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The Lift

by realbigsid69 07/12/09

Every time he bumped into her, he couldn't take his eyes off her. She was sexy in a perfect way. Not drop dead gorgeous but comfortably beautiful. She was taller than the usual sort of girls he would like but she was in many ways sexually perfect. Although a little over 6ft himself, she was easily 5 10 without heels. Chestnut brown hair, full figured below tight jeans, a perfect arse and all round sex bomb. Unfortunately, she was only ever polite and he knew he would never be with her, or so he thought. She had also admired him on many occasions but as usual in life, neither of them thought much more of it. Getting in the lift after 6pm, she had already entered from a higher floor. Then it happened. The lift came to a stop and after a few seconds of darkness, the lights came on.

"Bugger" he said out loud and hit the emergency telephone.

It wasn't a large building and the engineer said that unfortunately, most of the staff were home and it could take 3-4 hours for them to get to the building and manually allow them to get out.

"3 to 4 hours, really? Oh no. Well, hopefully, they'll be as quick as they can" she said once he explained the situation.

Making small talk for a while, it soon turned into talking about life in general. She had a boyfriend but he was away on business and seemed to be doing it more often, adding she had serious question marks about their future. He told her he was single now, but balancing visits to the gym with visits to the pub, allowing him a reasonably healthy social life and not one that revolved around being out all the time.

"I hope you don't mind me saying this, but your boyfriend is a very lucky guy. You're perfect" he gushed.

"Aw, that's sweet. Perfect? I wouldn't say that, perhaps a few good features" she laughed back.

Then, through boredum, as much as anything else she asked him a question.

"So, my best features?" she said mischeviously.

"Erm, apart from all of you, if you don't mind me saying, I'm a legs and ass man, and yours really are perfect" he intoned truthfully.

She laughed again, but had a twinkle in her eye now. Just then, the engineer called and said it would be another 2 hours minimum before they would be reached, maybe 3. He promised to give them a call again when he was 20 minutes away.

"You know, you're a pretty hot guy yourself. I'm surprised you're single; I thought you'd have a trail of girls eager to grab you" she said with honesty.

"Well, I'm particular about the type of girl I go for" he said back.

"Really? Well, I'm getting bored, so how a about a game of truths?" she said, taking him by surprise.

"Yeah, okay, why not" he answered and he offered her to start.

She asked him where the most dangerous place was that he had a sexual liaison. He told her it was a secluded alcove in a bar then he asked her.

"So, what do you enjoy most?" he quipped back.

She almost blushed.

"Well, let's just say, I'm a bit selfish, in an ideal world" she responded.

"Oral?" he said, grinning back.

She grinned and extended her hand, flipping it back and forth as if to say Sort Of.

"Okay, em receiving oral?" and she nodded, smiling.

"I'd do that to you anytime you wanted" he muttered, without almost realising it had been so vocal.

She smirked back at him.

"I heard that, you dirty sod" she replied.

"Well, I'm only being honest. It's not really like full sex and therefore I don't think it can be construed as cheating" he blurted out.

She didn't reply and for a full minute the silence grew. Finally she answered.

"How long did that engineer say he'd be?" she asked.

"At least 2 hours, but he's going to call again to let us know when he's about 20 minutes away" he answered.

As if agreeing something to herself, she nodded.

"Okay, we're bored and under normal circumstances it wouldn't happen, but well, let's make the time pass a bit faster shall we?" and stood up, as they had both been sitting on the floor of the lift.

"Why are you standing?" She said, as he was about to rise.

He understood, although he couldn't quite believe this stunner was going to let him do what he thought she was suggesting. Instead, he knelt in front of her and helped her slip off her jeans. Then her knickers came off and quickly and his mouth swiftly attacked her moist slit as she slipped one leg over his shoulder. Nothing was said, as he began to slow down and swallow her sweet juices. After only 5 minutes though, she was pushing him away.

"Stop! Stop, I think I'm bursting for a wee" she said, but as soon as she did, he held onto her ass even tighter.

"I've never done this before, but you can't do it on the lift floor. You'll have to do it in my mouth" he offered her.

She stopped struggling to get off him and looked down at him.

"You would do that?" she asked him.

"As I said, I've never even considered it before but this isn't a typical situation and besides, I think you deserve at least an orgasm" he offered her.

"Yes, perhaps I do, don't I? My boyfriend is starting to piss me off anyway, he's always away on business. Speaking of piss, get ready" she said and he quickly glued his mouth to her, as the first squirt landed on his tongue.

Concentrating on swallowing, he managed a good rhythm, while she relived herself into him. At last, she subsided and relaxed as his tongue slipped inside her again.

"That was so dirty. You're going to have to give me more than 1 orgasm, I'm so horny now" she said, one hand descending to grip his hair tightly.

"As many as you want" he answered her but she was already close to cuming and pulled his head up so he was sucking her clit.

"Fuck, don't you stop, here it comes" she hissed, as her orgasm washed over her, while his mouth kept up the oral toll below.

At last, she pushed him away and spun around, both hands on the wall of the lift, her bum invitingly in front of him. He immediately parted her cheeks and sought her arsehole, as she let the contentment of a good orgasm wash over her. Gradually, his tongue found purchase and he slowly began to slide it in and out of her bum as she sighed contentedly.

"How long have we got?" she asked him.

"Um about an hour and a half" he replied, before continuing to rim her.

"I don't want you to stop until just before the engineer gets here" she said with lust in her voice.

He didn't answer, but kept up the task at hand.

"Stop that for a moment" she said to him suddenly.

He removed his tongue then she spoke again.

"Kiss my cheeks for a bit, then go back to doing that" she told him.

Again, he did as she asked and his lips went from one cheek to the other, planting dozens of kisses, until he worked his way back to her arsehole. She relaxed to allow his tongue back inside her and couldn't believe how horny she was. This was the best sexual encounter ever! She was aware he had been rimming her for a while now and although enjoying it immensely, her legs were tiring from standing up. He seemed to sense this too, as he soon spoke.

"Are your legs tired? Why don't you sit on my face?" he kindly offered.

"Lie down" she said by way of an answer and as soon as he did so, she mounted his face, slipping her pussy over his nose, as his tongue reacquainted itself with her arse.

She looked down into his eyes with lust, as he continued to pleasure her.

"Go deeper" she said, pressing down harder onto his face, enjoying the way his tongue and now his nose were inside her orifices.

She lifted up periodically, so he could catch a breath then she slid back, letting him tongue her pussy again.

Just then the phone went. Cursing loudly, she reached up and let him keep licking her as she stretched the phone to answer.

"Good news. I'll be there in 20 minutes. I've managed to make it earlier than I thought" said the engineer cheerily.

"Oh right, thanks then" she said and replaced the handset.

"Fuck, I don't believe it! The engineer will be here before long and I could see this turning into a really good one" she pouted.

Then her face lit up.

"I've got an idea" she suddenly said.

"What are you thinking" he asked her.

"I've already said that idiot boyfriend of mine is away on business. So you're coming home with me. I'm too wound up now to go without" she said to him, assuming he would agree.

He tried to smile, but it was hard to see as her pussy was still on his mouth.

"No problem, but are you sure that's what you want? With a boyfriend and everything?" he asked her.

"Listen, this little start to the evening's entertainment has got me thinking. I'll confess I've found texts on his phone from another girl, he doesn't go down on me, which the bastard should at least know by now I adore and he's away a bit too often. I mean, who am I kidding? He's cheating, right?. No, I want you just like this in my bed and I want to sleep with a massive smile on my face. Let's compose ourselves then get a taxi" she said, suddenly rising up.

They had been talking for 10 minutes since the engineer called and as she slipped on her knickers, then her jeans, he got up. In no time, she looked the sexy, composed stunner that had walked in the lift earlier. Just in time too, as the engineer managed to restart the lift mechanism and they reached the ground floor. As the lift descended, she put her arms around him and kissed his lips.

"Thank you for bringing me to my senses. I want to enjoy life and maybe I've been enjoying it with the wrong guy" she said.

"I would crawl over hot coals to get just your phone number" he said back, becoming more excited by the second.

"You're sweet and I like that. And I can smell my scent on you! But it'll get a lot stronger later" she added hungrily.

Just then the lift hit the ground floor and they stepped apart as the engineer opened the door and stood smiling at them.

"Sorry you two, glad I got you out. I've got to head to another job, if that's everything?" he said.

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