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The Cycle Accident

by jakewho69 10/10/12

"No, it's some bitch he is screwing I just know it is."

"You want me to feel the other guys out and see what I can come up with?"

As soon as I said that I was sorry I had. I don't want to spy on him or interfere in their lives. It was none of my business so why bother.

"No, I'll just give him a little more time to hang himself. I just don't like that Rich hanging around with him either. He is a crude person and his wife is not much better. Wish we never got tangled up with them."

She talked some more and was telling me Frank had been drinking a lot more. She also said that their sex life has gone to hell since the first of the year. She said when he comes home; his mind is in other places. She told me she might just get a private detective to follow him around. Fran said she was going out of town to visit her mother for the week and had asked June to feed the dog as she didn't trust Frank because he would go out at night and she didn't want the dog to suffer. 

She said, "I'm sure I will hire a private eye when I come back. I know I should hire one when I go but I want him to stay in touch with me every day so I will wait till I get back. I hate to waste thirty years on him so I will take him back but make life hell for him." 

"Have you heard any rumors about me and June from the other girls or anyone else?"

"No, just that it took you awhile to have sex and it hurt you to have sex in the beginning but that was way back in December. No, I haven't heard anything since then. Really it is like the girls are holding back on me or I'm just getting paranoid about Frank being out so much."

We went back to camp and I got into the beer pretty good. The Sea-Doo's came and went and had to be refueled a few times. Everyone seemed to enjoy them the best. We all ate again but not as a group; it was eat when you got hungry type of thing but I did most of the cooking. It was close to nine and starting to get dark so I went to the camp to take a shower and change into my regular clothes. Once I came out I cooked a little more for Rich and his wife and also had a few more beers.

At nine thirty it was completely dark but Frank and June were still not back from their ride. Sal got a spotlight and put it on towards the lake so they could find the camp. Just about ten Sal got another spotlight and we were going out to look for them when we heard the sound of their motor coming back. They said they got lost and finally found their way back to the camp thanks to the spotlight. She changed and we headed home and she drove as I had too much to drink. The last thing I remember was trying not to fall asleep so I could get laid when we got home. I also wanted to help her drive home but I fell asleep thinking of screwing her and had my big hard-on.

I'm sorry to say I woke up with a big piss hard-on and was sleeping in the car in our driveway. I got up and pissed on the lawn knowing I wouldn't make it in the house in time. I made it to the couch and fell asleep right there for the night.
I heard a bang and it was the newspaper hitting the metal screen-door so I woke up. It was seven so I put the coffee on and went up stairs to take a shower. June was naked lying on the bed covered with a sheet. She was naked the minute I pulled the sheet away to look at her hot tits and pussy. Her pussy was matted once again and I figured this is how it is in the water all day or after a shower. 

Her pussy hair was cut like a diamond pattern, which it never was before. She always just had a big bush of hair. I once again covered her up and took my shower. As I was taking my shower I started to feel sick and like I was going to pass out so I cut it short. I went downstairs to drink some coffee and feel better but I didn't so I lay on the couch and fell asleep.

June woke me up at ten after she had some coffee. She said she tried to wake me when we came home but I was dead to the world. She made breakfast but I wasn't too hungry so I didn't eat much. We talked about yesterday and she told me how scared she was once they couldn't find the camp. She said they must have gotten all turned around on the lake and everything looked so different at night.

Well, at the son's house, I made sure to get my appetite back as they had steaks and baked potatoes. Damn, it was good and I was feeling a lot better. He offered me a beer but I turned it down because I did not want to start all over with the drinking.
Ron and Alice finally announced that they were going to get married in September. We all hugged and kissed each other and gave them our permission and congratulations. They had been living with each other for just over two years by then. Ron and I drank up a storm as Alice told June what the plans were and how June could help. They were making all kinds of plans as Ron and I drank. They had told her family yesterday at a party at their house. 

Ron told me how his job was doing and how Alice just got a big promotion on her job. He said they would live in their house for five years and then have a house built to their specifications. They wanted two kids, a boy and a girl, but would take whatever they got, which we laughed about. The time passed fast and then it was time for the nightly news so we headed home, telling them we would talk during the week.
We talked all the way home and even more when we got in bed. I tried to make a move on her but she said, "Not tonight. I'm too wound up with plans for the wedding." 

I pulled her hand to my hard cock and she asked, "Is this for real?"

"You bet your ass it is for real."

"When did all this happen?"

"Some time today and it is the real thing so let's beat a track for the bedroom before it changes its mind."

We both were naked by the time we hit the bedroom. She pulled me on to the bed and held on to my pecker all the way. It was like a honeymoon all over again as we went right after each other. I was feeling her up like a kid at a drive-in show. I could feel my penis and it was so hard that I thought it would break the skin and explode all over the place. She still wouldn't let go of it and, damn, it felt so good to have her hands on me.
It wasn't too long and the both of us were in the sixty-nine position. Both of us were sucking and licking for all we were worth. Just like a young kid I was ready to fire a load. I told her I was about to cum and she kept on sucking and I finally shot in her mouth. She just continued to suck and clean it all off my cock.

We both lay exhausted and talked to each other. She kept saying how lucky she was to have me back into her sex life and never wanted me to go away again. We cuddled while feeling each other up and then got right back into the sex. In twenty minutes I think we tried 10 different positions before I came again.
We went downstairs for a drink and then back to the bedroom. After talking some more, it was back to trying some more of the positions that we liked. It was now harder for me to cum so I was able to get her off several times. I could pump fast and hard and she loved it.

We have never done anal before and I was tonguing and fingering her ass.

She finally told me to put the big guy in her ass, as she wanted to try it. As I tried to slide it in she was saying that it hurt too bad and to take it out so we finally gave up on it. I did shoot in her pussy after we took a shower. I was shooting big loads as I guess it had built up in me. We finally both had fallen asleep because I woke up to the alarm going off for work.
The next night, Monday; it was the same type of round for both of us. I could only shoot twice that night as I guess I'm getting older and not a young guy anymore. We did try anal again and I finally did get it in, she liked it so much she was telling me to do it harder to her. She had bought some lube from the drug store that turned out to be the magic lotion that we needed as it got the job done. We both fell asleep. 

Tuesday I called home at five and left a message I would be late. She called me at the office and asked how late and I said about seven. She said she had to leave at six to feed Fran's dog and then would go to her school night to reregister to take their first summer class. She said she might be late coming home and not to wait up. When I got off at seven I drove over to Frank's house but went to a wooded area behind his house and then went in the woods to the hill where I could overlook his house. I saw June's car there and knew now she didn't go to school like she said. It was eight then and school started at seven until eleven from the ads I saw about night school.

I drove back home and got something to eat as I looked for my bow hunting camouflage gear. I had a ski mask that covered my whole face except for the eyes and then rolled up to look like a regular hat. I knew I had five hundred yards to cover to get to Frank's house in the dark and didn't know how it would be to travel in the dark but I was about to find out.

I parked my car in what is known as a lovers' lane and headed out for the house about nine thirty. It was spotty seeing as the clouds would come and go in front of the moon. I was smart enough to wear safety glasses so I didn't get poked in the eyes. I did get hit by a branch and cut my face slightly. I finally got near their back property and was out of the high grass so I crawled in the soft cut grass. He lived in a new area where the houses were far apart from each other.

I could see the eight-foot high privacy fences they had around the pool area. It was thirty feet by thirty feet and had one end attached to the patio sliding glass doors. It was hundred feet away from me. I crawled up on my stomach and it took a few minutes to get there. They would not be able to see me but any neighbors might be able to see me if I walked on up to the fence. There were no light coming from the pool area, keeping me from seeing through the fence, so I took my knife out to cut a hole in the wood big enough to see. There were June and Frank swimming in the deep end of the pool. I couldn't tell if they had their suits on or not. I know they were grabbing each other below the water. 

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