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The Dark Night

by DemonicAnge1 04/04/01

“On today’s news. Another killing has been found. Lying in her own bed at home. A young woman was drained of her blood after they believe sex acts had been performed against her. Police stated that a strange smell was with in the room. Many female police officers forced to leave from investigating. More news will become aware as it comes to us.”

Rebecca listened intently to the news report… What in the world could this mean? Trembling hands pulled the silken covers further up against her slender form. Her nostrils breathed inward, gracing a delicate… Perfume? What was that smell now? Something seemed to spark in side of her. Fingers danced over the remote control. Flicking the television off. What does she do now? Something in side of her seemed to begin to drive her insane. A tingling moved through her groin. Hands pulling at the slender and thin fabric of her night gown. Then something sparked in her mind… Female police had to leave from a smell…? Oh but the sensations she was feeling now just had to be fulfilled. Rose red nipples strained against the thin fabric… begging to be freed, to be touched, and to be sucked upon. The pure lust that was growing caused her not to care at all about what she was doing. That smell growing more intense by the second. Was it her own juices and arousal, which was causing it? Again it couldn’t be.

Rebecca couldn’t take it anymore. One hand moved down gripping against her right breast. A wet moan surfacing out from her mouth. The simple sensation of rubbing that mound nearly making her climax right then. Her chest raised sucking in that smell deeper… Her mind rolling with erotic sick thoughts. Left hand slithered down beneath her nightgown. Fingers probing her hairless bare slit. Rubbing the moist flesh with two tips of her fingers…. But something came to her ears… Foot steps? Who? A dark shadow fell smothering Rebecca where she laid rubbing her self. A normal woman would have screamed. But she was swimming with lust to even care about this. A man stood before her. His body bare in front of her form.

Hands went down gripping onto the bed. Crawling him self to the withering form of the lady. The smell that tantalized her senses seeming to pour out from this stranger. Locks of pure crimson fell across his face. His tanned skin barely shinning with in the single lamp that lit Rebecca’s room. She glanced across his form. Lips open as a moan poured out from her. Filling the room with the erotic sounds of a bitch in heat. The man’s hands roamed down her body. Running both thumbs over her hardened nipples.

Something seemed to surge through her right then. An orgasm as if she had never felt causing the rich liquids of her desires to spread beneath her. The powerful sudden climax tearing her mind and soul apart. She wanted to scream out. But her fingers began to thrust in side of her wet folds. Curling then twisting to bring the thunderous excitement again. Her hair was splattered down across her sweat soaked face. Everything was drawing into a ball in her stomach. Her cum still leaking from the spread folds.

The man inhaled deeply as he kept his form above her. Between her legs he slid. Rebecca’s eyes could only see the head of his erection for a moment… before with a harsh thrust the large head and shaft pushed in side of her. His teeth clenched together as his ears were filled by his prey’s scream. His cock pushed back and forth. Spreading the wet walls of her pussy till she felt as if she would be torn in two. Rebecca just loved this.

She was fucking a perfect stranger. Each thought that came through her head told her that. She was fucking a perfect stranger. She didn’t care nothingness right now. Rebecca was focused on one thing right now. The stranger’s hands groping her breasts and his cock rubbing every part of her pussy. With her right hand she shoved it downward. Rubbing her clit with her index and middle finger. Twisting the small nub for all the pleasure she could suck out of it. Then once again it struck her… The sweet white bliss that rushed through her body. Just as her orgasm rushed through her body… Her lover pulled from her clinging depths.

Her hair acted like a leash for this bitch in heat. That smell that caused the sensations were now directly below her nostrils. As the cock was shoved into her gapping mouth. The moment it plunged deep with in her throat. The sticky cum spurted forth coating her throat and tongue. Every drop that was given to her swallowed and slurped down. The flavor was now something she may crave… something she may want again. As the limping member withdrew. Eager suckles being drawn still trying to keep it with in… her one night lover lowered down next to her neck. His mouth opened fangs of white piercing with in her flesh. The pleasure was still surging through her, as everything went black, as everything went cold.

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