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Submissions of a White Wife Ch. 03

by broodmary 10/25/13

When the handsome black man drove up in his Mercedes, it was just my 18 year old daughter Sue and me at home. We were both nervous. Neither of us knew what to expect. I had assured her though that Leo was a real gentleman...with a huge, black cock. The biggest cock I had ever had.

I no sooner opened the door than Leo took me in his arms, and as he said, "hi beautiful," gave me a big kiss.

Letting me go briefly, he looked over at my daughter and said, "and, this must be sweet Sue."

Then he kissed her hand saying, "I'm Leo. Very pleased to make your acquaintance."

In spite of his formal pleasantries, I could see the primal, savage lust for a young white girl in the black man's eyes as he looked her over from head to toe.

It was apparent that he was pleased with what he saw.

We sat in the living room, chatted for a little while, and had some drinks.

The drinks helped calm me down. Sue was into the drinks too, I was sure for the same reason.

It wasn't long before Leo suggested, "Hey, Let's go to the bedroom for some fun?" It was clear that he was saying it to both of us.

I simply got up and led the way into the bedroom.

Once there, Leo quickly stripped off my blouse saying, "I prefer you naked."

"I always want to be naked when you are around," I responded truthfully.

He started sucking my breasts. He loves to get my long nipples in his mouth and suck on them. I ran my fingers through his short, kinky hair moaning softly in delight.

Sue had taken a seat in a chair where she had a good view of the action.

Next Leo pulled down my mini skirt and helped me step out of it. Standing, he began kissing me. As our tongues danced in each others mouths, he worked his fingers up my already wet pussy.

"You sure are a horny white bitch," he proclaimed. "Let's show Sue what's she's been missing."

He started taking off his shirt, I helped with his pants. I couldn't wait to get his big black cock inside me. As soon as his cock was free, I knelt before him and began to suck it and rub my fist up and down the shaft. Oh, how I love the feeling of a black man's cock getting hard in my mouth!

My heart was racing. I was so horny that my love juices were running down my thigh. I so wanted that cock inside me, I felt as if I would burst if I soon didn't have it.

At the same time, I was aware of Sue's presence. What was I doing? I was down on my knees before a naked black man while her father was at work. But, her being there was the price I had to pay to see Leo again. And, I so needed to feel his huge black cock up inside me again that I was willing to do anything, even give my daughter to him.

Before long he was rock solid. All 10 inches of his black cock shiny with my saliva.

"Get on the bed on all fours," he directed.

I got on the bed as instructed, and offered my fine white ass up to him.

He got on the bed behind me, and I soon felt his hard cock parting my labia.

He wasted little time working himself into me. Then he started fucking me hard and slapping my ass.

"Oh god Leo!" I cried out. "I love when you fuck me hard."

"You're a white bitch that needs it hard," he exclaimed, as he grabbed a hank of my hair and pulled my head back toward him.

In no time at all I was moaning loudly and cumming hard on his cock. Those glorious orgasms that only a black man can give me. My whole body trembled as wave after wave of sexual ecstasy coursed through my body.

Leo kept pounding me, and my body just responded to him with continuing orgasms. He must have been fucking me for at least 10 minutes, but I don't know. I was lost in a euphoric state of non stop orgasm. I was oblivious to anything except Leo's hard black cock hammering my pussy.

All the while my daughter sat back witnessing her mother cumming unbelievably hard from a black man's savage assault.

Sue, while not a virgin, had never been with anyone but white men. She was curious; that was why she agreed to be there in the first place.

She saw how very erotic it was for a white woman and a black man to be sexually joined, their contrasting bodies intertwined. She saw how unbelievably hard I was cumming as that large black cock repeatedly invaded my pale body.

The spectacle before her was making her incredibly horny.

Eventually I felt Leo pause, pull me tight against him, and pump my womb full of his Negro sperm. I could feel the warm pulsations of huge quantities of black seed gushing into my womb.

When he withdrew, he turned to Sue, "Want to join in?" he asked.

"Love to," Sue responded eagerly.

She was flushed and visibly horny.

She stepped quickly over to the bed. Leo got up beside her and stripped her naked in no time.

"Lay down there," Leo directed indicating the bed.

My daughter lay on her back and opened her young, white thighs to the very black man before her. Her shaved pussy was visibly wet and inviting.

Leo towered over the prone white girl, his black cock still rock solid glistened with his own cum and her mother's love lubricant.

Leo positioned himself between her legs and guided his black gleaming cock to the entrance of her pussy.

He worked himself in very slowly and carefully as he had done the first time he fucked me.

"He knows how to break young girls", I said. "He is very skilled."

Sue bit her lip as he entered her. I knew from experience how he was stretching her.

"I love sticking my black nigger dick into tight white girls," Leo said as he reached the depths of Sue's vagina.

He then started fucking her just as hard as he had been fucking me. Sue gave a gasp, almost as if the wind was knocked out of her. But soon she was responding to Leo's long strokes.

The sight of my daughter going black for the first time was so sexy! I got the camera and started taking pictures so I could document the event even as Leo's sperm was running down my own leg.

Sue started cumming in those great black induced orgasms. When I saw how hard she was cumming, I knew that she was hooked on black too. I managed to get a photo just as Leo came deep inside her. His left arm cradled her head, her left hand was on his shoulder, the contrast of her white fingers against the black of his back was so very erotic.

That was the start of an all afternoon mother-daughter interracial fuck fest.

When my husband Ed got home, the whole house smelled of sex. There was an incredible amount of cum spewed all over his bed. His wife and daughter were laying together on the bed in a post orgasmic daze.

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