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Southern Hospitality: The Beginning

by countrygentdom 11/26/12

I could feel the young girl's pussy spasm, as she got louder. It practically strangled my dick when she did. There was one after the other clamping down on me, as she called out her lust:

"Uh-huh, uh-huh, UH-HUH!" she said as her head nodded in acceptance of her orgasm. "That's it, mister, fuck my dirty, little pussy! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

The older sister had a firm hold of the younger's hair with both hands as she called out, "Oh, fuck, yes! Eat it, you nasty little tramp; eat your big-sissy's pussy! Ah, fuck! I'm gonna cum so hard!"

She began to yelp like the call of a raptor honing in on its prey. The sharp screeches, accentuate the rapid, pleasureful waves the seized her womanly frame.

After watching Bobby-George cum wildly, my eyes scanned the room to see what Junior, Tommy, and mama were up to...

Mrs. Mckenna was down on all fours, sucking voraciously at Junior's cock, while his brother slammed his huge fuck-rod into his mother's battered pussy. Her moans were muffled by her older son's tumescent shaft, as she bucked back against his ardent thrusts.

I could not fathom what I was seeing! The two boys were running a choke-and-poke on their own mother, as if she was a trashy, slutty, barfly! This was so wrong, so perverted, but once again, I did not care. My junk was still hard, and in desperate need of more fucking. All I could do was think of ramming my throbbing prick deep inside Booby-George's sweet, tight snatch.

I noticed that it was dripping with her nectar, and her young sister's spit when Sammie raised her head up from Bobby's crotch. The little twin's face glistened with the same, as an electric smile lit up her face, and she stared directly in to my eyes. This unsettled me somewhat, as I knew that she wanted a turn on my dick, but not so much that I wouldn't give it to her. I was past that point, and judging by her twin sister's performance I really wanted to fuck her, too!

"I'm gonna make you cum, mister," little Sammie announced, as she moved along my side seductively, "and I wanna taste y'er sperm! I want it in my mouth!"

"Well, okay." I managed to stumble out, although it seemed more of a question than a confirmation.

"But, I wanna feel that dinger inside me, first!" she concluded, excitedly, as she turned and made her way onto the floor.

She got down on her hands and knees, and began to wave her taut, tiny ass at me.

"Please, mister," she pouted, enticingly, as she looked back toward me, "stick yer dinger in me. I want it SO bad!"

I could not help but indulge her!


Sammie's ass was lean, and as hard as a rock, yet with a feminine shape.

I sidled-up behind her, took my "dinger" -as she put it- in my hand, and aimed it at her sopping slit.

It was soaking wet, and her pussy-lips were engorged and splayed-open to my burgeoning pole, and ready for violation!

As I ran the tip over her sodden gash (moistening it) she moaned impatiently, as if she could not get it inside her fast enough. The little twin pushed back against it, trying to force me to slide it in, and I could tell that she was going to be just as tight as her sister. Her efforts were not in vain, as my cock-head began to open her young hole. And as I gingerly pushed farther into her, the only resistence I felt was the vice-like grip of her slick love-hole.

"Mmmm... yes... deeper!" she purred, as the length of my throbbing shaft explore the depths of her sex. "That's it, Mister Webster," she continued to coax me, "don't be a'scared, don't be gentle, I's can take it. Just fuck me!"

I took her at her word, and brutally shove the entirety of shaft as deep as it would go. She yelped in response, and I stoppped. I was afraid that I hurt her; I was afraid that she had over estimated her sexual-constitution. But, I was wrong!

"Ah, fuck-yeah, mister!" Sammie cried out, at my abrupt assault, "fuck it hard! I likes it that a'way!"

Being the polite guest, I complied with her wishes.

Gripping her small ass-cheeks, I started ramming my prick into her constricting pussy. My hips, I thought, might become bruised from her hard, little butt slamming against me. She bellowed her ecstasy, as my cock assailed her slippery tunnel, and my balls impacted her engorged clitty.

"Ah, fuck, yes!" I called out. "That's a tight, fucking pussy!"

I suddenly heard voices behind me -grunting and chirping in lust.

I looked over my shoulder, and saw Bobby and Sarah locked together. They were coupled, legs scissored, hands clasped, with their perfect, little mounds grinding. Their hips gyrated, as they ferociously rubbed their twats against one another. They moaned and cooed their wanton desire, and pushed the edges of carnal bliss.

As they rubbed gash-against-gash, they watched me hammered at their yound sister's taut, wet honey-hole. The intensity of their gaze both unnerved and excited me, as I endeavored to put on a show for them.I hammered Sammie's pussy, for all it was worth, and heard her prurient cries ring in my ears! I was merciless!

Then, I felt it!

I felt the spasmodic contractions of her twat-muscles grasp my thick cock, and it was pleasurefully painfull! I knew she was cumming -hard! Likewise, I could tell that I was not far from the same!

"Ah, shit, ah, fuck," she bellowed, "you make me cum so good, mister! Do it harder! HARDER! AH, FUCK, I'M A-CUUUUMMMMINNNN'!"

The little girl's body convulsed, and slammed ever harder into my groin, as a blinding orgasm overtook her. It was all I had to hold back, as I felt her constrictive fuck-muscles clamp down on me, and try to milk the jism from my balls. But, I had made a promise... She would taste my seed!

Her climax seemed to go on forever, but I could take no more. My nuts were twitching; my entire body ached from holding back release.

"Ah, shit, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" I moaned as I pulled out of Sammie.

With the alacrity of a wild-cat, she spun around just as the first jet of hot jism launched from my pulsating member. I coated the side of her face and shoulder before she could wrap her mouth around it. She sucked with lustful abandon as the second jet of sticky cum filled her ravonous maw. She swallowed hard, but could not keep up. I just kept cumming, and saw my seed gush from around her lips. I ran down her chin, and spattered on the floor. I fell back on the face of the love-seat, gasping for breath, with my cock still rock-hard, thobbing, and dripping with our juices.

I, then, felt Bobby's free arm come down over my chest, and her hand begin to play with my slowly, deflating cock. The beautiful southern-girl stopped her action with Sarah, and focused her attention on me:

"Y'all should see if mama needs yer help," she suggested, "and send Junior over here. I need some cock!"

"But-" I began to protest, thinking that I was not gonna get to fuck her, but was cut short by her reassurance.

"Ah, don't worry sugar," she purred into my ear, "I'm just savin' you fer last!"

God! This was so fucking hot! I was so immensely turned on, and I felt my prick begin to spring back to life. It was gonna take much coaxing from mama to get me ready for another round.

When my legs stopped shaking from my orgasm, I got to my feet, and went over to the boys and Mrs. McKenna.

"Junior," I announced, as he pummeled his mother's face with his swollen fuck-pole, "your Bobby-George needs your help with something."

He wasted no time in thanking me, pulling his cock from his mother's mouth, and trotting across the room.

I knelt in front of mama, my half-erect prick hovering in her face.

"Now, y'all jus' let mama take care of you, ya hear?" she managed to say between moans.

I had no problem complying with her, as she took my semi-flacid manhood in her mouth, and began to expertly suck me off. The Mckenna family matriarch was so good at it! Her tongue flicked and teased as she moved to-and-fro over its length. And when it was hard and throbbing, she stopped, and gave Tommy, and I, new instructions:

"Git on yer back, Tommy," she ordered, and then told me, "once he's in me, git behind me, and fuck my ass!"

I watched, as I stroked my cock, while young Tommy laid on the floor, and his mother straddled his huge pole. Her large, womanly tits hung over him, as she took hold of his thick rod, and slid it deep inside her dripping hole.

"Ugh... Mmmm..." she purred, as she let her son's gigantic tool explore the depths of her sex, and when she took as much as she could, she turned to me, "Now, put it in my asshole, young man!"

Jesus! I had never done this before, but I was very eager to try. So, I settled in behind her, and aimed my purple fuck-knob ar her little, pink pucker-hole. I spit into her ass-crack, and slid my burgeoning cock over it, and then press against her sphincter.

She opened up quite easily for me, and I felt the tight grip of her back-door passage, as my prick slipped deeper and deeper inside. I have fucked chicks in the ass before, but not while her pussy was being fucked, so the feel of Tommy's colossal shaft pumping her twat was a bit weird to me.


While I was fucking mama's ass, and she moaned and called-out like a wonton whore, I glance over to see Junior fucking Bobby-George.

Her brother loomed over her, had hold of the back of her knees, and held them down up near her shoulders. Bobby's legs were, also, spead wide, as he pummeled her with the entire leng of his cock, and she moaned and wailed with abandon.

Not far away from them were the book-ends. Sammie had taken over for her older sister. Their legs scissorer, one hands clasped in the center, they gyrated their soft, wet mounds together, as they whimpered and cooed their forbidden ecstasy..

Mama began to cry-out, loudly, as she began to cum. And when the first wave hit, her asshole clamped on my throbbing shaft like a vice -as I am sure it, likewise, did on her son's giant meat-pole. She bucked and twitched with every salacious rush of pleasure.

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