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The Bachelorette Party Video

by nickybats13 12/22/05

This is a story of a bachelorette party my wife attended that ended up on the internet at a XXX site. My wife and her friends didn't know that the entire party was being recorded. (M+F+, Cheat, Anal, Oral, Intrr, Inc, Drug)

My wife Sandra's best friend Sabrina was getting married in a couple of weeks. Since my wife was the maid of honor it was her responsibility to have a bachelorette party for Sabrina. Sandra had been to a few of them but she never had to organize one. She called around to four or five party planners to find someone who can help her with the party, but she couldn't find anyone. Sandra was running out of time when her brother Robert told her to call a company called Night Club Party; it was a shady company that was run by a former hood. Sandra's brother Robert work for the company as a stripper when he needed money to support his coke habit.

Sandra called the company as soon as she got the phone number. She was so relieved when they agreed to run the party for her. They told my wife that the company owns a night club that the party can be held in, if she wished. She quickly accepted the offer and set everything up for the following Saturday night. The only thing they needed to know was a theme for the party; this way they could decorate the club for the party.

As the week passed Sandra must have called about twenty women to come to the bachelorette party: She even convinced Sabrina's mother to come as well. After she got done with the invitations; Sandra still had to come up with a theme for the party. She finally decided the theme to the party would be a "night at the Roxbury." This way all the women can just dress in clothes they would normally wear to a dance club.

After what seemed like forever that faithful Saturday night came. Around six at night Sandra gave me a kiss and told me she was going to get ready for the party. She also told me that Sabrina and her mom were going to pick her up around eight. She then scampered to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. I in the mean time turned on a college football game just to kill some time.

Around 7:45 P.M. the doorbell rang, I figured it was Sabrina who came to pick up my wife. When I answered the door my mouth must have dropped open. There was Sabrina and her mom dressed like two tramps. If everybody has a celebrity look alike, these two did.

Sabrina looks like a slightly taller version of Jessica Simpson. She was dressed all in white like a virgin bride. Sabrina was wearing a tight white leather dress that barely covered her huge boobs and ended just above her knees; Along with white stockings and a pair of white high heel shoes.

Then Sabrina's mother, Donna, came walking in the house and I became instantly hard. Donna looks like a much younger version of Raquel Welch; she was the ultimate M.I.L.F... Donna was dressed like she was going out so she could get laid. She was wearing a black miniskirt, red blouse, black fishnet stockings; finished off with a pair of red 4 inch high heel fuck pumps. She had incredible shapely long muscular legs. With her dark hair and amazing green eyes she could have any guy she wanted.

After a few minutes of idle chit-chat and me trying to hide my erection my wife Sandra came out of the bedroom dressed like a high class call girl. She was wearing a full length black cocktail dress that had a slit from her ankle to half way up her thigh, with a pair of black stockings and black high heel shoes. I wanted to fuck her right there in the living room, Right in front of her friends I didn't care. I always thought that my wife look a little like Eva Longoria, But that night even Donna said it. Sandra gave me a kiss on the way out the door and told me to be awake when she gets home. She was going to make me very happy that night.

Well I tried to stay awake but around three in the morning I just pass out. I woke up around eight in the morning and still at that time she wasn't home yet. So I got out of bed, took a shower and went to the kitchen. I was making some breakfast when I heard the front door open. It was Sandra who finally got home from the party. She came into the kitchen looking a bit disheveled with her shoes in her hands. I thought that must have been one great party last night.

She asks "Were you up all night waiting for me?"

I said "I made it to around three, But finally passed out."

She must have apologized about thousand times to me; kept telling me thank you for understanding. I guess I could cut her some slack considering I use to stay out all night playing cards. I also trusted her so I knew that she wouldn't have cheated on me. She said that she was very tired and was going to go to bed. I gave her a good night kiss as she went off to bed. I kept wondering what that party must have been like?

A couple of days passed and I didn't give the party a second thought. I didn't even ask her about it thinking that she would tell me when she was ready. That morning I was going to get the shock of my life. I got the mail and started to sort through it, just the usual junk mail and a couple of credit card bills. There was one letter that came from an out of town address; When I opened the envelop I found a note and a DVD. The note just said I think you may find this interesting and an internet address. It was signed a good friend. I became very interested in the DVD and what the internet site was about.

Since I was home by myself I decided to take a look at the internet address that was in the note. I went into the den to turn on the computer so I could see what the address was all about. I type in the address that was on the note; the screen finally came up.

Across the screen in bold red letters the words "SABRINA'S BACHELORETTE PARTY ORGY!!!" At first I was in denial thinking that this couldn't be the same party that my wife was at. I surf the site to see what it was about. There must have been about 20 pictures of women in different positions fucking and blowing guys. After looking at the women's faces I recognized a couple of them. I was holding a DVD in my hand thinking I need to see what is on it. I pop the DVD into the DVD player and across the screen the same title as the internet site came up. I started to watch it very intently.

The video started out with a camera shot of the front door to a night club. In front of the door to the club stood two very large black men dressed in tuxedos like bouncers. Then three women appeared at the door. Sure enough the three women were Sandra, Sabrina and Sabrina's mom. The two black men introduce themselves to the women.

"Hi, my name is Jay and this is Ray." said the first black man.

"Hello," said the other guy.

"So this is the married woman?" Jay asks Sabrina.

"Not married yet," Sabrina told him

Which annoyed me a little wondering what was going through her head. But then I didn't care she wasn't my wife.

Jay just laughs at the answer and opens the door so the women could enter the club. Then there was another camera angle of the three women entering the club into a very large room. The room had a large dance floor with a huge circular bar in the center. Then all around the edge of dance floor there were sofas. That was where all of Sabrina's friends were talking and drinking. There were about five more guys dressed like Chippendales dancers serving drinks. One of the black men went up to the three women and introduced himself.

"Good evening ladies. My name is Nick the Dick! Would you like something to drink?" he said with a grin.

That brought a quick chuckle from Sabrina's mom.

"We'll have three cosmopolitans." my wife said.

After a few minutes of looking at the video a narrator's voice came on and said the following:

"None of the women at this bachelorette party know that we are secretly video tapping this party. We have also placed a mind altering drug in their drinks. The drug will loosen them up and make them more open to suggestion. They have been drinking for about two hours now; they all should be ready for some fun. Now let's go back to the party."

This got me a bit upset not knowing what they were going to do to my wife and her friends. But I must admit I was becoming aroused at the thought of what was going to happen next. I continued to look at the screen.

Then another very large black man appeared in the center of the dance floor. He was completely naked except for a gold g string. He was very well built like a professional weight lifter. He stood about 6' 5", 245 lbs, when he spoke he sounded like Barry White.

"Good Evening ladies! Is everyone having a good time?" He said.

A huge roar came from the group of women.

"My name is Tony. I'll be your M.C. for tonight's events." He Continued "We now need Sabrina to come forward and take a place of honor in the center of the dance floor."

I saw Sabrina sitting on a sofa with her mother and my wife. As Sabrina got up to go to the dance floor a group of 15 guys appeared behind the women sitting on the sofas. All 15 of the guys were nude standing behind the sofas. None of the women that were sitting on the sofas even notice them. The 15 guys were extremely well built; these guys look like they came out of a body building magazine. As I look at the guys taking up there position behind the women. I saw that one of the guys was Sandra's brother Robert. Robert placed himself behind the sofa which Sabrina's mom and my wife were sitting on. I was thinking what is this scumbag doing there.

Sabrina walk to the center of the dance floor next to Tony and sat in the chair that was put there.

"So you are the bride to be?" Tony ask

Sabrina just sheepishly nodded in agreement.

"Have you ever been with a black man?" he ask

Sabrina blushed and said "No!"

"You must have at least wondered if it is true what they say about black men." Tony told her "Well I'm here to not only tell you that it is true, but to show you!"

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