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The English Step-daughter

by walterio 03/17/06


I received and e-mail from an 18 year old English girl. She told me that she lives with her step-father and his lover and that they have sex together all the time. She asked me to write a story about her. This story is completely fiction. I do not know the girl or her step-father. My accounts and descriptions of the characters in this story are totally my creation and are completely fictitious.

Sophie's mother divorced her father when Sophie was 10 years old. Her mother then remarried when Sophie was 12 years old. Sophie got along terrific with her step-father and she loved him dearly. Sophie looked up to him in many ways and secretly wished that she was married to her step-father rather than her mother. In a sense Sophie had a huge crush on her step-dad.

Her mother was killed in an automobile accident when Sophie was 15 years old. Some tourist visiting the UK was driving on the wrong side of the road and had a head on collision with her mother's car. Both of them died instantly.

Sophie and her step-father, Martin relied on each other for support to get them through the tough times following her mother's death. They bonded closer than ever but it was strictly a father and daughter relationship. When Sophie was 17 years old, Martin began seeing another woman. Kate was a beautiful woman and extremely likeable. Sophie at first was disappointed that Martin had started to date but then she took to Kate very quickly.

Martin was 35 years old now and fours younger than her mother would have been. Kate was 26 years old only nine years older than Sophie. They were like sisters. Kate had no designs on marriage and Martin was in no hurry to make another commitment. The three of them got along fabulously.

Martin was a handsome man and very fit. He stood at 6'2" and weighed 170 pounds. He had light brown hair and hazel eyes. Sophie had inherited her mother's beauty. She was 5'5" and weighed about 115 pounds. Sophie had shoulder length silky blonde hair, blue eyes and she cut a 35-22-35 figure. She was very shapely with gorgeous legs and a dynamite ass. Sophie's breasts were pert firm mounds with nipples that tipped up toward the sky. Kate was a brown haired beauty who could have passed for a Jane Seymour look alike and could have easily doubled for her in the movies.

Before Martin met Kate he struggled with his absence of a woman and he had actually started to notice Sophie. Martin was indeed highly sexed and suffered from frustration. He had not gotten involved with another woman and he had become dependant on masturbation to manage his cravings. Martin found himself eyeing almost any woman he encountered and the slightest flash of thigh or breast was enough to get him quite aroused. It didn't help watching Sophie in her skimpy swimsuits and beach clothes, to keep his desires under control. He chastised himself for letching at his own daughter but tried to rationalize it by seeing it simply as the result of her striking resemblance to her Mother. Like Elizabeth, Sophie had a curvaceous figure. Lovely firm boobs, a slim waist and a perfect pear shaped bum. Her legs too were really sexy and shapely. All packed into a dynamite 5'5" frame. He was embarrassed that every night he had to masturbate to get to sleep. Not because of his daughter, he tried to convince himself, simply as a result of the heat and his constant horniness. Martin was sure that he had been discrete and that Sophie was unaware of his attraction to her.

One night Sophie awoke with a start. It couldn't have been more than an hour after she had gone to bed. What was that noise? She could hear a rhythmic rasping and rustling sound. It seemed to be coming from her step father's room. Sophie made her way quietly to her father's room and peering across she could see his profile in bed, silhouetted against the moonlit window. The sheet was drawn up over him but there was definitely movement under it.

Slowly realization dawned on Sophie. Her Dad was wanking. Not more than three feet from her, her father was playing with his cock. Sophie was shocked at first but then thought that he must be desperate. To the best of her knowledge he hadn't had a woman since Mum and that was at least two to three years ago. She tried to ignore it and respect his privacy but her curiosity got the better of her. She couldn't help but start to wonder what he was thinking. Presumably he was imagining some fantasy scene. Was it just straight sex, or is the old man a bit kinky?

After some time she thought to herself that he has gone on for quite awhile, he had some stamina. The rhythm was constant and she tried to picture his hand sliding up and down his cock. Sophie imagined her father making love to some woman, bearing down on her and driving into her, hard and fast. She pictured her mother and wondered if that was who he was thinking of now? Then she imagined another woman, younger. Sophie became aware of her own arousal as she felt the heat in her pussy. She was tempted to touch herself but she was afraid to make a move or make any noise. The movement suddenly stopped and her father stiffened, gasped and then sighed in a long breath.

"My God," she thought "He's cumming right now, not three feet from me, my step-father was having an orgasm and spurting his spunk into the bed sheets."

Sophie smiled as she thought of where in his fantasy his spunk might have been delivered. She headed back to her room and got back in her bed. Sophie pushed her pajama top up and bared her breasts and pulled her bottoms down to expose her cunny. She drifted off to sleep with thoughts swirling around in her head as she played with her titties and cunny. Sophie had no idea that it was she who her father was fucking in his fantasy.

The next day was back to normal routines, work, school, food, drink, an evening chat and a nightcap. They both enjoyed the simplicity of the routine and the closeness of the time they shared together. Sophie found herself thinking about the sexual man she realized her father was, a real man with a sex drive and needs. Far from being disgusted at what she had witnessed she felt affection and empathy for him. She made a mental note to find a way to broach the subject of him finding a new partner. She was worried that he might be holding back, denying his needs, because he expected that Sophie would expect him to remain true to her dead Mother. She wanted him to know that he could move on with her blessing.

In bed later Sophie listened for any sign of activity but there was none. She drifted off to sleep only to awaken again to the now familiar sounds from her Dad's bed. She smiled to herself and listened quietly until she heard the sighing sound of his climax, he was insatiable. It was another marathon wank and Sophie couldn't help but be impressed. She thought to her self the next woman he shags would be in for a real treat. This pattern was repeated again night after night and Sophie resolved to raise the matter with her step-father. But before she ever discussed it with him he met Kate.

Kate would often stay over at their house on weekends and Sophie could hear them making passionate love in her step-father's bedroom. Sophie tried to visualize what they looked like making love and as she pictured them her hands found their way down her body to her pussy and she fingered herself to multiple orgasms as she listened to their passion. One night the suspense got too great for Sophie and she just had to spy on them. Sophie slipped out of bed, slipped on her shorty pajamas and tip-toed quietly down the hall to Martin's room. The door was slightly ajar and Sophie pushed it open a little farther. As she looked into the room see could see the image of Kate and Martin in bed through the mirror on his dresser. There was no need to push the door open any further she could see everything perfectly.

Sophie admired Martin as it was the first time she had seen him totally naked, he was heavily muscled and his muscles rippled. His legs, and thighs were well toned, his stomach ribbed with muscles, but what Sophie zeroed in on was his huge cock. It was evident that the sight of Kate's naked body had swollen his cock. It bowed out and down. It must have been nine inches and very thick. The purple crown was bulging. Sophie wondered how Kate's sweet cunny could take all of him inside her delicate looking vagina.

He lay down beside Kate and they kissed and fondled each other. Martin kissed and sucked her breasts for a long time while his fingers played with her sweet cunny. Sophie was so close to them and she had never seen anyone make love before. She thought back to last year when she lost her virginity to a senior student in high school. Is this how we looked, she wondered? Martin continually told Kate what beautiful breasts and body she had. Sophie's fingers slipped into her pajama bottoms and into her cunny. She teased her clit while she watched Martin and Kate. Her pussy was sopping wet.

Martin kissed his way down Kate's lovely body and he soon had his face buried in her cunny. True to what Sophie suspected, he was a considerate lover and he brought Kate to three moaning, writhing and gasping climaxes. He moved up beside Kate and they kissed for a while. Finally, Kate moved over him, slid down and took his turgid cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Smiling, she slipped her lips over its velvet head and slid it into her mouth. Kate licked it then she moved her mouth up and down. Sophie was amazed how much of it Kate could take into her mouth. Her mouth moved up and down his shaft and she rolled his large testicles in her hands.

Kate continued sucking his cock for several minutes till it was stiff, rigid and menacing looking and she had Martin moaning. She pulled back and got on all fours, shifting her hips so that Martin had to mount her from behind. Sophie could see his large cock in the mirror and it looked to be larger than before now that it was fully erect. Martin moved behind her and pressed his wet gleaming organ against her cunny. Kate reached back and guided him into her. Slowly he thrust forward, his huge cock slipping deeper with each stroke. He pulled back each time letting her cunny juices grease the way. Sophie drove her hand deeper and deeper into her quim.

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