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Sweet 33

by TheBigEasy 11/12/02

Your 33rd birthday was rapidly approaching. We had been occasional lovers for months now. Your husband is a friend of mine so I knew he would be out of town for the weekend of your birthday. I knew you would be sad about being alone so I told you I would take you out. You are depressed about hitting 33. You have an awesome sense of adventure, great sense of humor and radiate sexuality.

We had shared a lot of fantasies with each other in our few months together. Yours vary from BDSM, to exhibitionism to group sex. You've said you're willing to try anything twice. Your husband is a straight laced normal guy. So was I before I met you. Since we've been together we've done things I've never dreamed of before. From having sex in a park in the middle of the day to watching you masturbate live with your toys to going to s fetish show your husband wouldn’t go to, it has all been an erotic joyride. I want to make your birthday special, one you'll relive in your memories forever.

I decided to meet you at a local oyster bar. We sat there for hours talking and letting the conversation get a little hot while we drank. I offer to take you home because you're a little drunk. We'll get the car tomorrow, I say. You stumble to the car with me. I make a call on the way. I said it was to work but it wasn't. I called my friend Thomas. Phase Two of my plan is in motion.

We got to your place a little after 10 pm. You can walk on your own now and I offer to go get you another Rolling Rock. We put on a new porno movie I bought just for the occasion. You look at the box and see it has two men impaling a blond woman with their cocks. You get a mischievous, sexy smile on your face. I was licking around your neck when the doorbell rang. It was Thomas. You kind of get worried because he is friends with your husband and myself. You look at me and then back at him. You see the look of desire on both of our faces and know that this was planned. I went in to the kitchen to get him a beer. When I came back, you already had his cock in your mouth. I sat on the sofa mesmerized as you pumped every last drop of cum out of his cock. You look over at me with a smile on your face and a drop of jizz running down your chin.

Damn, you are sexy. I said why don't we go to the bedroom? It turned in to a little race. Three bodies running for a bed while removing all clothes. I started at the top kissing your beautiful full mouth. I made my way to your big beautiful nipples. I was sucking on the left one when I looked down. Thomas had his face buried in your snatch licking all your juices up. You take my penis in your mouth and Thomas positions himself to fuck you. The three of us writhe around on the sofa a mixture of sweat and saliva. Thomas said he was about to cum and I was near also. You were in the middle of a tremendous body shaking orgasm your self. I pulled out of your mouth and pasted your tits with my sticky cum. Thomas painted your stomach and trimmed bush.

You take turns sucking each of our cocks until we are erect again. You climb on top of my rock hard dick and a moan escaped your lips as you lowered yourself on me. I pulled you towards me while exposing your ass in the air. Thomas was massaging your ass and playing with your asshole while inserting a finger gently in. I saw the look of sure naked lust in your eyes as you knew what was going to happen. Your riding my cock while Thomas inserted himself into you. The three of us get a simultaneous movement going. Both of us are drilling your holes while you scream in pleasure. I said I was about to cum and Thomas was also. We filled your body up full of hot sticky cum until it ran down your legs on the sofa. Thomas gave you a happy birthday kiss goodbye and left us to enjoy the rest of the night.

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