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The Gift

by lilyandstoney 02/06/05

Note – This story contains acts of sex involving an open marriage and interracial sex. If this is not your thing, don't read it. If it is your thing and you like it, I appreciate positive feedback. Lily.

I knew Stoney was up to something and had learned in our years of marriage not to question such things. Just go with the flow and hang on for the ride. We had both taken the week off between Christmas and New Year's. Having spent a hectic weekend with family, I was more than ready to take advantage of whatever my sweet husband had in store for me.

My Tuesday morning began with a wonderful breakfast in bed. Stoney is a great cook and loves to indulge me with fine cooked meals. After finishing my omelet, biscuits, marmalade, fresh fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice, I made my way to the bathroom to find Stoney had drawn me a nice warm bubble bath. I had just finished shaving my legs and pubic area when Stoney came in with a card for me. I opened it up to find a certificate at a local spa. Stoney told me I had a one o'clock appointment for that afternoon.

I had never been to the new spa that had opened in our area, so I was looking forward to it. I ran the gamut of everything the spa had to offer; mud pack, manicure, pedicure, facial, tanning booth, etc. and topped it all off with a full body massage by a delectable young Hispanic named Criscenzio. His strong hands were so delicious on my body as he worked deep into my muscles from head to toe. Me being me, this included a good bit of flirting and by the time I left to go home, I was ready for just about anything.

Back at the house, Stoney informed me that I had a few more after Christmas gifts to enjoy. He told me we had dinner reservations at 7:30 at a new bistro that we had heard about. I had two hours to get ready. While I was putting on my makeup and sipping a nice glass of wine, Stoney laid out what he wanted me to wear for the evening. I guess he was feeling patriotic because he laid out blue stockings and blue g-string, with a blue demi-bra, topped with a white low cut blouse and a read spandex skirt and red spiked heels. As I would normally wear a more conservative outfit to a nice restaurant, I was beginning to suspect that this evening might include something a bit on the wild side.

We arrived at the Little Texas Bistro to find a small, formal dinning room complete with tuxedo-clad waiters. The dinner was spectacular. We had a stuffed quail appetizer, followed by oysters on the half shell, a nice salad, then a delectable plate of shrimp and pork loin, which we shared. This was followed by a sinful cheesecake with raspberry topping for dessert. All of this with a wonderful bottle of Italian red table wine. The meal was just extraordinary and was equaled only by the service we received.

We left the restaurant a little after 9:00pm and our next stop was at a motel lounge near the airport. I thought this strange as being the week after Christmas, there were very few business travelers and I knew the lounge would be nearly empty. As we parked, I remarked to Stoney, "I knew you dressed me up like this for a reason."

He replied, "Of course, my love. You know I love showing you off."

We went into the lounge and, sure enough, it was almost empty. There were two other couples and four men scattered around the lounge. Stoney ordered me a daiquiri and a scotch rocks for himself. As we sat at our table, I knew all eyes were focused on the ample amount of thigh that was showing in my blue stockings. After only a few minutes, a black gentleman approached our table.

As he extended his hand, he asked, "Excuse me, but I've been in here for over an hour waiting for someone to dance with. Sir, would you mind if I danced with your lovely wife?"

Stoney replied, "It's up to her."

I knew Stoney wouldn't mind one bit watching me dance with this very handsome black man, so I accepted. On the dance floor, I learned his name was Ray. He was probably about 50 years old. He was about the same size as Stoney, a little over 6' tall and around 250 lbs. He had a neatly trimmed mustache with just a few grey hairs showing and was very well dressed in burgundy slacks and a white polo shirt. I noticed that, like Stoney, his arms stretched the arms bands of the polo shirt to the max. Nice. Me being only 5"2" and 120 lbs, I was dwarfed by him. Ray was a very good dancer and quickly deduced that he had terrific rhythm. He was a perfect gentleman, but did not shy away from kissing my cheek after we had danced to two songs.

When he walked me back to our table, he asked if he could buy us a drink.

Stoney answered, "Just one, then we have to be heading home."

I was a little surprised by this as I had about decided that this gorgeous man was a part of Stoney's plan. We had our drinks, said our goodbyes and left. When we arrived at the house, Stoney said he forgot to stop and get cigarettes. He doesn't smoke often, but does sometimes when he drinks. He said he wanted to run down to the corner store right quick. I told him would ride with him but he said, "No, you go on in. I'll be right back."

I let myself into the house and in less than 30 seconds the phone rang. It was Stoney.

He said, "Enjoy your final gift. I'll be back in a little bit." Then he hung up, leaving me perplexed at what he was talking about. It didn't remain a mystery for long.

I had just taken my coat off and hung it up when I heard the doorbell. I opened the door to find none other than Ray standing there. With a big smile, he simple said, "Merry Christmas, beautiful lady."

Now it all came together. My loving husband had arranged for me, this statuesque black lover for the evening. When Ray stepped inside, I closed the door and turned to face him. He took immediate control, taking me in his arms and pulling me to him. This time, it was no innocent peck on the cheek, but rather a full on wet sensuous kiss. Our tongues met and my passion index went off the scale as he held my tiny body in his strong arms. When his right hand trailed down to my buttocks and pulled me tight against him, for the first time, I felt the bulge this black Adonis was sporting.

When we finally broke our kiss, I excused myself to freshen up and showed Ray the bar and told him to make drinks and put on whatever music he liked. At our bedroom, I found that Stoney had laid out a blue negligee that perfectly matched my bra, g-sting and nylons.

"When did he do that?" I thought to myself.

I lit a couple of candles while I was in the bedroom, put on the negligee, then returned to make the very most of my last gift.

In the living room, I was greeted by Luther Vandros on the stereo. Ray was sitting on the sofa with a drink in hand. When he saw me in the negligee, his draw dropped, much to my delight. I turned down the lights and stared straight into his eyes as I slowly and seductively walked toward the sofa. I stopped next to the sofa, bent down get the drink he had fixed me, set it down, looked straight into his eyes, then slowly climbed into his arms and whispered, "I want you." as I lowered my lips to his.

We passionately kissed for about 5 minutes, our hands roaming each others bodies outside the fabric. He finally pulled me up higher on his body so he could kiss and lick my heaving breasts, straining to get out of their confines. When he did this, my thigh rested firmly against his thick tool. When his fingers began to tug at the cup of my bra to expose my nipple, I said, "Uh, uh, uh! You're my gift, and I want to explore you first. Let's go get more comfortable."

I stood and took him by the hand, leading him toward the bedroom, but the journey took considerable longer than it should have as we stopped every few steps to kiss and caress each other. Right at our bedroom door, he stopped me once more, pulling me back against him, his arms wrapping around me, cupping my heaving breasts, kissing my neck and pressing his throbbing bulge against my cheeks and lower back. I was quickly losing control when he reached down with his left hand and cupped my mound, pulling my ass tight up against his straining cock.

We finally reached our destination and I allowed my open negligee to slide gently off my shoulders. I turned and stepped into his arms as I peeled his shirt over his head and off his bulging arms. At his age, he was in terrific physical shape. He chest rippled with muscle, almost hairless, with just a small patch of black and grey hair on his upper chest and a single gold chain brushing through it. As I kissed his chest, my fingers found his belt and began to work it open. As he kicked off his shoes, I slowly allowed my wet tongue to trail down his torso until I was seated on the love seat, face to face with his zipper. I unbuttoned his pants and slowly slid them down his legs. He sat back on our bed, kicked off the pants and then stood in front of me.

I cupped my bra covered breasts in my hands as my mouth went to his crotch. I slowly worked my way up to the waistband of his silk boxers and began pulling the fabric into my mouth, working them down with my teeth. He was clean shaven when I had worked his boxers down to expose just the base of his manhood, my lips and tongue danced over him, making him sigh with pleasure. I felt him unclasp my bra and free my breasts. I pressed them up against his flesh, relishing in their freedom and the feel of this strange flesh against them. My nipples hardened even further than their already aroused state. With my fingers, I finally grasped at his boxers and pulled them down. His cock bouncing slightly upward to press between my breasts.

I leaned back to examine his cock in the dim light. Like the rest of his body, his black cock was magnificent. A perfect specimen of manhood. He was not yet fully erect and his cock was about 8" long and very thick. The circumcised head was perfect. Bell shaped and smooth with a dominant ridge around the base. His shaft was thick and heavy in my hand with a firm vein on each side. A dominant vein working it's way from the base and down the length of the left side of his magnificent tool. His balls the size of golf balls, hanging in their sack, one only slightly lower than the other.

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