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So I Impregnated My Cousin

by ThirdHorseman 07/27/06

"Well, that's awesome then " I said. "I've always wanted kids and now I'll have two at the same time." We finished toweling off and headed down the hall to our room to get changed.

We walked out to the kitchen and helped Aunt Mary put the food on the table. She had set it while we were in the shower. She had used the good china and the real silverware.

"Everything looks so delicious, Aunt Mary." I said. The ham was glazed to perfection smelled fantastic. Her cornbread was the best I'd ever tasted and my mouth watered in anticipation. After everything was on the table, we all took our spots. Aunt Mary looked radiant tonight, being pregnant had given her a soft, sexy glow.

"Sam, I'm sure that Alyssa has given you the good news by now. I tried to think of the perfect feast to celebrate this occasion. I know that you love ham and my cornbread about the most out everything I have made so far. Also, tonight I have some important news to tell the both of you." Alyssa and I listened intently.

"Mom, is this about that letter you got the other day?" Alyssa asked. Aunt Mary nodded and continued.

"My cousin is going to be flying in tomorrow night and staying with us for a month or so. She lives in Sweden right now and recently divorced her husband. She needed to take some time off away from home so she decided to visit us." Aunt Mary explained. "Also, her birthday is on Saturday, so we are going to have a party for her here."

"How old is she going to be, mom?" Alyssa asked. So, for the next month I was going to be living with three women. Two of which are pregnant, but are in good moods so far. I was dreading the day when they became moody as I so often have heard pregnant women being. God help me if they all went bonkers at the same time, I thought.

"She's going to be thirty-one. She doesn't look any older than twenty though, those damn swedes." Aunt Mary said, laughing at her own joke.

"That should be cool," I said. "I've never met anyone from Sweden before. I bet she has a lot of good stories and pictures." Aunt Mary nodded eagerly.

"She has like three thousand pictures of the mountains and seals." Alyssa said dryly. "We even had to watch a slide show one time of all her pictures." Alyssa said, rolling her eyes.

"Shush now, you know she takes good pictures." Aunt Mary said. "Let's dig in, I'm starving " She said and grabbed a large chunk of ham. I filled my plate to nearly overflowing, savoring all of the exquisite flavors. We ate like starving people, barely speaking all through dinner.

Several times during the meal I felt hands on my cock. At one point, both Alyssa and Aunt Mary were fondling me at the same time. We all helped to clear the table and did the dishes right away so we could relax in the family room.

"How about a good vampire movie?" Aunt Mary said, looking at us. "I haven't seen 'From Dusk til Dawn' in awhile."

"Kick ass, that's one of my favorite flicks," I said. "Tarantino is an amazing writer."

"Sound good to you too, hon?" Aunt Mary said, looking at Alyssa.

"Yeah, mom, I don't care what we watch. Sam will protect me from all those evil vampires if I get scared." Alyssa said, laughing and stroking my chest.

"Alright, 'From Dusk til Dawn' it is. Sam, you are on popcorn duty tonight. We'll start the movie after you come back." I got up and went into the kitchen and popped the microwave kettle corn. I brought back a huge bowl and three little ones. I also put a six pack of pop in plastic bottles on the coffee table. Aunt Mary started the movie as I took my seat between my two ladies. They both cuddled up close to me as we ate our popcorn and enjoyed the flick.

"I like this part coming up," Alyssa said. "Salma Hayek looks so hot when she dances with that albino snake around her shoulders."

"She's one of my favorite actresses and she is smoking hot." I said. Alyssa elbowed me in the ribs lightly for my comment. "But you are way hotter than her, Alyssa. You are so damn sexy." She leaned towards me in the dark and we shared a passionate kiss. Her lips tasted like berries and felt like silk.

"When my cousin Lena arrives tomorrow night until she goes home, we all have to be on our best behavior." Aunt Mary said. "She knows I'm pregnant and that Alyssa is, but she doesn't know you are the father, Sam. I don't know how she'd take the news of our incestuous lifestyle."

"That's going to be rough, but we can handle it ok." I said, rubbing Aunt Mary's thigh.

"Well, I guess that means we'll have to fuck each other all night," Alyssa said, smiling seductively. "You know, in case it is awhile before the three of us can have sex together again." She smiled coyly as she slid her skirt down over her ass, revealing the v of her pubic hair. Aunt Mary stood up too, slowly undoing her jean shorts and sliding them down her creamy white thighs.

"Yeah, who knows if we'll get a chance to be alone once Lena gets here," She said. "We'd all have to masturbate the whole time, never feeling fully satisfied for a whole month." I watched as my aunt pulled her panties down, revealing her shaved snatch.

"Yeah and think of poor Sam, he won't be able to fuck our hot, tight pussies. There's no way his hand could feel as good as your pussy does mom." Alyssa said, pulling her shirt over her head. She undid her bra slowly, in a strip tease fashion, releasing her creamy round globes. Her nipples were getting darker from being pregnant and stood up pertly once released from the confining bra. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her lush breasts, moaning slightly as I squeezed them in turn. I gulped loudly, feeling like the drowning man grasping at straws, but coming away with a handful of mammaries.

"I know Alyssa, poor Sam won't have your tasty nipples to nibble on, or feel your hot pussy juices on his cock." Aunt Mary said, casting her top away as well. I could smell their arousal hanging heavily in the air. My cock pressed painfully at the confines of my shorts, nearly aching it was so hard. Alyssa and my aunt edged closer to me, rubbing their pussies until their fingers were slick from their own juices. They rubbed the heady smelling fluid on their nipples, making them shine. Again and again they dipped their fingers into their dripping holes, this time licking the juices off.

"Look at this poor boy, mom, he is still fully dressed." Alyssa said pointing at me. "Do you think we scared him?" She said and they both giggled as they embraced in front of me. I stood watching them with my mouth agape as they kissed lustily in front of me. Their fingers found each others pussies, thrusting eagerly into the sopping holes. They grinded their crotches together, stimulating each other's clits until they were so erect, they looked like small penises. Aunt Mary dipped her head down and sucked one of Alyssa's large nipples into her mouth, rolling it with her tongue. Alyssa moaned deeply and pressed her breast harder into her mom's mouth. I started rubbing my cock through my shorts almost hypnotically, watching them. Alyssa's legs buckled slightly as she laid down on the floor, bringing Aunt Mary with her.

Their kissing got more intense, each making soft moaning sounds that were growing louder. Fingers thrusting into wet pussies made sloshing sounds as juice sprayed everywhere. Aunt Mary thrust her pussy down on Alyssa's fingers like she was frenzied.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...I'm going to cum, ohhhhhhhh jesussssssssss..."Aunt Mary shrieked, riding Alyssa's fingers. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm cominnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg." Watching Aunt Mary climax on Alyssa's fingers was too much for me. I broke out of my trance and practically tore my clothes off. I raced over to them, my cock bouncing wildly as I knelt behind my aunt. I rubbed my cock in her hot slit, lubing it up with her cum.

"I'm going to fuck that tight asshole of yours, Aunt Mary," I said huskily. She responded by raising her ass higher and spreading her legs apart slightly. I could hear her lips working feverishly on Alyssa's nipples, making her cry out with pleasure. I rubbed more of Aunt Mary's cum onto my cock, using my fingers. Her asshole was pink and tightly wrinkled, already wet from her pussy. I bent forward and licked her wrinkled bud, sticking my tongue into her pungent hole. She gasped loudly and pulled her ass cheeks wider with her hands.

"Ohhhhhh, fucccccckkkkkkkkkk...yes, lick my assholeeeeee." She moaned. Her hips slammed backwards, forcing my tongue further up her ass. Aunt Mary's breath came in ragged gasps as I tongue fucked her eagerly. Her whole body undulated as she rubbed Alyssa's clit furiously and licked her throbbing pussy.

My cock was aching and precum dripped freely off of the tip. I moved closer to my aunt as I pulled my mouth off of her wrinkled anus. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight asshole closer to my pulsating cock. I pushed the tip of my cock against her wrinkled knot, sinking in about an inch with ease.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkk," Aunt Mary screamed. "Jesssssssssssssussssssssss...ram that hard cock all the way into my asshole!" I obliged her, pumping my nine inch cock into her flexing anus. Her asshole was so tight I could hardly thrust my cock in and out. My balls hit her sopping pussy with every stroke, driving her wild with the sounds it made. The scent of her arousal hung heavy in the air, mingling with Alyssa's.

"Ohhhhhh...lick my pussy, mom...jessssssussssssss," Alyssa moaned, pulling my aunt's head closer to her snatch. Alyssa's whole body was flushed pink in arousal and she was getting close to orgasming from watching me buttfuck her mom. She writhed around on her back, thrusting her greedy pussy up to meet her mom's tongue.

"Ohhhhh...I'm comminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng," Aunt Mary shrieked loudly. I could feel her asshole clenching on my hard cock, nearly making me cum. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddddddddddddddd!" She moaned riding the waves of her orgasm. I held her hips tightly as I continued to fuck her.

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