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The Family Camping Trip Ch. 01

by sexygirl76 10/15/13

Chapter 1

18 year old Callie sat in the back of the car and moped. She hated the yearly camping trips with her parents and older brother. They had been doing these trips for as long as she could remember. They would all pile into the car and head to the local camp. They would meet up with her aunt Michelle and Uncle Nick and her cousins Jessica and Trevor.

Over the years Callie looked forward to the camping trips, it was the only time she got to see her aunt, uncle and cousins. They lived over on the other side of the country and only came to the west coast once a year. Callie loved playing with her cousin Jessica who was the same age as her and getting teased by her brother Jacob and her older cousin Trevor.

This year she wasn't looking forward to it as much. True, she wanted to see her cousins and aunt and uncle, but she was 18 now. She wanted to hang out with her friends and maybe with her boyfriend Mark. Callie had gone out with Mark two weeks ago on her 18th birthday. She had given him her virginity in the backseat of his mustang. It hadn't been the most comfortable way to make love but he had gotten her so worked up that by the time he actually slid into her she barely noticed the pain. Ever since she had fucked Mark whenever she could.

Now she was stuck in a car, with her family for three days with no Mark or his wonderful cock. She had begged her parents to let her skip the family camp out but they had insisted she come along, telling her it was the only time she would get to spend any time with her other family. Callie had agreed but she had done it unwillingly. She hadn't even been able to sneak out and get a piece of Mark's cock before they left cause they left in the middle of the night.

It was a four hour drive to the camp site and her parents wanted to get there early and get set up. They stopped for breakfast at a little café on the way then were back on the road again. Callie sat in the back seat with her brother and sighed. He had his face buried in his Gameboy and wasn't paying any attention to her.

Callie rubbed her legs together and whimpered quietly. She usually fingered her pussy two or three times before she went to bed and when she first woke up when she couldn't have Mark's cock. She hadn't been able to do anything this morning and her pussy was burning with need. She looked towards the front of the car and out the windshield, they were traveling down the freeway and Callie sighed. "How long till we get there?" She asked.

JoAnne turned her head and looked at her daughter. She couldn't believe how much of a beautiful young woman her daughter had turned into over the years. She was tall, with a slender build and perky breasts that pushed away from her stomach. She was dressed in a short skirt and a halter top that really showed off her body. Her mother had frowned when she saw what her daughter was wearing but since she knew Callie really didn't want to come, she didn't say anything. She knew her daughter was rebelling in her own way by what she was wearing.

"At least another hour honey." She said looking out the window as the sun rose.

Callie sighed and whined. "An hour?"

JoAnne gave her an apologetic smile and turned back to face the front.

Callie looked out the window, an hour. Her pussy was burning like crazy; she needed to get off and soon. She didn't think she could last another hour in the car with her parents and brother. She rubbed her legs together again but it didn't help, she whimpered and looked out the window.

Jacob lifted his head out of his Gameboy and looked at his sister. He knew what her problem was and smiled. He wasn't going to get in his girlfriend's pussy this weekend but he wasn't bitching about it. Then again he had fucked her till she couldn't move last night before they left. He smiled as he looked at his sister. She was rubbing her legs together like crazy and whimpering quietly so their parents didn't hear. He had to admit that his sister was a looker and he decided maybe he should help her out. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "What's the matter sis, your pussy missing Mark's hot cock?"

Callie turned towards him and glared at him. She looked towards the front hoping her parents hadn't heard what he said. Jacob knew she had been fucking Mark, he came home the other day and caught them in her room screwing each other's brains out. He had promised not to tell their parents if she promised not to tell them about him screwing his girlfriend.

"Shut up Jacob." She hissed then turned her attention back to the window.

Jacob chuckled in her ear. "I bet that pussy is just dripping wet." He put his hand on her leg.

Callie looked at him again. "Shut up, you're not helping." She growled quietly rubbing her legs together again.

Jacob looked towards the front of the car. Their parents were talking while they drove and there was an old country and western song playing on the radio. Their parent's were paying no attention to their children in the back seat.

Glad that their parents weren't paying attention, Jacob grabbed Callie's leg and pulled it away from the other one. Callie looked at him in surprise. "What are you...?" She started but he put his finger against his lips and pointed to their parents.

Callie glanced towards the front seat, her parents were still talking so she looked back at her brother with a curious look on her face. Jacob just smiled at her and moved his hand under her skirt. Callie gasped and looked at him as she grabbed at his hand. Jacob kept moving his hand up as she tried to pull it away. She looked back at her parents but they were oblivious to what was going on in the back seat. She looked back at her brother and hissed quietly. "What the hell you think your doing?"

Jacob brushed his hand against her bare pussy and Callie whimpered. Jacob leaned towards her again and whispered once more in her ear. "Do you want relief or not?"

Callie's eyes widened and she stopped pulling at his hand as she stared at him. "What are you going to do?" She asked quietly.

Jacob spread her pussy lips apart with his hand and Callie gasped. She grabbed at his hand once more while she looked at him with wide eyes. Jacob smiled at her and leaned close once more. "Relax sis, I won't hurt you, but you have to be quiet if you don't want mom and dad to hear."

He brushed his finger against her clit and Callie whimpered as she quickly looked towards the front again. Her parents were still talking so she leaned her head towards Jacob. "Jacob, what are you doing?"

Jacob smiled and rubbed his finger against her clit once again. "I'm going to get you off if you will relax." He said quietly.

Callie's eyes widened once more but she pulled her hand off of his and leaned back in the seat. Jacob smiled at her and scooted a bit closer, as much as the seatbelt would let him. He glances back at his parents while he flicked his finger repeatedly over Callie's clit. Callie bit her lip to keep from crying out as pleasure coursed through her. She leaned her head back on the seat and closed her eyes.

Jacob kept his eyes on his parents as he rubbed her clit harder. Callie whimpered quietly and lifted her hips against his hand. He slid his hand lower and teased his finger against her slit. Callie opened her eyes and looked at him. He just smiled and pushed a finger inside her. Callie sucked in her breath and moaned softly as she wiggled around. Jacob slowly worked his finger in and out of her while he mashed her clit with his thumb.

Callie started panting and rocking her hips back and forth as he fingered her. She had her eyes closed and was biting on her lower lip to keep from crying out. Suddenly Jacob stopped moving and Callie opened her eyes, she had been so close. He nodded towards the front seat. Callie coughed then called out, "what mamma?"

JoAnne called over her shoulder. "I said we should be there in about a half hour."

Callie nodded and looked at her brother; Jacob started moving his finger again, this time a bit faster. "Okay mamma." She said trying to control her breathing.

"Oh by the way, you and your brother will be sharing a tent." Her father called over his shoulder.

Callie moaned although whether it was from her brother's finger inside her or what her father said, she wasn't sure. "O...Okay daddy." She said softly.

Her parents went back to talking and Callie whimpered quietly as her hips rose and fell. She knew she was going to cum and she was fighting not crying out. Jacob moved his finger even faster and Callie's started breathing in ragged pants. She grabbed his arm and dug her nails into it as she closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her.

Jacob smiled and leaned close once more. "Come on sis, let go." He cooed in her ear.

Callie let out a low moan as she went flying over the edge. She clung to Jacob's arm as her body shook with release.

Jacob chuckled against her ear. "That's it sis, cum all over my hand."

Callie opened her eyes and looked at him as she tried to control her breathing. Jacob pulled his hand free and pushed his finger into his mouth, sucking on it. Callie licked her lips as she watched him. When he pulled his finger free he leaned over once more. "You taste good sis." He said with a chuckle.

Callie just glared at him and leaned her head back and closed her eyes once more as her body calmed down.

Callie climbed out of the car and stretched as she looked around the campsite. She saw her aunt and uncle's car across the way and walked towards it. Her cousin Trevor was sitting in a camp chair drinking a soda and smiled at her as she walked towards him. "Damn cus, you have turned into a real beauty." He said when she reached him.

Trevor was 21 and Callie had, had a crush on him for as long as she could remember. He looked like a younger version of his father. From his towering height of 6' even to his slender build. He even had the same jet black hair that he kept long and pulled back in a ponytail and the same violet eyes. Callie blushed at his words and leaned down to give him a hug. Trevor hugged her tight and pulled her down onto his lap. "Trevor..." She squealed trying to stand up.

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