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The Journey Ch. 01

by andybhoy 12/08/09

What had been a warm sunny day when they had left for a day trip to the town had changed almost as soon as they arrived, the rain had begun within 30 minutes of them arriving in the seaside town, and they were ill equipped to spend any time in it as they both had no jackets, Alex wore only a thin shirt and his mother a knee length black skirt and a white shirt.

They chose to find a pub and stay there till the rain eased, before continuing their day out, but unfortunately it didn't. And what had started out as finding some respite from the rain had turned into a day long drinking session. Their conversation had turned to Alex's lack of a girlfriend, he was 19 and his mother worried about him, he had only had one serious girlfriend, but they had split 3 years ago and Alex hadn't brought a girl home since.

Susan had been single a long time as well, ever since his father had left to live with a woman not much older than Alex, they didn't even hear from any more, his new wife was the jealous type and didn't want to share her new husband with his old family. Not that it mattered much, they both had each other, and that was enough for Susan.

Susan sat across from her son, staring at his face, his eyes were pointing downward, she followed his gaze and her eyes fell upon her cleavage. The button oh her shirt had come undone and her son was staring at her breasts, cupped by a white lace bra. her nipples were just visible through the thin lace material, and her sons eyes were transfixed on them.

Susan felt her face redden at displaying herself so openly to her son, but also she felt her pussy moisten at the thought that the man in front of her found her body good enough to stare at. She shifted in her seat, opening her legs slightly, tightening the lace thong across her pussy, forcing the small triangle of material to push hard against her clitoris.

His mother shifting in her seat brought her son to his senses, he sat back and looked up to her face, she was looking right at him, he had been caught staring at her breasts, and not a fleeting glimpse like he normally had, but a long drawn out stare. Now it was his turn to shift uneasily, his erection was pushing hard against his trousers, and was very uncomfortable. Alex went bright red, and clambered to his feet and made an excuse about going to the toilet, but all he succeeded in doing was revealing his erection to his mothers eyes, his rigid cock was only inches from her face as he slid past her to go to the toilet to adjust himself. Now it was his mothers turn to stare, she looked at the outline of his cock in awe as he slid past, she didn't move from her position, so as to make his passing her last a little longer.

Susan longed to reach out and touch his cock, it didn't matter to her that she was his mother, all that mattered at that moment in time was the fact that she desperately needed to feel a cock in her pussy, if it had to be her sons cock then so be it. She watched her son disappear from view, and looked around her, there was no one near their table, quickly she slid up her skirt and slipped a finger into her pussy, within seconds she was cumming, her pussy clamped tightly around her finger as she slipped it in and out of her pussy.

She gasped quietly as she came, aware she was in a public place, but she was too drunk to care that much. Susan slumped back in her chair, her orgasm was too quick to be satisfying and now she wanted to be fucked even more. She removed her fingers from her knickers and brought her glistening finger to her mouth and sucked her juices from it, just as her son walked around the corner. She smiled at him and slowly withdrew her finger from her mouth, maintaining eye contact with him as she did so. her eyes fell to his crotch, his erection still evident, but less so than before now he had moved it to point straight up his zip.

Alex told her they had better go, their train was due in a few minutes and if they didn't catch that one they would have to get a taxi home, something which they could ill afford.

The rain was still pouring down when they left the pub for the walk to the train train station, they tried to get a taxi to the station, but with the heavy rain, none were available and if they didn't leave now they would miss the last train home, luckily they didn't feel the cold water on their skin too much, due to their drunken state.

Susan began to run through the rain towards the train station, her son ran behind her, all the time his eyes were fixed on her ass moving under her skirt as she ran. For the precious few moments when they were running towards the station he stared at her ass and dreamt of it naked before his eyes. Finally they both reached the cover of the railway station, they hadn't missed their train, thankfully it was running a few minutes late. They stood together on the platform, water dripping from their faces onto their sopping wet clothes. Alex put his arm around his mother onto her hip and pulled her close, making the excuse of keeping each other warm as a reason to hold her. His mother sneezed, causing his hand to slip off her hip onto her ass, Alex gave it a gentle squeeze, his mother looked at him and smiled, then snuggled closer to him.

Susan knew her son looked at her body, she would often catch him staring at her breasts, she put it down to him just being a man, after all, all men ever thought about was sex, but when she felt her son gently squeeze her ass she was more than a little happy, normally she would have moved away or moved his hand, but tonight she let him continue to touch her ass, enjoying the feel of his hands on her body, and the warmth which was growing in her pussy.

Finally their train pulled into the station, looking at the carriages as the train came to a halt Susan noticed the entire train was empty except for the driver. Susan sighed as she broke away from her sons grasp towards the train, feeling her son's hand slide down her ass onto the back of her thighs as she boarded the train. She crossed the carriage and sat in the seat opposite the door, Alex climbed aboard behind her and sat down next to her as the train doors closed behind them and the train pulled out of the station. Alex looked at his mothers reflection in the dark window across from him, her white shirt was soaked through, clinging tightly to her skin underneath. He stared intently at her breasts rising and falling she breathed, her lacy white bra underneath her shirt was almost translucent due to the rain, revealing faint the faint outlines of her pink nipples pushing hard against the fabric of her bra, the cold rain making them stand erect.

Alex's mother caught him staring at her breasts for the second time that night, but she was happy with him staring, she pulled her shoulders back, pushing her cleavage upwards to his eyes. Susan shivered and sat back in her seat, she leaned her head onto her sons shoulder to try to warm her cold body up, Alex placed his hand on her knee, his fingers falling onto the inside of her thigh, he gently tightened his grip and squeezed her knee. He was feeling less inhibited than he normally would be, most probably the alcohol the two of them had consumed over the course of the day. The fact he had been feeling her ass before they got on the train gave him some extra boldness and slowly he slid his hand up her thigh, wondering how far he could reach before she noticed. Slowly his hand inched it's way along her thigh, feeling the silk of her pantyhose under his grip.

His hand continued to slip further up her thigh, now gently pushing her skirt upwards as he continued to slip his hand along her thigh. Susan was lying with her head on Alex's shoulder when she suddenly became aware of the slow steady progress her sons hand was making up her thigh. She smiled inwardly at his clumsy attempt to push the boundaries further than touching her ass, and for a moment she contemplated letting him go on to see how far he would slip his hand, but she suddenly remembered she was wearing stockings and a thin lace thong under her skirt, she quickly placed her hand onto his and stopped his progress and slipped his hand back to her knee. She turned her face to him, "not any further mister" she grinned.

Alex's face went red again, he had been put in his place. But his inhibitions were relaxed, and after waiting a few minutes he began slipping his hand up her thigh again, more slowly this time. Susan noticed his hand sliding up her thigh again straight away. But the alcohol was working on her as well and she was enjoying the feeling of his hand on her leg, she decided to let his hand go a little further along her thigh to teach him a lesson, but more importantly she let his hand slide up her thigh because she wanted him to.

Alex's hand pushed onwards until his hand was fully under her skirt, his fingers touched the lace of her stocking tops, when he felt the lace against his finger tips he was shocked, it hadn't occurred to him his mother was wearing stockings. His cock pushed his trousers up noticeably, Alex looked at his mothers face, her eyes were shut and she was breathing heavily. Susan shifted in her seat, her legs opening as she secretly wished for her sons hand to continue it's journey along her thigh.

Alex's hand moved off her stocking top onto the bare flesh of his mothers naked thigh, the sharp shock of her sons hand on her skin brought Susan suddenly to her senses and she grasped her sons hand stopping it from progressing any further, but she did not move it from it's position only inches from her pussy. Susan turned in her seat to look into her sons face, leaving her sons hand clamped to the inside of her thigh. She smiled at her son and opened her legs further, openly giving herself to him.

Alex looked into his mothers eyes and smiled, then leaned forward to kiss her, his lips pushing gently against hers. Susan kissed him back, at that moment in time she needed to feel wanted. Alex kissed her gently, feeling her moist lips against his, tasting her. Alex gently slipped his tongue over her lips, into her mouth, the tip of his tongue gently touching hers, Susan responded, slipping her tongue against her sons, the two of them gently probing each other.

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