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Strange Days Ch. 06

by redskyes 08/10/11

Sarah closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and swallowed the end of my cock. I groaned as she moved her head back and forth. Her tongue was so soft and warm against the underside of my shaft, licking just beneath the sensitive crown. The sound of her sucking and slurping only added to the incredible sensations.

Opening her eyes wide, Sarah took me out of her mouth and stroked me hard and fast with both hands. "Wow, you do taste good."

Holy shit, that made me hot. "Sarah, I'm gonna..."

Sarah sucked me back into her mouth, licking and nibbling, pulling me deep until the end of me found the soft entrance of her throat. She drew me back out until only the head remained in her mouth. Her lower hand slid up and down my long shaft, while her other hand gripped me just beneath the fat head of my dick and twisted back and forth, thumb rubbing over that so sweet spot. In a way, it felt a lot like when she stimulated my g-spot with her fingers. Less intense, sure, but intense enough. I grabbed her head and blew a huge load into her mouth.

"Mmmm!" Sarah moaned around my jerking spurting cock with surprise, eyes opening wide.

I panted like a bitch in heat, watching her neck move as she swallowed the creamy load. Her eyes lazily drifted shut as I came in her mouth, her expression exquisite, as though she were drinking a fine wine.

My cock lurched again and again, harder and faster. Sarah's eyes flew open with surprise. Her cheeks bulged. Thick white cum dribbled out of the corners of her mouth. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt to climax in her mouth. My gaze was locked on her as she opened her mouth, releasing a flood of thick cum that spilled over her chin and down her body. A great thick rope of jizz blew out of the tip of my dick and into her open mouth.

"Oh my God!" Sarah laughed after swallowing.

Another shot of spunk hit her closed lips. Sarah jacked me off furiously and angled me down where I pasted her chest and neck with load after thick warm load.

"Jesus, Amy," she laughed again as my orgasm subsided, cock spitting feebly now. "You came like a fucking horse."

I chuckled, cheeks flushing with embarrassment, and looked down at her as she whiped her chin. Thick white spunk clung to her neck and chest, dripped from her stiff nipples. I noticed two things about her cum-covered visage. First, she was right, it was a lot of cum. Second, she looked fucking hot.

"You know, you're taking all of this pretty well," I commented.

Sarah stood up and shrugged, then wiped her hand up her stomach and chest, scooping up a shocking amount of cream into her palm. "I told you, the storekeeper said the statue had magical powers."

"Yeah, believed her?"

She looked at my cock as she stepped into the shower, then grinned. "I do now."

I laughed. Sarah held out her hand.

"What?" I asked.

Not waiting for me, she leaned out of the shower and took my hand, pulling me with her. I raised an eyebrow.

"You made the mess, so you can clean it up," she bounced on her feet with her hands behind her back.

The shower was spraying on her back, so it hadn't rinsed away the thick layer of cum from her body. Shrugging, I picked up a mesh sponge and a bottle of body wash.

"Oh, wait," Sarah said, then covered my right breast with her cum-coated hand.

"What-?" I jumped.

She laughed. "I owed you for that, I think."

I narrowed my eyes at her. "Little bitch."

She giggled and raised an eyebrow, as though saying well, get to it.

Shaking my head, I guided her under the spray of water and rinsed her off. Mischief struck me. When I pulled her out of the spray, I pressed the front of my body to hers and reached around her. I took my time soaping her up, loving the feel of her body under my hands, against mine. My new penis had not gone away and I grew hard rather quickly. I felt the length of me rise with rigidity and my shaft was soon nestled comfortably between her legs, the contact making her giggle with surprise.

When she was lathered up from head to toe, I backed away slowly, letting my shaft rub through her warm wet slit. I grabbed the shaft and angled the end of my cock up into her warm cleft, sighing at the feel of her. Sarah grabbed my shoulders and her mouth fell open in a little O.

"You devious little shit," she teased.

Smiling, I rubbed the head of my cock over her clit, up and down, gently.

Sarah panted. "H-hey, you're...supposed be cleaning me up."

I leaned in, our breasts touching, and whispered in her ear. "Nobody said I couldn't have any fun doing it. Now turn around."

Sarah rolled her eyes and turned her back to me. I turned both us around so that the spray of water was against my back, then proceeded to lather up her front from behind. Mischief struck again. I moved back, rubbed her ass crack until it was nice and soapy, then lay my cock between the slippery cheeks of her ass.

"You're nasty, girl," Sarah giggled.

I laughed and starting rubbing the soap into her belly and hips while pushing my cock up and down her ass crack, humping her warm rear end. When I reached her breasts, I got them nice and slippery and proceeded to fondle her openly, caressing the smooth orbs and pinching her nipples.

"Oh, that's nice," Sarah cooed, tipping forward and putting her hands on the shower wall for support.

God, she felt so good against my body, so warm and soft. Pulling her hair aside, I kissed and nibbled the back of her neck, snaking my hand back down to her hip. I nudged her feet apart with mine, grabbed a hold of my dong and lined it up, then slowly pushed into her body.

"Oh fuck," I groaned.

She was so warm and tight, so soft, clinging to my shaft.

"Amy," she hissed, pushing back against me.

Soon I was thrusting in and out of her, both hands on her hips, pulling her back as I thrust in. Sarah straightened up so that her back was against my chest and her head on my shoulder. She raised her hand and turned my face to kiss me. Her tongue in my mouth and my cock in her body felt so good it sent me over the edge. I began humping her urgently, my pelvis slapping against her lovely ass with every deep plunge.

"Gawd, Amy," she sighed, then laughed breathlessly. "I can't believe you're fucking me."

I smiled against her mouth. "I know."

Both of us were breathing harder. Sarah climaxed, pussy fluttering around me. I kept pounding her with my monster cock, trying to get deeper, to fill her up completely. My groin tightened with impending release. I changed my pace, shoving in hard and staying there for a second, then I would slowly pull out and slam back in. I was thrusting up into her with so much force that I had her standing on the tips of her toes before I would pull out.

"Amy, oh gawd...gonna cum."

"Me too," I breathed.

Sarah gasped and came again. I pushed in as deep as I could and blew my load into her heavenly cunt. I came and came and came, gushing into her until I felt my warm spunk oozing down between my legs to be washed away by the shower. When it was over, I held myself inside her and leaned forward on her back, bracing my hands on the wall beside hers.

"Wow, that was..." Sarah gasped. "Jeezus, Amy."

"Like that?" I giggled.

She laughed. "Just a little."

I kissed her back tenderly and drew out of her, but it felt so good that I pushed back in. My cock felt like steel in her depths. I couldn't help myself. In moments, I was fucking her furiously, the sound of our bodies slapping together loud and lewd, but so damn sexy. Sarah grabbed the back of my head and held me tight against her. I just couldn't get over how good it felt to be inside her, to feel her cunt clamping down on me, squeezing, sucking, to give her pleasure that only a man could, or should.

Sarah climaxed again and I poured another load into her.

"You're a monster!" she laughed loudly.

I was panting as I pulled my softening cock out of her. "I don't know what's coming over me, Sarah."

She turned around and leaned her shoulders against the shower wall.

"I've always been attracted to you," I told her, leaning against the other wall, under the spray of the shower. "But now, I can't look at you and not want to be inside you."

Sarah gave me a tired smile and waved her hand. "Hey, I'm not complaining." Her smile widened. "Yet."

I smiled back.

We finished showering a little while later. I was toweling my legs dry when Sarah put her hand on my shoulder, staring at my groin.

"Hey. Where did it go?"

I grinned. "It does that."

Sarah reached out and touched my mound with her fingers, the tips slipping just a little into my folds, making me jump. "Weird."

"Hey!" I yelped, eyes wide. "Do you mind? I don't go groping you like that."

Sarah pushed her hip out. "No, I guess you don't. Instead you fucked me when all I wanted was a shower."

I laughed. "Yeah, right."

Back in my room, Sarah and I put on our favorite silk robes. We'd exchanged Christmas presents three years ago. Oddly enough, we'd bought each other the exact same robes, only mine was black and hers was blue. We made ourselves a snack, crackers and cheese, and settled down in the living room to watch television. Sarah was sitting on the couch, and I was sitting on the floor between her legs, reclined against her. Now and then, I would lay a slice of cheese on a cracker and pass it over my shoulder to feed it to her.

Idly stroking her foot with my free hand, I passed her another cracker. She took a bite of it, and a moment later, took the rest from my hand, but her lips closed over my finger, suckling it softly.

I twisted to glance up at her over my shoulder. Sarah smiled warmly, eyes glittering with something I hadn't seen before. Rolling over onto my knees, I rose up and braced myself with my hands to either side her head on the back of the couch, leaned over her until she had to tilt her head up to look up at me. I kissed her softly on the mouth. She cooed, almost under her breath. I felt my cock slide out of me. Slipping my hand under her robe, I smoothed it up her soft skin, feeling every line of her body with my fingers until I found her big full breast, closing my hand around it. I grew hard in moments, the weight of my cock hanging out from my body hard to ignore.

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