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Son Wants Mom Ch. 10

by rictam 10/12/12

All characters in this story are over 18.


"I can't believe he actually blackmailed you, but from how it sounds it actually turned out to be quite fun for you didn't it?" I said to Tammy as she relayed her story.

"Yes, actually after the shock of his question, I really got turned on seeing all those hard cocks, knowing I was the reason that caused them." Tammy replied.

"The cock that you originally wanted me to get is the only one I didn't have, Heather took care of Brendan's."

"The big question is did you enjoy yourself?" I questioned.

"Yes, actually Tom's cock was really impressive, I did feel like quite the slut but if you don't care then a slut I will be, shit I even invited him back tomorrow for another round," Tammy stated.

"As long as you love me and make love to me when I come home, I don't care if you enjoy a different cock from time to time," I reassured her.

"I love you so much; you are the best husband a woman could ask for. I however, really need to get some sleep, I am so worn out," she informed me.

"I am sure you are, I know how your orgasms wipe you out and by the sounds of it you had multiples. Good night baby, I love you." I told her.

"Yes that I did have, good night babe, I love you too," Tammy said as she hung up the phone.

I lay on my bed stroking my cock thinking of Tom fucking my wife's pussy, after I cleaned the cum off my stomach and chest, I feel into a deep, restful sleep.

Tammy was dressed in what she slept in the previous night, one of my t-shirts. Her pussy was wet in anticipation for Tom coming over as she cleaned the house.

She was standing on the back porch, smoking a cigarette while she took a break. She placed her one foot on the chair and ran her hand over her pussy lips, "damn I can't believe I am this wet, especially since I had multiple cocks in me yesterday."

Tammy heard the porch door open as she looked to see Heather walking out to the porch wearing one of Brendan's t-shirts. "Good morning Aunt Tammy, how are you today?" she asked.

"I am good, I slept like a baby last night," Tammy replied.

"You should have, your pussy had more cock than a pin cushion had pins last night," she giggled.

"That is true, but certainly was fun, my pussy is wet not only from thinking about last night, but also from thinking of Tom coming back over today," Tammy informed.

"He certainly has a huge cock, I would not mind trying that out myself, my pussy is very wet but not from horniness," Heather acknowledge as she sat in the chair, spreading her legs placing her feet on the table. Tammy could see cum running out of her freshly fucked pussy, making her wetter than before.

"Brendan woke up with another woody huh? I am so glad you're here I definitely am not a morning person," Tammy stated.

"I have been woke up that way every day since I moved in with you; his cock sliding in and out of my pussy is the best alarm clock a girl could ask for. Would you like to clean me up?" Heather questioned.

"You look delicious, but I really have to get my housework finished," Tammy said.

"Well if you clean me up, I promise to help clean the house with you, even with the break you and I together will get the house done sooner," Heather spoke as she ran her fingertips over her pussy.

Tammy lowering herself to her knees in front of Heather, said, "I love you being here baby girl, you are such a help in many ways," as her tongue slid inside Heathers lips. She loved the taste of her son's cum and her niece's pussy as she attacked Heather's pussy.

Tammy's oral manipulation of her pussy had Heather screaming in orgasm in record time.

"My turn," Heather stated after she recovered from her mind blowing cum. Tammy quickly lifted the t-shirt, thrusting her legs over the arms of the chair, opening her pussy for her niece.

Heather buried her face into her aunt's pussy tasting the reminisce of the cum from the night before.

She viciously attacked her pussy, licking and sucking her fast and furiously. Tammy didn't last long due to horniness and nieces' excellent oral skills; she screamed loudly squirting her juices all over Heather's face.

They both sat on the porch while Tammy had a cigarette and decided to tackle the chore of cleaning the house.

The two women cleaned the house in record time; their t-shirts were soaked in sweat and clung tightly against their tits. They both were once again sitting on the porch when Heather asked, "When is Uncle Rick coming home?"

"He will be flying in on Friday, why do you ask?" Tammy questioned.

"I was wondering if I could join you when you pick him up at the airport," Heather replied.

"Of course you can, he'd be happy to see you I am sure," Tammy stated.

"Well after the outfits I pick up for us at the mall today, he will be even happier to see the both of us," Heather cheerfully stated.

"OH, wait a minute, I am not going to have you buy anything for me, I will give you my credit card and will wear whatever you pick out, but I am going to pay for it ok?" Tammy informed Heather.

"Actually, I was going to pay for it to show my appreciation for everything that you have done for me, but then again if you want to pay, I am not going to argue," Heather laughed.

"You have done enough to show your appreciation, you help me clean the house and more importantly you keep Brendan from attacking me 24/7, plus you eat pussy very well so I know you are appreciated," Tammy responded.

Tammy, Brendan and Heather all ate lunch together and were cleaning up the kitchen when Brendan stated he and Heather were going to the mall shopping.

Tammy walked out to the pool to work on her tan after the kids departed. Removing her sun dress she lay on the lounge chair completely naked. She drifted on and off to sleep for about an hour when she was startled awake by the ringing of her cell phone.

"Yes of course I want you to come over today, Tom, I enjoyed your big cock yesterday and want more today," Tammy spoke into the phone.

"So did I, your pussy felt amazing, I just wanted to make sure it was still ok," Tom shyly spoke.

"I will be here all day so come over anytime, and oh by the way, I am tanning naked here right now," Tammy teased.

"I wish that I could come over now and see you that way, but I can't make it over until 5 or 6 tonight," Tom said.

"That's fine dear, my pussy will be waiting here for you, when you can make it over," Tammy replied hanging up the phone.

Tammy lay on her back fantasizing about Tom's big cock fucking her once again as she fell to sleep once again. She was awakened by the sensation of having both of her tits being sucked. Opening her eyes she saw both Heather and Brendan kneeling on both sides of her chair, sucking her nipples.

"Hey kids, I am glad you made it home safely," Tammy moaned as they continued sucking her tits.

Heather removing her mouth excitedly stated, "I can't wait to show you what I bought for us, Aunt Tammy."

"Seems like you are pretty excited about it, why don't we go inside and try them on," Tammy responded.

"Yes, yes let's do that," Heather gleefully stated.

Brendan released his mother's tit from his mouth as he stood up complaining, "What about this? grabbing his hard cock through his shorts."

"Hell if that had to be taken care of every time it was like that, I would always be naked, don't worry you'll get pussy today," Heather teased.

"Heather's right dear, don't worry she and Mommy will take care of that nice cock of yours later," Tammy said as they walked into the house.

Tammy looked at the clock when she entered the house seeing that is was already 4:55. Brendan, stay in the living room, Tom is coming over soon but if he isn't here before hand, we will model our new outfits for you," Tammy spoke.

"Let's redo our hair and makeup before we try on the outfits," Tammy suggested.

"Well with yours you probably could, but mine will mess up my hair," Heather responded.

"Ok then, let's change first, oh purple my favorite color," Tammy spoke as Heather handed her the outfit.

Brendan answered the door when Tom knocked as the women changed. "You have gotten here in the nick of time, they are upstairs changing into some sexy outfits Heather got for them today," Brendan exclaimed.

"Great! No offense please, but your Mom has a hot body and she is definitely a MILF," Tom replied.

"No offense taken but she isn't a MILF for you she would be a Mom I Already Have Fucked," Brendan laughed.

"Wow, Uncle Rick is going to love that outfit, he won't be able to keep his eyes off of you, plus he will have a huge boner inside his uniform when he sees you," Heather exclaimed.

"He will have to choose who to stare at because he will have a hard time keeping his eyes off you baby girl, yours doesn't hide anything at all, hell if he has some buddies with him, they may think he is getting picked up by a couple of hookers." Tammy laughed.

"We do look pretty slutty don't we? Let's go get Brendan's opinion and see." Heather stated as she and Tammy left the bedroom.

"Holy fuck," Brendan exclaimed as the women came down the stairs.

"You both are so fucking sexy," Tom shouted.

Heather posed first for the boys; she wore a white fishnet blouse, the top hugged her neck, with a thin horizontal stripe that did nothing but hide her aureoles. The bottom of the shirt came about 2 inches below her breasts. Her white miniskirt came just below her ass and the matching 4 inch high heels made her look even sexier.

"It's obvious you guys like the outfit," Heather stated as she looked at the boy's crotches.

"Hell yes, that outfit is fucking hot!" Tom exclaimed.

"Ok, put your tongues back in your mouths boys, let me know what you think of mine," Tammy said as she walked in front of them. She was wearing a light purple fishnet blouse, with her cleavage exposed as the V-cut ended at the bottom of her blouse. The only difference from Heather on her bottom half was the color of the skirt and shoes.

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