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The Bikini

by Bob1515 12/16/08

My wife and I recently took a cruise to Jamaica for our 5th wedding anniversary. Sara has sandy blond hair, 36 DD breasts, a latin ass and legs to die for. I was so proud of the way she kept herself in shape. I couldn't take her anywhere without men and women doing a double take. I wanted to showcase her beautiful body by buying her the skimpiest yellow micro bikini I could find. When I was loading the suitcases into the car I removed her boring one piece suit and replaced it with the bikini. When we got to the cruise ship she opened her suitcase to find my present.

"I can't wear this John. There's nothing here. What is this, 8 square inches of fabric? I am a full figured woman John!"

"You will look great. You should show off that body more often honey."

I had been on cruises before and they always dropped you off at the "tourist beach". I wanted to find a beach deeper inland so I wouldn't have to see any more old retirees complaining about the heat. A shipmate told me about a place farther down the coast called Moor Beach. He told me it wouldn't take longer than 30 minutes in a cab.

When we arrived at the beach my wife was reluctant to take off her cover up. I pointed to 3 other women sun bathing nude and told her it was ok. This was truly a local beach. I only saw two white couples, one in their thirties and the other in their forties.

When Sara took off the cover up I instantly sported a boner. The micro bikini barely covered her nipples and pussy. She was practically naked. After we lay down I rubbed sun tan lotion all over her gorgeous body. The local men were getting quite an eyeful of my wife as they walked by.

After lying in the sun for an hour I suggested Sara take off her top.

"John, I don't know, I feel weird."

"Baby, you are already practically naked. If there is any time or place to do this this is it. Besides, you aren't the only one sun bathing nude."

"Okay, what the hell. Can you untie me?"

I could see the look of anticipation on the guys' faces. As I pulled the knot out of the top I let it fall to the sand. Finally my wife's breasts were on display. I could see several of the local men smile as they gazed upon her beautiful large nipples.

"Those men are staring at me John."

"Of course they are. Men like to look at pretty girls. This isn't the first time men have checked you out. Just ignore them."

My wife put her shades back on and closed her eyes. I could only imagine the men were daydreaming of fucking this curvaceous white woman. After another hour in the sun I suggested we go up to the bar for a drink. When we arrived at the little outdoor hut we sat down on the stools and ordered a beer.

The bartender didn't even try not to look at her breasts. The other men were also gazing at Sara, dressed only in a tiny g string. We were on our second round when a very large black guy and his friends came up behind us.

The black man said in a deep voice, "My name is Marcus. How are you both doing?"

"Pretty good, just enjoying some beers. My name is John and my wife's name is Sara."

"Sara, you are by far the prettiest women on the whole beach. You are a very lucky man John."

Marcus must work out regularly because he was built. He had to have been 240 pounds of muscle. He continued to stand behind my wife and I as we chatted over another round of drinks. Marcus must be the big man around here because his crew laughed at every one his jokes, even the bad ones.

"I must be honest with you John. Most tourists don't come down this far on the beach. And they definitely don't let their wife's wear only a g string."

"Well I begged her to wear this. I love showing off her body."

Marcus replied as he put a hand on Sara's hips, "I agree that she is very well put together."

My wife stood still like a deer in headlights. She was in total fear and Marcus slipped a finger underneath the side of the g string and ran in across to the front of her body. He then pulled his hand back and firmly gripped the side of her hip.

"You could say I am the head nigga in charge around here. These are my associates John, Thomas, Lebron, and James. I have the first pick of pussy around here and I must say that I am enamored with your wife."

"Haha.....yeah, most men are," I said with a nervous laugh.

James grabbed me by the arm.

Marcus leaned towards me and said, "I would love to show your wife my house up on the hill. You wouldn't mind if I borrowed her for a while?"

My wife looked at me in a total panic. I knew we were in trouble. I couldn't fight off all of them and I couldn't see a policeman anywhere. What did I get us into? My heart was racing and I started to sweat profusely.

"Yeah, that's ok," I said in a trembling voice.

My wife's eyes bulged and her nipples suddenly grew rock hard. She knew what this meant. She could feel her pussy start to get wet as her body was preparing to get fucked. She couldn't say a thing because she was in shock.

"You stay here with the boys. We won't be long."

He gently took her hand and started to pull her away but she resisted getting off the stool.

I whispered to her, "I'm sorry Sara. I can't believe I am so stupid."

Sara got off the stool and walked with Marcus, hand in hand, up the hill to his house. I watched as her sexy ass and boobs jiggled a little. Every now and then she would look back at me with that fear in her eyes and my heart sank. Marcus released her hand and he placed it on her ass. Neighbors on the road could only smile and shake their hands. They had seen many wives lead up that hill. I could see her face was pleading for them to do something.

Thomas said, "Yeah, every now and then some stupid white couple finds their way down to the beach and Marcus ends up fucking the wife. Don't worry, he won't harm her. But he will give her the fucking of her life. The wives never forget something like that. Shit, a couple times the couple returned for seconds. They won't be back until morning."

I stood there in complete shock. My wife will never forgive me for this. What have I done?

I didn't know what to do. I just sat there looking back at the house on the hill. Even from this distance I could hear my wife scream. Everybody else at the bar could hear it, I was so embarrassed. Not only was I unable to do anything to stop it but my wife had to suffer for it

Thomas patted me on the back and said, "Don't stress out about it. Let me buy you a drink."

As I pounded down drink after drink it got darker. I looked up at the house and saw the light in Marcus's house turn off. My stomach was killing me.

After a few hours Thomas got off his stool and said, "I'll tell you what. You have been a good chap about all of this. We'll take you to the house so that you can watch them."

"Why would I want to watch my wife get raped?"

Thomas put his drink down and said in a serious tone, "Wow, hay there. Marcus does not rape women, he seduces them. Give any woman some wine, good atmosphere and a large cock and you can have any of them. I bet you $100 that your wife is giving herself freely to him."

James added, "I think some of you crackers subconsciously want this to happen. How else could anyone be so stupid to parade their near naked wife around a bunch of men? What did you think would happen? Shit, I haven't seen an ass like that on a white girl in a long time."

"We just wanted to get a more intimate experience with the culture and people."

Another man at the bar quipped, "She definitely getting an intimate experience."

I started to get a boner. Was he right? Did I somehow want this to happen?

"Okay. Let's go check on them. I just want to make sure Sara is alright."

As we walked up to the house my heart beat faster and faster. At the edge of the property I could really hear my wife wailing at the top of her lungs. I felt so bad. My poor poor wife.

When we got to the window I peaked in and saw Sara bouncing up and down on his 9 inch cock. She was covered in sweat and her cries of pleasure were overpowering. He wasn't raping her, she was enjoying this. Her breasts were heaving and her thigh muscles were swelling from the workout. Marcus had both hands kneading her ass. That's when I noticed Marcus wasn't wearing a condom.

Thomas whispered, "I told you she would fuck him. Even better, Marcus always lets the wives decide whether they want to fuck bareback or not. Sara must have wanted his black baby juice."

I couldn't believe she would risk pregnancy or catching a STD to fuck him. Marcus pulled my wife into the doggy style position and really started to fuck her hard. He caught us looking through the window and smiled. He showed us four fingers.

"That means she's on her fourth orgasm."

Marcus pulled my wife's face to the side and passionately kissed her. He then asked her where she wanted his cum.

"In my pussy. Please cum in me. I never thought sex could be this exhilarating!" my wife moaned, a tear running down her cheek.

To further humiliate me Marcus commanded, "Take off your wedding ring Sara."

He smiled at me as my wife pulled the $7,000 diamond ring off and threw it on the ground. My heart broke.

"Haha I didn't say throw it. You and your husband are gonna need some counseling after this," Marcus laughed.

He started to slam into her deep and then pull all the way out of her pussy. The feeling of 9 inches of thick cock driving in and out of her pussy was too much for Sara. I couldn't believe she could take that much cock. She was always tight as hell whenever I fucked her and I was only 6 inches long. He also must have been 50% thicker than I was.

I was amazed watching the two of them fuck. He was taking my wife to a world of pleasure she had never been. It was like he was taking her virginity. As strange as it sounds I felt proud of her at that moment. How many women could take a cock that deep?

I also felt hurt because she didn't hold anything back. She was giving her body completely to Marcus and it especially hurt when they would kiss with such passion. He spit in her mouth twice and she swallowed it. He was going to take everything from my wife and use her as he wanted. As my emotions ran wild my dick began to ache. I regretted not being there earlier to see the whole thing.

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