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The Keeper

by bj_mistress 08/02/12

"I could suck your cock forever." She groaned, as her head descended on my cock once again.

It was time. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her head back up. She pouted and tried to move her head back down to my lap. I held tight.

"No. No more. Ride me." I growled at her.

Sliding up my body, she put her knees on either side of my hips and reached between her legs to grab my cock to guide it into her wet pussy. As she slid down, her pussy tightened around me, and her tits thrust forward towards my face. Reaching up, I squeezed them hard, pinching her nipples between my thumb and finger, as she cried out and ground her cunt against me.

A few slow movements, her pussy wet and sliding up and down my throbbing cock. Grabbing her hips I stopped her, "Don't move." I groaned. She stilled above me, leaning down to kiss me. Crawling off my cock she slid down between my legs again, bending her head down to taste her pussy juices on my cock. As her lips continued down my cock, I reached down and laced my fingers through her hair.

Pushing down hard, I forced her to take my entire shaft. If this is what she wants, then she's going to get it......hard. I can feel her throat tighten against the head of my cock and it makes me want more. Thrusting my hips up as my hands pushed her head down, my cock banging against the back of her throat, she moaned. This bitch loves when things get a little rough. Taking a hand off her head, I tap her cheek, pushing my cock against it as it comes out of her mouth. She takes it back in and I've had enough playing around.

Tangling her hair in my fists, I pound my cock into her throat. She sucks hard, her tongue flipping from side to side along my shaft. I've never met a woman that can suck my cock like this one. The thought alone makes me groan, as with one final hard thrust up my balls tighten and I start to cum. Holding her head against my groin, I pump my cum into her throat. Easing off my grip, I continue to squirt as I pull my cock out, the last drops landing on the tip of her tongue.

This is my favourite moment. Like the well-trained whore she is, she stays motionless on the bed, smiling, as I get up and reach for my camera. Grabbing her hair and tipping her head back, she opens her mouth wide, my cum pooled on her tongue and behind her teeth. I snap a couple pics then let go of her hair. She smiles then closes her mouth, swallowing down all my cum with a moan.


I think she's a keeper.

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