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The Club

by SUE4U25 09/09/09

David feeling more than a little flabbergasted hesitantly took off his own clothes noticing as he did how flabby his own body was in comparison to Tony who looked like he worked out every day. The real humiliation was when he finally took off his pants and underwear and noticing how small his own 6-inch penis was in comparison to this eleven inch monster dick.

Tony's mocking laughter filled the room at the sight of David's thin white shriveled hard penis.

"Man what the fuck do you call that?" Tony grunted as he felt my lips wrap around his cock head.

David looked away embarrassed at how small his cock looked in comparison to this black stud realizing that he made a mistake in coming here with me. The way I seemed to worship this other mans cock was almost embarrassing especially at the way Tony seemed to laugh at David almost dismissively.

"Even if I can't take all that beautiful cock in my cunt, it's enough to know that bigger cocks are out there to suck and drown in copious loads of cum, but I'm willing to try and take it all." I said.

I slowly bobbed my head back and forth absently tasting the rough salty taste of his semen. Soon loud slurping sounds echoed the chambers, moaning slightly I rubbed my pussy mound feeling absently how wet I was. This ache felt like nothing I ever felt with David before, it felt invigorating and subservient, and it was the most empowering feeling I felt in my life.

"Hey why not get on the bed and get comfortable?" Tony said.

Reluctantly I pulled away looking deeply in Tony's intense brown eyes before getting up and doing what he said. Looking over at my husband I felt almost moved to pity.

My beloved stood their his eyes red from holding back tears his cock as hard as I ever saw it but now it seemed to diminish in my eyes as I finally realized how much he lacked in the endowment department. There was a silent pleading in his blue eyes that had me hesitating.

"Hey Tony maybe we shouldn't do this..." I said breaking her gaze away from my husband's heartbroken expression right at Tony's considerable girth and size that still surprised me. Especially compared to my husbands much smaller size.

Instead of answering me he simply kissed me. It wasn't a chaste or faint French kisses that I shared with my husband on occasion but rather a hard unyielding and passion filled kisses that took my breath away. I felt myself give into this man as I melted in his arms feeling his hard cock head sliding into my pussy causing pleasure to stir throughout my body.

David could only watch at the way his beautiful pale wife slowly submitted to this much larger black man and at the way the mans huge club seemed to tease my pussy lips. He could only whimper as the huge cock invaded my tight white pussy.

"Careful that hurts!" I cried out suddenly as I felt Tony's gigantic cock enter more than half way filling me in a way I never felt before.

Tony only grunted and thrust even harder causing me to wail in pain, my hands pushed on his muscular chest as if to push him off me. I knew such a deed was almost useless but I never felt so stretched before nor did I expect Tony to be so rough.

It was hard to tell when my cries of pain and protest turned into cries of lust and grudgingly unbridled passion. I never felt so full or complete as this guy made me feel nor could she remember feeling so owned by a man. My husband could never come close to bringing me off, even on their first night together could he even come close.

Soon loud moans filled the room as I felt Tony's huge black cock invade every part of her uterus. His balls heavily slammed against me as he proceeded to fuck me in a way that I never felt before.

"Tell me you want me to cum in you." Tony whispered savagely ramming his cock in and out of me, his balls making slapping noises against me that filled the room.

I could only scream in orgasmic bliss as I felt Tony's hard black chest press against my soft white breasts, feeling something give in me. I couldn't define it until I looked over at my husband who was sitting down now with a befuddled expression on his rather plain face. His cock stood at rigid attention but it still dwarfed Tony's by more than half and looked more amusing and pitiful now, looking more now like a little boy's cock.

"Fuck yeah cum in me Tony I'm yours for as long as you want me, whenever you want me, I'm yours!"

Hours and four glorious orgasms seemed to go by when I finally felt Tony begin to stiffen inside me.

My voice was like a strangers as I felt Tony slam in me one final time before jerking his hot cum shooting directly into my womb.

"So how was your first interracial experience?" Tony asked.

"Fantastic, I never knew that sex could be that good, and I know now that I'll need a black cock from now on. Your's and all the others as well. It was the best experience that I ever had, and I need it again, again and again. Your cock is the best that I ever had." I said.

"That's what this place is all about." He said. "We provide a service to all white women, who can't get satisfaction at home with their husbands or other white lovers. I hope to see you become a regular here."

"I intend to, seeing that now I know what to expect and get here. Do you make house calls?" I said.

"All the time, we like to keep our clients satisfied, and have them tell their friends of our services here." he said.

"Are you available to make a house call tonight? I'm afraid that once is not enough, and I think I'm already hooked on your big, black cock."

"Sure, I'm available. Are you saying that once you tried black, that you won't go back." He chuckled.

"I think that it's very possible. I don't think I need to search the swingers club anymore, hoping to find someone there to provide me with satisfying sex, when I know I can find it here." I said.

"How about your husband, how will he fit into your need for interracial sex now? Is he content to just watching you have sex with some black bull? He said.

"Even though he has a erectile dysfunction, he's very versatile and has learned to use his mouth, lips and tongue to please me and my partners in ways his cock never could." I said.

"You mean he's bi?" Tony asked.

"Yes, I got him into sucking other men's cocks and taking it up his ass when we first got into swinging. He was reluctant at first, but now he's enjoys having me share my lovers cocks and cum with him too." I said.

Breaking my gaze away from my husband I kissed Tony with a passion that surprised even me, realizing that I could even be conceiving this very moment. My body convulsed as I unconsciously squeezed my pussy lips together trying to take as much cum in myself as possible.

After an eternity Tony felt his huge cock completely drained he finally pulled out his cock made loud slurping sounds. He laid next to her almost possessively as he looked over at David who looked absolutely crushed.

"Hey David come over here." Tony said with such command that David had little choice but to obey.

He felt belittled as he noticed the cum seemed to be oozing out of my pussy, deposited There by another man. I looked truly ravished like something from a porno, he thought.

"Why don't you get over here and eat all that cum I deposited into your pretty wife eh? She's not use to having so much love juice down there." His request came out as a command and his hard brown eyes had a cruel look in them that intimidated David.

David felt numb as he got on the bed and looked down at my pussy and how stretched out it looked. He could see how sperm seemed to leak out from it as he leaned down smelling how strong and potent the black mans seed was.

"You love to do this David." I whispered my eyes closing even as I said this as if telling him that I could want nothing more than this.

David couldn't help himself and gently licked at my pussy tasting the pungent taste of this other man. He could feel how my legs seemed to close around his head forcing him to open his mouth fully sucking in all the pungent cum deposited inside my precious pussy.

Nothing felt more humiliating or degrading in his entire life as he felt me pulling his hair forcing his mouth and tongue deeper into my pussy tasting the bitter salty taste fill his mouth as he felt his own arousal start to grow and his cock threatening to explode.

"Come on white boy suck out all that cum from her wimp." Tony commanded as I gasped marveling at how good my husbands tongue felt on my freshly fucked pussy.

Suddenly against David's will he could feel himself begin to cum without so much as touching himself. His cum landed on the bed almost discreetly as he finally could feel the last of Tony's pungent cum filled his mouth.

David gasped loudly as he felt fresh air fill his lungs thankful that he was finally done with sucking out all that cum from me. His face felt flushed as if he just drank a shot of vodka, looking down he noticed that I seemed to have this self-satisfied smirk on my face.

"Your not done yet honey." I said. "Tony needs cleaning too. Lick and suck his cock clean of my juices and his left-over cum."

"Your really getting into being a black man's married slut." Tony said. "Come here David." As he waved his heavy cock, as if it was bait.

David didn't need more coaxing. I think he knew what his position in my sex life would be from now on. He would be used to prepare me and my black lovers for sex, and clean us afterwards. He licked his long shaft, then his balls, and lastly he sucked Tony's cock, taking him deeper and deeper into his mouth until he was sure Tony would be satisfied with his cleaning duties.

When we left the club, I rode with David, while Tony followed us in his car. I wanted to talk to David before we got home.

"David, what I said to Tony was all true. I need to be fucked by men that make me feel like a woman, and that club is exactly what I need. I want to be a slut for all the men there, just like the other women. You have to admit it, that larger cocks give women more and better orgasms than average size cocks. The other husbands there seemed to accept it and even enjoy it. You've had sole use of my body for fifteen years, and it's time to share me with other men who have something better and something I discovered that I crave now." I said.

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