on top of me and buried my dick inside of her moving slowly and she buried her head in the pillow next to me.

I was still taking glances to see the lady watching and not move from her spot. Her pace began to pick up and I sat her up straight so she could ride me properly. At this point jill is still unaware that the door is wide open, or that the woman is seeing our show. As she gets to the point of no return I tell her there is a woman watching her from outside. That's all she needed to hear and the show began. She rode my dick hard, moaning, playing with her clit and tits while talking dirty. I guess we didn't hear the knock on the door from the cleaning lady and next thing you know our door swings open.

Now we have the lady in the hot tub and the cleaning lady watching her full porn performance. The cleaning lady retreated after about 30 seconds saying she was sorry for interrupting and that must have snapped our hot tub lady into reality since I looked over and she was gone too. We finished and Jill jumped up looking around for something to put on. She seen her bikini sitting out on the table and walked the 10 ft to get it still naked.

No need to get all dressed up for a 2 hr car ride home so she slipped her bikini top on with a zip up hoodie and some shorts. We gathered our stuff and checked out. We have always had a rule when we travel or drive far, if she is planning to sleep and make me drive I need something to keep me from getting bored. We got in the car and she grabbed her pillow and put the seat back. I knew she was hungover and would fall right asleep once we hit the freeway. She knew the deal and unzipped the zipper all the way opening up her hoodie to expose her small bikini top covered boobs and said goodnight.

She put my hat over her face to block the sun and off we went. My right hand of course rubbing her flat stomach and tracing the outlines of the bikini top while driving. She fell off into a deep sleep and I could tell from her breathing she was outta there. I drive a full size truck and know the view we get when passing smaller cars. How can I pass this up on a 2 hr drive to expose her great tits to as many guys as possible. I push the triangles of the bikini to the sides and her tits are in full plain view, even pushed together from the bikini top and how she is positioned in the seat. Mid day on a Saturday with the sun shining, trucks, semis, and people all over the road. This became a game as I knew the truck drivers used the radio to tell other trucks to look for us. I would pace next to trucks for a mile or so before speeding off to find the next guy to show her too.

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