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Slips Of The Tongue Ch. 04

by Abraxis 01/18/14

It was 9:16, and Gwen still had her doubts as she took another sip of champagne. They'd changed out of their selected evening wear, hung their dinner dresses in the closet, and lounged around in their bras and thongs. By 9:18 Domenique was reclined on one of the beds, sipping her champagne and reviewing the hotel's porn selections, when a sudden rapping of knuckles turned their attention to the door. Gwen set her glass down and stepped to the door.

"Yes?" she said, peering through the eye hole.

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to say three sisters?" said a woman's voice from the other side.

Gwen unlatched the door, and then pulled it open.

"Oh hi..." said Gwen, jovial, but a bit flustered.

Domenique set her drink down and bounced from the bed.

"You brought a friend," Gwen said as she stepped aside, "How; nice."

"Holy fuck!" said Domenique as she took in their guests, "It's the old man from the clinic! Wait. You two; are together?"

Julie, red face with a tentative smile, was absolutely radiant in a sequenced green long skirted affair with slightly puffy shoulders and a plunged neckline.

"UH; yeah." She said as her little old partner advanced into the room and took in its decor: trays of fruit and vegetables, a healthy variety of sex toys, all spread between a half dozen or so vases and baskets of white rose bouquet's.

"Jeez, it's like a horny vegetarian mortician set up the joint." the old man remarked, "I thought you guys were interested in having a good time with living people."

"We were." Answered Gwen with some disdain, crossing her arms over her breasts and beginning to contemplate throwing her dress back on.

"Well I couldn't violate HIPPA and just call you." Julie explained, advancing into the room, "I would have been in enough trouble if I got caught with you in the exam room. But look: we'll leave if you want us to. It's just that, well he is my life play mate and he really is a lot of fun."

"Hold on." exclaimed Domenique, eyeing the old duck, dressed in a Brooks Brothers gray pin stripe suit, white shirt and black tie, "So why were you at the Polo Club?"

"Hello, because I also happen to be bi." Julie said, "We have an open relationship like that."

"No shit?" said Gwen. "No shit." Julie repeated as she put her arm around her little old man, "He is my sugar daddy, and between sharing STD negative girls, he can make me cream for literally hours. Isn't that right Mr. Sullivan?"

"It is in deed my sweet." Answered the old man, "How about it girls? Let's; share each other. You delight a bit with my candy girl, and then either of you ladies take me for a little ride. What do you say?"

"Sure; what the Hell." Said Domenique without the slightest hesitation.

"No, wait Domenique! Seriously?" Gwen implored.

"Well, yeah; why not? He's clean; right Julie?"

"As a whistle, outside and in." Julie smiled before kissing Mr. Sullivan on his white haired head, "I work for a hospital. I don't fuck around."

"Well; he is kind of cute." Gwen admitted.

Oh my God, she thought, did I just say that?

"Sure I am. Who wants to go first?"

"I'll go." Said Domenique, "But I want to watch Julie blow you before I get on ."

"Oh, that won't be a problem." Julie smiled.

Mr. Sullivan and Julie went right away to undressing. Meanwhile, Domenique poured them some champagne while Gwen hung their clothes. Julie remained in her white lace panties and strapless bra while Mr. Sullivan removed every last stitch. He sat his scrawny ass along the foot of the nearest bed while Gwen went to get Julie something comfortable to kneel on. Then, the bath mat in place, Julie got down between the old man's legs and started breathing him in, twirling his flaccid little dick around with her lips, chin and nose until she'd coaxed him to his full nine or so inches. Domenique took off her underwear and flung it across the room as she stared with singular interest. Taking her champagne, she took a seat next to Mr. Sullivan and continued to take Julie in as Mr. Sullivan held her hair back. Meanwhile Gwen sipped her own drink, set it aside, smiled at the scene, and then kneeled behind Julie. Gently, she removed her strapless bra, tossed it away, and then began to fondle Julie's firm C sized breasts. Mr. Sullivan began to hum, taking slow deep breaths like a meditating monk. A minute more and Domenique slipped down off the bed and gently nudged Julie aside.

Mr. Sullivan's eyes were still closed as Domenique eased her mouth around his fat red head. Gwen watched as Domenique's enthusiasm for his big cock became steadily more apparent. She glanced at Julie, who shrugged, smiled, and then drew her in close for a first sweet kiss. Gradually, their kisses deeper, wetter, the two women rose together, and then removed the rest of each others underwear. Julie took in the room a second time, but not before commenting on Gwen's ornate pussy do. Gwen said that it was thanks to Domenique as she marveled at the red head's fantastic body and the bright red almond shaped mound of hair between her smooth, muscled, legs.

"What's with all the white roses anyway?" Julie asked as they crawled upon the other bed.

Certain that Julie wasn't their admirer either, and resigned to enjoy the event they'd facilitated, Gwen simply shrugged, and said: "They're Nique's favorite."

As Julie and Gwen negotiated arms, legs, mouths and pussies, Domenique encouraged Mr. Sullivan to scoot further up onto the bed. Together they watched, Mr. Sullivan all smiles, as Gwen and Julie began to eat each other within the circle of their sixty-nine entanglement. Turning her attention away, Domenique crawled over Mr. Sullivan's lap, licked her business fingers, spread her pussy open with them, and then slipped herself onto Mr. Sullivan's schlong. The old man had stopped watching his lover and Gwen going at it, crossed his arms behind his head, closed his eyes and relaxed while Domenique put her grind on simmer. Slowly she pumped, her open palms on the old man's chest, her eyes on Gwen's or Julie's sweet round asses and wet faces.

Eventually, each in quick succession, the three women came; panting and giggling with shy exuberance. The old man, his cock still ragingly solid, had fallen asleep minutes before Domenique had finished her ride. The three sisters left him there as they grabbed up a number of toys, their glasses and another bottle of champagne, and then moved their play into the room's spacious bath.

Domenique assessed Julie's attractive, well cared for feet and related that fetish she and Gwen shared, as well as indicating their penchant for ass munching. Julie, in turn, related how she also enjoyed beautiful feet and how she liked to get her ass munched. Gwen, as she strapped on the jock, thought it was nice how things fell into place, how the world was one ever widening circle, their oyster, their carnival cornucopia.

They'd thrown an extra towel down at the foot of the large tub, and Domenique had brought a pillow for Julie's comfort. She wanted to take a turn eating the red head's pussy before doing anything else to her. So Domenique dined for a time as Gwen sat on Julie's face and got her ass finely rimmed. After Julie came a second time, Domenique parted her open legs even further, pushing them apart and gripping her behind the knees as she began to eat the hell out of her brownish pink ass hole. Gwen pushed her new bright orange cock aside and played with her pussy as she took Julie's tongue in her ass, watching as Domenique's tongue wag, wiggle and flick against their new sister's anus.

Presently, they climbed into the tub, turned on the shower head and proceeded to wash each other thoroughly. Domenique was lubed first and Gwen went about preparing the way up her pretty round ass. Julie was bent over before Domenique, palms on her knees as she was lubed next. Then, her ass good and slick, Domenique took her two and a half foot string of bright green silicone anal beads, and began inserting one bead at a time into the woman's hungry anus. It was Gwen that first noticed that Mr. Sullivan had joined them, seated on the toilet, his cock still on its Viagra high. Gwen smiled and waved. Mr. Sullivan simply stared. He seemed to evaluate them, perched there, poised as if trying to work out a particularly vexing problem. Between his watching bead nine follow bead eight into his lover's sweet little ass, he'd meet Gwen's gaze. Finally, she shrugged, gestured first for him to join them and then gestured that he join them by filling her ass with his big old dick.

Sullivan smiled and got onto his feet. He spied the lube, tipped himself off, climbed into the tub, and then rubbed a dollop full into Gwen's ass hole. Bracing herself while trying to keep her rhythm in Domenique's ass, Gwen felt the old man's easy fullness before she'd even realized that her ass had been penetrated. Whether it was her and Domenique's practice or the old man's experience, she felt as if she could get fucked as hard and as fast as the old man could handle. So she told him so, and there were giggles all around. He fucked her then, easy at first, but not for long. He poured it on. It was so intense that she couldn't help but fuck Domenique the same way. In fact, it wasn't her that was fucking Nique's ass, it was the old man fucking them both. As Sullivan drove his speedy cock, Julie began to shake and shiver by the time Domenique had started pulling the two and a half feet of beads back out; her pelvis quaking with each pop and plink.

The old man heard her moaning and it seemed to help his game, as if he needed any. Pretty soon he began to moan as well. Oh my God, thought Gwen, suddenly getting nervous. Please don't have a heart attack while you're in my ass. Christ, we should have thought of this first. Wait, his girl friend's a nurse. Still God; no heart attacks please. A minute more passed and Gwen realized that their mutual speed had begun to slow. She noticed that the old man was beginning to pant, wheezing a bit with each thrust. Still, Sullivan thrust, pushing himself into Gwen and pushing Gwen into a now rapturously whining Domenique. Then, after Three more jabs with his cock, the old man began to shake Gwen's insides with an eruption of come. It felt like gallons rushing out of him and into her. Sullivan moan, stuttered, moaned and stuttered again. Please God, prayed Gwen, though I imagine he'd think it a lovely way to go. Still, the old man came. Gwen began to feel it trickling out of her ass, could hear droplets and gobs of it plummeting into the shallow water of the tub. And then it was over.

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