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The Flash Pt. 02

by TheAmazingFlash 04/08/16

I suggest reading part one before you read part 2 because it explains some things. Have fun, and feedback is appreciated.


S.T.A.R Labs was destroyed after the particle accelerator explosion, and had been declared a hazardous location. The building was in poor condition, wrecked from the tragedy, and this is where Barry Allen was taken to.

It was midnight and no one was in the lab except for a brown haired woman. Her name was Caitlin Snow, and she had chosen to take the Shift to watch Barry.

In the lab, Caitlin's clothes were sprawled out on the floor. Her tit's were hanging out, perky and well rounded, but not particularly large. It was the third time Caitlin was doing this but she couldn't help herself.

Caitlin walked over to Barry's unconscious body, and pulled his pants down a little bit to reveal his limp cock. She found out recently that if she rubbed it against her cunt for a little, the lightning in his body would excite his member. She also realized that Barry's cock was huge, large enough to reach her cervix and still have some extra length.

Barry's cock reached it's full size, and greedily Caitlin quickly slid it inside of her pussy, which was already dripping. Her horny self began to ride Barry's cock, slowly at first but quickening so that she could reach her climax. The lighting in Barry's body vibrated his cock, and Caitlin was gasping and moaning rapidly as the cock rapidly vibrated inside her.

She felt his cock hitting her cervix, and she tried to go as fast as she could, fucking Barry as hard as possible. Her tits were bouncing up and down, and she used her left hand to massage it, her fingers pinching her pink nipples.

Caitlin felt her pussy dripping more, and knew she was nearing an orgasm. Ecstasy filled her body and her shaved pussy released a sweet juice all over the lab.

Caitlin, sweating, got off of Barry's cock, which was still hard and hadn't reached it's climax yet. Caitlin stared at it, and then at Barry's sack, and she had a feeling Barry would have loads of cum in him. She hadn't made Barry cum yet, and she was curious as to how much he had in him.

She placed her mouth on Barry's cock, and brought it all the way to the back of her throat, half of the cock still uncovered.

She rapidly slid Barry's cock in and out of her mouth, licking his shaft and savoring the taste. She began to rub too, greedily waiting for his cum to leave his cock and enter her mouth.

Minutes past, and Caitlin was getting impatient. Her arm was sore and she was rubbing as fast as she could. Eventually, she felt a movement in his cock and angled his hard member towards her.

The white liquid left Barry's shaft, and made its way towards Caitlin. The first shot she was ready for and stuck her tongue out, letting the cum land on it, and she quickly guzzled it and moaned with pleasure at the taste. More cum came out of his cock, though, and Caitlin was unprepared. The cum landed all over her as she stumbled back, splattering over her chest, stomach, and pussy.

Caitlin crawled towards Barry's bed, feeling cum falling on her back and put more in her mouth. Months of never jizzing meant he had a lot of cum he needed to get rid of. More and more came out, a seemingly endless dream and Caitlin's top half was almost completely covered.

Eventually the stream subsided, and Caitlin began to lick the cum off of herself, using her fingers to bring the liquid to her.

She licked her tits clean of the cum before using her finger to collect the cum around her navel, and then the cum around her pussy.

Finally she had managed to swallow all the cum, the beautiful taste left over in her mouth, and some cum in places her tongue couldn't reach. She cleaned up the rest of the lab that was covered in her pussy juice.

She put Barry's pants back on and his cock was soft again. She double checked the lab to make sure it was clean before going back to sleep.

Some time passed, and it was nine months since Barry had been struck by the lightning bolt.

"What are you doing?" Caitlin asked a hispanic man with long hair standing next to her.

He was playing some Poker Face by Lady Gaga. "He likes this song," The man defended himself.

"How could you possible know that?" Caitlin accused. Both of them were leaning over Barry's body as Barry was gaining consciousness. Caitlin remembered Barry's cock and her pussy dripped a little in her panties but she pushed the feeling away.

"I checked his facebook page. I mean, he can hear everything, right?" The man, whose name was Cisco, took a bite out of his food."

Caitlin looked guilty as she nodded. She realized Barry must have heard her using him as a sex toy, and wondered if he would remember her voice. "Auditory functions are the last sensory faculties to degenerate." She admitted.

Cisco walked away from Barry's bed, singing "Can't read my No, he can't read my poker face.."

Barry woke up, gasping. There were cords attached to him, and he was shirtless, his six pack showing. "Where am I?" He asked, looking around to see beakers, tools, and books around him in a room with white walls. There were many computers, and it looked very serious and hi-tech.

"Woah!" Cisco shouted, surprised by Barry's sudden awakening.

"He's up," Caitlin said, as she moved to check Barry's monitor.

"Dr. Wells, get down to the Cortex now," Cisco quickly spoke into a walkie talkie.

"BP 170 over 110, pulse 120. Pupils equally reactive to light," Caitlin was saying as she flashed a flashlight into Barry's eyes. Barry looked away, struggling to keep the light out of his eyes. He was still confused. "Look at me, Look at me," Caitlin commanded.

"Hey, hey! Woah, woah, relax. Everything's okay man, you're at S.T.A.R. Labs," Cisco walked over to Barry, holding him down as he attempted to get out of the bed.

"S.T.A.R. Labs? Who are you?" Barry asked, looking at Cisco.

"I'm Cisco Ramon, She's Caitlin - Dr. Snow." Cisco looked over to Caitlin. Barry followed his eyes, and he looked at Caitlin and thought he recognized her voice. He felt something stirring in his pants but he dismissed it.

"I need you to urinate in this," Caitlyn said, trying to sound confident but nervous due to what she had done earlier.

"Not this second!" Cisco exclaimed.

"What is happening? What is going on?" Barry asked, pushing Caitlin and Cisco away from him.

"You were struck by lightning, dude," Cisco told him.

"What?" Barry gasped. He turned around to look into a mirror. He saw that he had a six pack. "Lightning gave me abs?" He asked.

"Your muscles should be atrophied..." Caitlin rushed over to him, still turned on by Barry's abs. "...but instead they're in a chronic state and unexplained state of cellular regeneration.

"Come here, have a seat," Cisco pulled Barry back to the bed. "You were in a coma," Cisco told him, only to be greeted by a confused expression.

"What? For how long?" Barry asked, concerned.

"Nine months," Another voice came out. It was Harrison Wells, in a wheelchair this time and not walking. He wheeled into the room. "Welcome back Mr. Allen. We have a lot to discuss."

Barry and Wells began to take a walk, or, well, a wheel and a walk. "It's hard to believe I'm here. I've always wanted to meet you face-to-face," Barry admitted.

"Yeah? Well, you certainly went to great lengths to do it. S.T.A.R. Labs had not been operational since FEMA categorized us as a Class 4 hazardous location," Wells sighed. Barry and Wells passed a cage with the tag Grodd onto it before Wells continued. The cage was empty. "Seventeen people died that night, many more injured, myself amongst them."

Barry and Wells arrive on a balcony overlooking the particle accelerator. The tube where the particles were released was destroyed, wreckage littering the ground. "Jesus," Barry exhaled as he leaned over the railing to get a better look. "What happened?"

"Nine months ago, the particle accelerator went online exactly as planned," Wells began to explain. "For forty-five minutes, I had achieved my life's dream. And then...then there was an anomaly. The electron volts became unmeasurable, the rings under us just popped. Energy from that detonation was thrown into the sky and that, in turn, seeded a storm cloud-"

"That created a lightning bolt that struck me," Barry finished.

"That's right," Wells nodded. Barry gulped, still gaping at the destroyed accelerator. "I was recovering myself when I heard about you," Wells continued. "The hospital was undergoing unexplainable power outages every time you were going into cardiac arrest, which was actually a misdiagnosis because, you see, you weren't flatlining Barry; your heartbeat was moving too fast for the EKG to register it.

Wells and Barry returned back to the lab. "Now, I'm not the most popular person in town these days but Detective West and his daughter gave me permission to bring you here," Wells was referring to Joe and Iris. "We were able to stabilize you."

"Iris?" Barry asked.

"Iris, yes," Wells nodded. "She came to see you quite often."

"She talks a lot," Caitlin added as she walked up to bring coffee to Wells.

"Also, she's hot," Cisco smiled like a teenager who just saw a hot girl.

"I need to go," Barry suddenly said, beginning to walk out of the lab.

"No. You can't!" Caitlin shouted after him.

"No, Caitlin's right. Now that you're awake, we need to do tests. You're still going through changes. There's so much we don't know," Wells explained his reasoning to Barry as Barry stopped in the doorway.

"I'm fine, really. I feel normal. Thank you for saving my life," Barry began to run out of the room.

"Really?" Caitlin asked after he left.

Barry returned back to the lab to ask one more question. "Can I keep this sweatshirt?" He pointed to the S.T.A.R Labs sweatshirt he was wearing.

"Yeah, keep the sweatshirt," Wells said looking disappointed.

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