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The Good Girl

by ProperFatherlyLove 03/14/14

My name is Tim and I have my ideal life. I work hard five days a week and spend time at home with the girl of my dreams. Before I started my new life with her I already had two great kids that I was proud of, but she gave me even more. My first wife passed away a few years ago, and it devastated me. It took me a long time to recover but I learned to look at all the good parts of life. My son was close to graduating college and my daughter was still in high school. I had gotten a raise at work, and combined with my wife's life insurance, I and was fortunate enough to support my kids and make my family comfortable. They still had part-time jobs even though they didn't need to, which made me proud. I grew up in a much lower tax bracket than I'm in now and I am glad I was able to raise kids that don't act spoiled.

If you asked me a year ago to guess how things would eventually turn out, I never would have thought I'd be lucky enough to start a new family with the most perfect bride a man could ever ask for.

It was a good day. I had a normal day at work and as I walked through the door, my love was waiting for me just like she should be, on her knees with an open mouth, short skirt, and a thirst for my sperm. After her daily snack, as she sometimes called her essential daily routine when talking to her unknowing friends, I snacked on her, then we had a good dinner and relaxed in the family room. I decided to continue where I left off in my most recently acquired fantasy novel and she grabbed her handheld video game and threw herself on the sofa. As I was reading I heard a rhythmic noise coming from the floor above. I knew what it was because I heard it all the time nowadays. It was my son Luke's bed shaking around because he was fucking his slut, Jessica, again. I say slut with respect. She doesn't sleep around, she's just a slut for his cock, like a good girl should be. I was proud of Luke for picking out a girl like Jessica.

Luke and Jessica go to the same college but she moved here from a few states away. She has been around the house a lot lately, saying that the place reminds her of her old home where her father and sister live. She also mentioned multiple times that her father and I have a lot in common. I'm sure that more than once she's gotten an eyeful of my lovely angel and I being intimate because I take her whenever I get the urge. Wherever, whenever, and however I want, because it's my house and she's my woman. If anybody else in this house doesn't want to see our expression of love they don't have to stay in the room. This all only made Jessica feel more at home.

The first time I met Jessica she had come in through the back door looking for my son, and I had my sweetheart bent over the kitchen counter with her skirt flipped up over her ass as I fondled it. Jessica was a little shocked at first, but Luke had told her what life was like in my house and she learned to adapt quickly. She apologized for interrupting but I told her that was nonsense. I asked her to take a seat at the kitchen table and I took a seat myself. The ass I own backed up to me and bounced on my lap while the conversation continued. I held the waist of the body I owned and held her still at times to signal my love to slow down so I wouldn't be rude and cum in the middle of a conversation with my son's girlfriend. The pussy that I claimed as mine, by filling it with my seed multiple times a day, bounced up and down while we had a good talk. My son had dated girls before but I had a feeling this one might be a keeper. I had just notified Jessica of the house rule to wear a skirt, as I noticed she wasn't at the time, and that she had better remember to do so in the future. She apologized for not knowing and promised she would. At that point my son came in the house and she ran over to him, whispered something in his ear, and they both ran upstairs. I had a good feeling about her. She seemed to have good and proper values.

I was jerked back to the present and out of my reminiscing when my daughter Katie mentioned the racket above us as well. "Wow, Daddy, they're at it again, aren't they?"

I looked over at her on the couch, facing away from me while lying on her stomach and playing a video game. Her long brown hair cascaded down her back and over a skimpy light blue top matched with a scandalously short blue plaid skirt.

"Yes hon, just try to ignore them."

I looked over my daughter's legs, past her impressive calves and thighs, all the way up to her sweet spot which was barely covered by the shadow of her skirt. Her breasts were a delicious handful, tightly pressed through her practically threadbare top into the couch cushions. When she dressed like that she left little to the imagination. She has always dressed "comfortably" like this around the house, and I'd never dream of complaining about it. She knew I enjoyed her outfits. Girls who live under this roof dress how Daddy wants them to.

My gaze was taken back down her body, where I could see my daughter's pussy peek out as her legs opened slightly. I was caught; she had spotted me peeking from a reflection off of a mirror on the wall.

My cock was getting hard.

Katie kept playing her game and said, "He's going to get her pregnant you know."

"Really?" I replied, already aware of that fact.

"Yeah, he said he was going to. She's not on the pill and he stopped buying condoms. This isn't even the first time they've been at it today. She isn't even leaving the bedroom unless she really needs to. Between sessions, she just lies back on the bed with a pillow under her ass to let it soak in. I walked by earlier and the room just reeked of sex, and I saw her swollen pussy just oozing cum."

My cock twitched a little more.

Katie pouted a little while saying, "He wasn't doing that yesterday, he must have learned that trick last night. Now he'll get her knocked up fast for sure! You gave him advice, didn't you?"

I wasn't going to lie to my little girl. I already knew what they were planning before my daughter mentioned anything. They had come to me earlier to make sure that I was OK with it. Nothing happens in this house without my permission. My son's slut was a sexy thing, and he needed to claim that body as his as soon as possible. I admit, I wanted to see her with a swelling belly. So did my son, of course. He must have picked up some kinks from his old man. My son would be out of college soon and wanted to get a head start on his own ideal family, and they didn't have anywhere else they felt comfortable conceiving a child. I had no reason to prevent them from going at it like minks, especially with my thoughts and actions involving my own daughter.

"Well that's their business, then," I said.

Katie turned her head towards me and we locked eyes, displaying to me a spot of dried cum on her cheek leftover from her earlier snack and said, "But Daddy, he could be doing it RIGHT NOW. It's just the right time for her!"

My daughter then turned her head back to her game and widened her legs just a little bit more. I saw a drop of wetness emerge from her delicate folds.

In a lower voice, sounding almost disappointed, she said, "For me too... and you promised I'd get a baby bump before graduation..."

Her voice picked up to its previous volume and said, "Besides, I don't think I could stand it if he beat me."

My daughter's legs were even further apart now.

Putting my book down, I said, "I didn't know this was a competition, but I can't disappoint my angel and let your brother get away with that. He might be trying to start a family with his little slut, but my little slut deserves to be taken care of properly and get what she deserves."

My daughter jumped up from the couch and jumped on my lap.

"Oh Daddy, thank you, it will mean so much for me to win! We just have to beat them! And with your baby in me, we'll be as linked as two people can be, forever and ever! I can't wait to be walking around the halls at school with my own daddy's baby growing in me!"

She was directly facing me, her legs on each side of mine, with her supple ass writhing around in excitement, as she leaned in to kiss me. My heart melted as I breathed in her scents, and my cock was straining hard against my pants in an outline that always made my daughter drool as she sank between my legs for my daily stress relief. She always took my cum deep inside her, one way or another. At least once a day, though, I needed her looking up at me with her brown eyes with a mouthful of her favorite toy. Every day I had the privilege of seeing the most gorgeous, heart-melting sight a man could see. This time, though, the cum building up was destined to plant a seed in the sexiest, most delicious, sweetest girl in the world.

Breaking off the soul-kiss, I said, "Let's get up there and show them how it's really done."

My daughter was up in a heartbeat, grabbing my hand and practically dragging me upstairs to her bedroom. She didn't sleep in it anymore, but she kept it furnished for appearances. She told me she liked the smell of the place that we first consummated our deep love for each other. Once we were inside she slipped off her top and I started a trail of my own clothes as I went towards her bed. Her room was right next to her brother's, sharing a wall. The squeaks and bumps were louder now, and they had been joined by audible moans and grunts, easily heard through the wall.

By the time I slipped off my boxers my daughter was on her bed face down, ass up. She knew how to entice me. Her short skirt was still on and she wiggled her luscious ass and delicious pussy lips as they peeked out from underneath.

My cock was as erect and thick as ever when I got on her bed behind her looking down at what was mine. The sex show going on in the next room was helping to set the mood, but knowing that this sweet body was mine and mine alone, whenever I wanted it, was enough to get me hard. I licked a couple fingers and reached down to feel my daughter's folds and found that she was practically gushing. I swiped my cock a few times across her pussy to get lubricated and then started to slide into the tight hole that my daughter gave me on her 18th birthday, not long ago, after teasing and seducing me long before that. Not even out of high school yet, and she regularly got what every good girl deserves, a pussy full of rock-hard daddycock. I swelled with pride when I thought of how I raised such a good girl.

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