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Teasing Mom

by Robert Earl 06/28/03

On the third day I couldn't take it any more. Whilst watching the pizzas bake mom had turned a chair back to front and straddled it. Even from behind I could see how tight she was pressing herself up against the carved oak of the chair's back, her left breast bulging outwards from beneath her shoulder in a high half moon. Meanwhile her legs were splayed wide open, lifting the hem of her night shirt high enough to reveal a handful of plump, rounded hip.

In fact the bunched material barely covered the backward thrust of her buttocks. Then she shifted, twisting herself into a more comfortable position, and as she did so the shirt rode even higher. I watched spell bound as mom exposed the slope of one pale cheek, the curve of flesh darkening as it slid down to become the flushed underside of her ass.

By now my dick felt hard enough to explode. I'd even begun to stand when, with slow, powerful movements, mom started to roll her hips. Her cheeks clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed as she unselfconsciously and quite blatantly began grinding her pudenda into the hard ridge of the seat. Gradually the movement grew more insistent. Her breathing became shallower, faster, and then... then she hesitated.

For a moment I thought she'd stopped, maybe remembered that her son was only three feet away. But no. I watched as with a slow, luxurious stretch she bent her knees, lifted her feet from the floor and placed them on the cross bar between the chair's legs. Legs now bent double she squatted down upon her mount and began to ride it in earnest. For a moment I listened to the squeak of the joints as she rubbed herself back and forth. The, unable to bear it any longer, I spoke.

'Mom.' I choked ' Don't you know what you're doing to me?'

She stopped her movement and looked back over her shoulder at me, her eyebrows raised in puzzlement.

'What do you mean, honey?' She asked quizzically, a curious smile making a bow of her generous lips.

'With the chair and the night shirt... ' I muttered before trailing off in a heat of embarrassment


For a moment she held me squirming beneath the innocence of her gaze. Then that warm, knowing look broke through.

'Oh.' She said, as if realizing it for the first time ' Your getting hard again aren't you?'

I tried to say something, but all that came out was a kind of strangled gulp. Her smile grew broader.

'I'm sorry, honey.' Her voice was both warm and mocking ' I didn't know you liked to watch me. After all, I am your mother.'

Still unable to speak, hell, hardly even able to breath, all I could do was sit and watch as she swiveled around on her chair and stood up to face me. For a moment the damp linen of mom's night shirt clung to the top of her thighs, moulding itself onto the moist bulge of her sex. Her hand strayed down to stroke herself there as she approached and suddenly the heavy musk of her arousal washed over me.

I took a deep, rasping breath and tried to tear my gaze away as she drew nearer. But try as I might my eyes remained locked on that clearly defined mound until she stood over me, so close that I could have leant forward and tasted her.

'Do you like looking at me?' She asked, leaning forward to display the droop of her generous breasts. Once more I remained mute but, undeterred, she ran a hand through my hair and dropped her voice to a conspiratorial whisper.

'You can tell me. I don't mind.' And with that she slid her hand down from my head, dragged her nails lightly over my chest and rested her palm on my stomach. Then, without the slightest warning, she thrust her hand between my legs and grasped my swollen balls.

'Yes' I finally blurted out, shocked into speech ' Yes. I can't help it.'

'Mmmm.' Mom nodded, giving my balls a gentle squeeze as I squirmed in pleasure ' I can feel that. And do you think about me when you touch yourself?'

'Mom.' I began ' Please... '

'Just answer the question.' She demanded, impatiently tightening her grip. I winced at the flare of pain and decided to tell the truth.

'Ok, yes, sure. Every day.' Her grip relaxed slightly.

'Were you thinking about me when I caught you in the bathroom?'

'Yes.' I muttered, opening my legs and pushing myself harder into her palm. I couldn't help it.

She ran the pink tip of her tongue along her lips and that slow smile was back. For a moment we stayed like that, mom fondling me as I ogled her succulent breasts. The oven pinged and switched itself off. We ignored it.

'Would you like to see me naked?'.

'Sure.' The answer popped out before I'd even thought about it.

'OK then.'

And with that mom reached down to the hem of her night shirt and slowly pulled it upwards. I could here the soft rasping of cotton over skin above the wild drum beat of my own heart, and as the hem whispered up and over the furry mound of her pussy I realized that I was actually drooling.

I swallowed, hardly able to blink as the wide, white half moons of Mom's hips were revealed, then the dimple of her belly button snug in the white flesh of her stomach, then, finally the heavy beauty of her breasts.

They were magnificent. Perfectly symmetrical they'd remained high and firm despite their size, twin globes of pure white surmounted by honey brown aureoles. Her nipples had become so hard and erect beneath my hungry gaze that mom's night shirt caught on them as she lifted it over her head, tugging them playfully upwards. Once again I swallowed.

'There.' Mom said, dropping her nightshirt and putting her hands on her hips. She rolled them from side to side playfully and thrust the dark mound of her pudenda towards me. The thick pelt that thatched her pussy shone as darkly as mink beneath the kitchen fluorescents.

'Do you like looking at mommy's pussy?' She asked, stepping forward so that she straddled my leg. I nodded dumbly.

'And would you like to taste it?' She wondered, running her hands through my hair.

'Yes.' I whispered and, unable to restrain myself any longer I thrust my head forward. Burying my face in the heat of her crotch I licked through her curls to the plump lips beneath. I felt mom tilt herself upwards, giving me fuller access to her sex, and dropped to my knees.

'You dirty boy.' She husked as I reached around to seize her buttocks. They were fat and heavy in my hands, and I squeezed them before lifting them apart.

'Oh, you dirty boy.' She repeated as I ran my tongue from the wetness of her pussy to the tight little ring of her anus ' That's right, lick mommy's ass hole.'

I began to slobber as I tongued her, licking and sucking at the musky flesh between mom's legs. I felt the first shudder o an approaching orgasm ripple through her and suddenly knew, just knew, that I had to fuck her.

Without giving her a chance to argue I scrambled to my feet and seized her by the hips. Ignoring her frustrated protests I turned her around and pushed her face down onto the table.

'What are you doing?' She asked, craning her neck to look at me. I heard a note of genuine surprise in her voice, but was to far gone to pay it much heed.

'I'm going to fuck you.' I replied, my voice thick and heavy.

'No. Oh no.' She decided and squirmed beneath the restraining hand I'd placed on the small of her back. ' we can't do that. I 'm your mom!'

But it was too late. I'd already reached between her legs to splay the plump lips of her pussy wide open and, even as she struggled, I pushed my cock deep inside of her.

'Ooh please no.' She screamed ' Oh no. Oooooooooooooooooo.... '

And then I felt her cum, felt her muscles tightening around my cock as I pumped it into her, felt her writhing around beneath me like some sort of wild animal.

It was too much for me. With a sudden gasp of pleasure I erupted, filling mom's pussy with an explosion of my seed.

For a while afterwards we lay sprawled, mom on the table, me on the chair. Time passed. Eventually, mom picked herself up and, still naked and slicked with cum, finished preparing dinner.

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