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The Exiled One Ch. 01

by deadrabbits 01/15/14

Jennifer was crying now, her face bright red.

"Afterward he said he was 'sorry that he didn't last very long' and said it would be better the next time. When I realized what he'd said and what had happened, it dawned on me just how stupid I'd been. When I said 'there isn't going to be a next time', he said 'you don't want your husband to find out about this, do you?'. He was going to blackmail me into more sex. I just couldn't allow that, so I went right home and confessed to Jason what had happened. At first he looked hurt and on the verge of tears, but then he went berserk, saying I was incredibly stupid for allowing myself to get into such a situation. He kept asking me over and over 'were you raped?'.... 'were you raped?', and I had to keep saying saying 'no'. He asked me "so you willingly allowed him to fuck you right there in his office, all over a possibly non-existent promotion and raise." I just nodded 'yes'. He screamed "Take that ring off...take that ring off right now..right now...that was my Grandmother's ring and I won't have you wearing it another second!" After I did, then he screamed "NOW GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE. GET THE FUCK OUT! GET OUT". I was so scared. Jason had never raised his voice to me. I ran out and haven't seen or talked to him since. Every day I'm haunted by his image, the hurt in his eyes as I told him that another man had been with me. You see, it's hopeless, my life is over."

I ran over to her and held her, comforting her the best I could. This girl was in tremendous pain and was sobbing uncontrollably. When Greg quietly came back, I waved him away to not come into the room. Recognizing that Jennifer was near total exhaustion, I asked her if she wanted to spend the night.

"But I have to go to work in the morning."

"No. I'm pretty sure I can clear it with your boss."


I got Jennifer upstairs and within minutes she was sound asleep in my bed.

I quickly met an anxious Greg downstairs. He looking horrified as I related the story that Jennifer had told.

"Damn. I'm not sure I can fix this." Greg said.

"Well, you sure in hell need to try."

Greg grabbed the phone.

"Hi, Steve. Sorry for disturbing you at home, but I need a favor. Can you give me the name and number of your private detective pal? It's urgent."

The Narrator

Greg Stillman lives very comfortably. His net worth has been significantly bolstered from family inheritances whereas his mother had 4 older sisters, three of them married, but Greg was the only child from these relationships. So eventually all the estate monies had flowed down to him. However, long before getting any of these monies, his parents had instilled a strong work ethic in him. He has always worked, and for the most part has been careful with his money, but anyone who really knows Greg understands that this monetary carefulness does not extent to three areas: The Cedar Hill Country Club, his Porsche 911SC, and the welfare of others. Especially helping others. Greg had hired the PI without even asking how much it would cost.

Greg knew that the Porsche would be perfect for the long trip that had to be made. After purchasing it years ago, it had steadily been transformed into a real road burner. Much to the chagrin of many of his Porsche buddies, he had decided to go to the 'dark side'. He was tired of having run-of-the-mill rides like Mitsubishi Eclipses and Subaru WRX's pulling away from him, so in addition to transferring the standard SC body to a 'wide-body' one, he replaced the tired 3.0 liter six with a 500 hp LS1 V8 monster. With that it place there was no car in the area that could keep up with him.

Greg's view I figured that if I left at five o'clock Saturday morning I could be in Bridgeville by 8:30 -- 8:45 AM, hopefully to talk to the only man that Evelyn and I truly believe could save Jennifer. So, armed with the info supplied by the private investigator, I hit the road, blasting along the highway at about 90 mph. This whole thing was a crazy gamble, as he might be out of town, have moved elsewhere, etc, but I did not want to risk a phone call on something like this. It had to be face-to-face, as it's just would be too easy for him to hang up on a call involving what was surely to be a difficult discussion.

The trip took less time that I had estimated, but not wanting to actually ring any doorbell before 9:00 am, I wound up at a Dunkin Donuts a short distance from the address I was given. As I sipped coffee, I went over and over what I was going to say when I first arrived. I had to be on my 'A' game for this, as my exact choice of words could be critical to getting the opportunity to fully explain everything. Before I stood up to leave, I looked at the info sheet, one last time.

Jason Hampton Caucasian male, age 29 6 feet, 200 lbs dark hair, blue eyes Last known address: 143A Willow Street, Bridgeville Arrests: 2 Convictions: 1 Auto: 2010 Ford, Plate # X45967

When I pulled up to the address, I saw a large brown colonial with a right-side breezeway connected to a 2 car garage. There was a small, separate parking area on the left side. Sure enough, parked in this left-side area was a 2010 Ford Mustang with plate X45967. Bingo! His car was there! So I pulled in next to it.

It was obvious that '143A' address was the 'in-law' apartment on the left side.

As I approached the door, I nervously wondered what type of a reception I was going to get.

End of part 1 Authors note:

What will happen in part 2?

Will Jason return with Greg?

Will Jason forgive Jennifer?

Does Jason have a new lover?

Stay turned for part 2...

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