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The Bath

by Wild_Elf 01/29/02

I come home from a long day, only wanting to see My dear slave and have a hot bath. I called My slave from the office telling her to have one prepared for when I walk in the door. Walking in the door she is crawling on hands and knees to greet Me. "Mistress i have done as you told me too, the bath is ready, i just finished it, shall i undress you?" I study her, My heart fills with pride that she is learning to anticipate what I want. "Yes dear, you may." she crawls towards me and stops at My feet. Lifting My foot she takes of one blue high heel shoe and then the other. I move forward so she can go behind Me to take off My skirt. Slowly she unzips Me, pulling out My blouse and gently pulling My skirt down to My ankles. I step out of the skirt and gently kick it aside. she stands to unbutton My blouse and throw it to the side. She kneels again to undo My garter belt, then rolling down My stockings. I smile down at her and reach back to undo My bra and let her take of My panties. "thank you My dear, now to the bath room"

"Yes Mistress."

Walking behind her I watch as her little tight behind moves and think about how it feels when I spank it and how it looks when it is red and glowing after a good spanking. As I walk into the bathroom I feel the steam on My face and body. I step into the bath and let the hot water swirl around Me. As I sink further in to My tub I tell My slave to get in behind Me and take down My hair. "would You like me to brush it out Mistress?"

"mmmm yes please My dear" I lean forward to let My naked slave into the tub. her gentle hands slowly taking out the pins that hold My bun in tight. she lets My hair out gently and slowly unravels it. My hair falls down My back and rests on the bath water. Taking a comb from the side table she starts to run the comb through the tangles, making My hair soft and smooth.

Putting the comb aside she picks up the puff pouring vanilla scented body wash onto it. Moving My hair off to the side she starts to gently rub My back. I moan with pleasure. Moving around to the front she starts to rub My shoulders and neck. I lean back into her and rest My back against her front. The feeling of her large breasts against My back soothes Me. Wrapping her arms around Me she starts to rub My breasts. I close My eyes and get lost in the sensations of the rough and smoothness of it all. I put My hands under the water and pull her knees up to My sides. Resting My head on her shoulder I turn to kiss her neck. Letting My lips linger on her flesh she drops the puff and gently rubs My breasts with her hands. she Pinches My nipples and I moan into her neck. Flicking My tongue out to lick her gently then kiss her again. Turning around in the tub to face her I splash water onto the floor. I pull her onto My lap and she wraps her legs around Me.

I pull her head toward Mine and kiss her, putting all the tensions of the day into this one kiss. Parting her lips with Mine out tongues meet out and entwine. Running My nails down her back she holds Me tight as we move closer and splash more water onto the floor. Without stopping the kiss I reach down to play with her most sensitive areas. Gasping as I put one finger on her already hard clitoris I rub it gently, not wanting her to get too excited. she does the same to Me, but places her other hand on My breast. I pull her closer to Me so I can put a finger into her tight pussy, while keeping one finger on her little clit. I break the kiss to kiss her neck and gently nibble on her. Quickening out pace as we finger each other, moaning and breathing faster. I put two more fingers into her and quicken My pace on her clit, she moves faster in response.

I can feel Myself reaching orgasm. I push harder onto her fingers. she suddenly shouts out as I can feel her pussy lips tighten in orgasm. As she orgasms she shoves her fingers in to Me harder triggering My own orgasm. As the waves of passion wash over Me I hold her tight to Me. As the sensations settle down I un-wind Myself from her and stand up. "That was a nice start, now go dry off and go to the bed room, I have some plans for your ass tonight." I smile as I watch her go, thinking of the pleasures that are going to come later tonight.

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