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Tales from Smasher's Bar and Grille Ch. 2

by Sperman Alexie 11/04/00

Cal was two-thirds of the way to scared-to-death, and all the way to "hooked on the thrill." Sorceresses, goddesses, vampires, ghosts, witches, werewolves, creatures from various-colored lagoons and shape-shifters filled booths and bar stools. There were Ancient Atlantean citizens, friendly and fierce aliens, androids, left-wing and right-wing militants, Goths, techno-geeks, elementals and even a few Jehovah's Witnesses-all manner of bizarre beings filled the tavern run by the former football player, Tommy "Smasher" Johnson. Rumor had it that even Mr. Spock had been there once, accompanied by "Q," and Art Bell but that had never been confirmed or denied by the proprietor.

After his first encounter with a nameless woman who claimed to be a sorceress, or goddess, Cal had spent every night at the bar, examining its patrons. He hadn't had the guts to go to bed with any of them, but he knew they were there. He was able to pick out some of the obvious strangers, but had been to nervous to attempt contact.

An alien had hit on him, but he wasn't into the whole inter-species, intergalactic, same-sex anal probe scene.

To his credit, Smasher Johnson was mum about any of his patrons being anything other than good, paying customers. (Although Cal was positive he had heard the huge man once lament about being paid in "newt noses and Arcturian Dweezips.") Cal, a washed-up reporter for a national sports magazine, had finished his "Where are they now" interviews with Smasher. Now he was following up with a little "personal" investigation. He wondered if any of the tabloids knew about this place. He could make a bundle getting laid by aliens and then recounting the experiences.

"Buy you a drink?" said a husky female voice. Cal looked up to stare into the beautiful, deep ... crimson eyes ... of a tall woman with long brown hair. She had an accent he couldn't quite place. She was statuesque, the stuff that wet dreams were made of.

"Uh...sure," he stammered. "You from around here?" He immediately felt like an idiot for asking such a ridiculous question.

She threw back her head and roared a hearty laugh, shaking her head. Her long, curly locks danced across her back. Her large, firm breasts stood up and heaved at the raucous laughter.

"By here, do you mean this galaxy?"

Cal shook his head and wished he could start over again.

"You are cute," she said. "I would very much like to join you for an evening of complete sexual interaction."

"You don't have to ask me twice," Cal said, asking for his bill.

* * * * *

As they entered Cal's motel room, he took a moment to truly study the woman he was with. He would have to carefully recollect her features if he was going to jot down the information later for publication.

She was approximately six feet tall, with long, flowing hair and beautiful ... albeit crimson ... eyes. Her body looked muscular from head to toe, save for a firm, but soft-looking pair of large breasts. Her skin would have passed for caucasian, but had a slight bluish green tint. Subtle...enough to make her look exotic (or sick, depending on the beholder.) She wore a low- cut blouse and a tight miniskirt which accentuated her tight, firm ass.

"Please, will you appease my custom, and allow us each to take turns undressing slowly?" she asked.

"Sure," Cal replied. "Can't ignore customs."

"Thank you, handsome one," she said. Cal still couldn't decide if she was poetic, or if things just got "lost" in translation. "Goddess Vannshu will be quite satisfied."

"Who goes first?"

"It would arouse me greatly if you were to undress first, my love," she purred.

Cal began to slowly undress, trying to be sexy without being foolish. He wasn't sure how successful he was, but eventually he was naked, and this alien babe was visibly arroused. Her nipples seemed to stand erect the way a good hard cock would at the sight of a beautiful woman.

She stood and slowly removed her blouse, pulling it up from the skirt to reveal a small, perky set of breasts, similar to what a just-turned-18 Catholic schoolgirl might offer. Cal was immediately aroused, but confused. Under the blouse, her tits had seemed enormous.

She continued to remove her blouse, lifting it higher, revealing a second, much larger pair of breasts, round, firm and bouncing softly as they were set free from the confines of her clothing. Despite every urge in Cal's brain to run screaming from the room, the sight of this four-breasted alien woman brought his cock to full erection in no time at all. The room filled with a strong, alluring musky scent, causing Cal's eyelids to droop a little.

"Does the sight of me offend you?" She asked.

"No...not at's just...the ... there's a strong smell..."

" is a sign among my people of ... " she blushed slightly, her cheeks turning a dark shade of blue before returning to their normal color. "...extreme arousal. If you were of my race, it would immediately make you my willing...suitor."

"It has a similar effect on me," Cal said, stepping toward her. "Please, finish the ritual."

She slowly pulled her skirt down to reveal a beautiful pubic mound with a soft tuft of dark hair. She turned her back to him for a second, and he noticed she had what appeared to be a tail in back, extending from just below where the tailbone would be on a human. The tail was about a foot long, and as wide as finger at the base. It tapered off at the end, except for a bumpy nub at the end.

He tried not to think of the anatomical differences, but instead focused on the unique nature of this event. This woman was beautiful.

"Does it frighten you?" she asked.


"The unusual nature of my body, does it frighten you?"

" ... intrigues me..." he said. "You are very beautiful."

She took a moment to absorb this information before continuing.

"Come then, and enjoy me."

He stepped closer as his cock became rock-hard. They stood there, and he began to kiss her softly at first. She reached her hand around his head and pulled his face tightly against hers, as her tongue began to explore his mouth. They fell on the bed, tangled in a heap, still kissing passionately. Cal felt his mouth and lips numb slightly.

He pulled away and began to kiss lightly down the side of her neck. Eventually he reached her upper right breast and began to kiss her nipple lightly. She moaned.

"The upper b...breasts..." she murmured. "They are for your pleasure...the lower ones...those are for my pleasure."

Cal didn't know what to make of that, but began to suck in earnest on her enormous, bulbous knocker. As he sucked, he began to taste something honey. He sucked harder, and found that her areola was secreting some sort of thick, sticky fluid. It tasted wonderful, but was hard to suck out. He noticed that his already stiff cock seemed to grow much larger.

After a while, he switched to the other side, pulling her muscular body against his mouth as he sucked gently at first, and then much harder on her other breast. As he swallowed more tiny gulps of the fluid, he felt his already abnormally large rod grow further, thickening with each passing second.

He reached down and grabbed her ass tightly in his hands, pulling her tighter against his body. He planted his lips around her right lower breast and sucked gently. Her entire body stiffened, and then seemed to wither. "Oh yes, lover," she purred..."yes yes yes yes yes."

She squirmed and bucked as he sucked her lower breast. It, too secreted a fluid, but it was not flavorful like the upper breasts had been.

Her fingers reached down and spread the folds of her pussy.

"Fill me," she said, huskily.

She slowly lowered her twat onto his huge, telephone pole of a rod. Her hot pussy enveloped his dick, wracking his body with an electrical current of sexual energy. He bucked slightly, and then settled into his groove, sliding his cock against the tight, rubbery feel of her labia.

As he fully penetrated the alien cunt, he felt his energy being sapped, and recharged at an almost equal pace. He could see himself through her eyes, and he realized that some sort of telepathic rapport was developing. He closed his eyes and concentrated on fucking this beauty from beyond.

He continued to slide his cock into her steamy love-hole, listening to the rhythmic slurping of her hot, sticky juices as he pumped away. As she knelt over him, her tight ass bouncing in the air, he found a larger upper tit again and began to suck. He felt her pussy seem to get tighter, but hearing her moan made him realize his cock had grown again. He felt something hard against his ass.

"That tail of yours..." he murmured from her breast.

"That is my requires stimulation for me to fully...enjoy this act," she cooed between gasps as she continued to pump away on his cock.

The room seemed balmy, and he realized that both of them were sweating madly. Neither partner seemed to mind.

"How dow you stimulate it?

"Males of my species have a receptacle near their penises, and the female's clitoris is inserted to that for stimulation."

Not wanting to lose this moment of pure ecstasy, Cal made an offer he had refused before.

"I have a receptacle near my penis," he started, shivering at the thought of what he was saying. "It's not the most...... sanitary place, but you can use it for.. st...stim...stimulation."

"Oh...that is such a beautiful offer," she purred. "I accept."

He felt the tail/clitoris rub up against his asshole and begin to probe it, gently. He concentrated on her eyes, and the big mammoth tit still in his mouth.

A burning sensation in his ass told him she had penetrated, with the bumpy nub sending electrical energy through his body, and simultaneously relaxing his ass to absorb more of her rubbery love spot.

Almost immediately, she began to scream, furiously bouncing on his cock. Thick, sticky fluid spurted into his mouth, with another stream shooting from the other breast into his ear. The two lower breasts began to spurt out a viscous greenish, opaque fluid, similar to Irish Creme creamer, gushing it out onto his neck and chest.

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