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Slips Of The Tongue Ch. 03

by Abraxis 01/09/14

By the witching hour, the three lovers were each still aching for more. It was then that Domenique tossed Gwen the jock harness and the purple dildo. As Gwen strapped in, she saw that Domenique was fitting herself into the thong harness. Scanning the space of floor beside the box of toys, Gwen saw that Domenique had purchased another dildo, which was an inch or so longer, maybe a half inch wider than Mr. Purple and otherwise bright pink. She instructed Tina to get on her knees. Somewhat reluctant, but still all smiles, Tina obliged her. Next, after Domenique positioned herself behind Tina, she asked Gwen to get behind her. Presently the lube was passed and the request to start by fucking their pussies was made. One into the other, into the other, a slow rhythm was set; reminding Gwen of the train that had plowed right through her not fifteen minutes before. In that way they fucked and were fucked, working, sweating, gripping asses tight.

It was Domenique who came first then, riding her second wave of orgasm as she pulled her cock gently out from Tina's pussy. Gwen looked over Domenique's shoulder, and seeing that she had begun working the dildo's big pink head into Tina's ass, she followed suit. Slowly, she withdrew her false cock from Domenique's pussy, grabbed the lube and spread a squirt of it liberally on its tip and on the business fingers of her right hand. Gwen then tossed it aside, and proceeded to work her fingers into Domenique's anus. One, two, three, open wide baby; momma's gonna' give it to you good. Out with her fingers and in with her cock's head, Gwen realized that she'd been aching for Domenique's surrender. Roses are white. Nique's now my bitch, and I'll scratch Tina too, if she's got the itch. Gwen watched herself guide her dildo slowly deeper and deeper into Domenique's ass. In time, a new rhythm was established. Gwen felt it in Domenique's hips, picked it up, and then rolled with it; fucking her number one lover's ass deeper, faster and rougher. Gwen could hear Tina getting the same; listening to her whimper and cry, not exactly sure if the young woman was in pain or pleasure and no longer certain if there was any difference anymore. All Gwen knew, as she squeezed Domenique's tits, kissed her shoulders and listened to her whine with pleasure as she rammed her ass, was that they were now equal in all respects.

The next thing Gwen knew, after the dildos withdrawn, the toys set aside and the extra lube wiped up, was that they fell asleep together, arms and legs akimbo, on the thoroughly soiled table cloth. The next thing after that, after they'd eventually woken up to pee, Gwen realized that they'd moved the sleep over to her bed room. There they continued their sleep, exhausted, spent, content. The three white roses weren't brought up until they'd shared a breakfast of omelets and left over fruit.

"I can assure you guys that I did not drop those roses off to you." Tina affirmed between mouthfuls of broccoli and cheese omelet, "Hey, were any of these vegetables in anybody's ass last night? I mean, it's cool. I'd just like to know."

Seated along either side of the kitchen table, Domenique and Gwen exchanged serious looks before staring, perfectly flummoxed, at Tina.

"What?" she said after swallowing her last bite, "I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong?"

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