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The Maharani Pt. 01

by paragon of virtue 08/22/07

Mahmud looked at that innocent face with its befuddled expression and he knew he had his prey. Maybe prey was not the right term. Unless sticking a hard piece of flesh into a warm receiving piece of flesh was hunting.

He softly encircled her with his hands and then pressed his lips against hers. She suddenly came alive and struggled to get away. He held her firmly with his brawny arms and moved one hand to the back of her head to keep her face still while he again pressed his lips to hers. For a short while he felt resistance and then like a deer resigned to its fate it melted away and he became conscious of her lips quivering against his and then actually moving against his!

Gently he moved down. Kissing softly her cheeks, then neck and then the tops of her covered breasts. One of his hands held the back of her neck firmly while the other traveled down her back to her perfect taut buttocks softly squeezing each. By Allah, they were magnificent. She was tall but not large and this was reflected in her behind and in her breasts when he finally got them uncovered. Those breasts were just bigger than his fully opened hand, with large and long pink nipples that sprang erect and hard when his fingers played with them. He brought his lips to those nipples and teased them with his tongue, first one and then the other.

For her part the queen was now not even remotely opposing what he was doing. She was lost in a haze of excitement. Sexually aroused, perhaps more than she had ever been before in her life, she was actually sighing and gasping and moving against his hands, one of which was now cupping her cunt and rubbing her covered vaginal lips.

Boldly, he slipped his hand under the tied up end of her sari and underclothes to feel her luxuriant pubic hair and her now moist cuntal opening. Gently, he inserted a finger into the ridged interior and she gasped even more. He found her mouth with his and stuck his tongue down her throat. She responded by instinctively sucking on his tongue and this so inflamed him that he jammed two fingers into her now widely accepting cunt and began sawing them in and out. Gone was the gentleness, he was now shamelessly fucking her with his fingers and she was brazenly responding by flinging herself on those marauding fingers.

Then with a stifled cry and a gasp she came. For the first time ever she had an orgasm. She almost passed out with the intensity of the experience. Incredible; Mahmud's fingers had achieved what her dead husband's penis never had.

Mahmud let her climb off her orgasmic heights. Then he gently laid her on her bed and proceeded to slowly disrobe her.

The lecherous lothario enjoyed every bit of what was gradually revealed - smooth white undulating skin, perky perfect breasts with those mile long huge nipples, an inny belly button rising and falling sexily with her excited breathing on a flat abdomen, curvy waist that he could completely encircle with his hands. Then as he peeled her sari off – the cunt that he had fingered to orgasm, creamy thighs that tapered to dappled knees that flowed into full calves and sculptured feet with long resolute toes.

He just had to do the obvious. He had learnt the pleasures of oral sex from Devdasis on his previous forays and here was someone who deserved every bit of what he had to offer.

He parted those perfect thighs and placed his face between them. He inhaled the fresh scent of this aroused gorgeous woman. Then he stuck his tongue out and tasted her vaginal lips. The contact made her realize what was happening and overcome with disgust – how could anyone put their mouth there – she flapped about and tried to disengage herself. Mahmud was having none of this. He held her wonderful thighs firmly while escalating the assault on her vagina. He licked up to her clitoris and found that it was turgid with arousal and obviously every little bit of it was sensitive as all get out because she was moaning and groaning and writhing, and in no time at all, as he continued his lingual assault she shuddered to another orgasm.

All the times she had been fucked by her husband had been exciting. But it seemed now that they were just dry runs that never quite reached the take off point, beyond which lay this incredible feeling of wholeness, of being satisfied in every fiber of her being, of lights popping and thunder like explosions going off in her head.

As she lay and watched through hazy eyes, Mahmud began undressing. Off came the long loose cotton shirt and then down went the draw string trousers and out popped his cock. She gasped audibly as it sprang into view, huge and proudly erect. She had never really seen an erect cock before. Just glimpses of her husband's before he entered her and sheathed it in her cunt. Most of their fucking had been at night, clumsy and hurried. This erect cock before her made her stomach muscles tighten in excitement and her cunt moist and ready.

He moved between her thighs and gently entered her. Another gasp from her. Much bigger than the only cock she had known. Slowly he worked it in till finally he was in to his balls. He stopped and savored the moment. It had been hard work but definitely worth it. He looked down at her beautiful face now wreathed in wonderment and lust and then to the sight of his prong sheathed in warmth and wetness. He felt the pleasure he always felt at the completion of a conquest. This was what it was all about. Kingdoms or women; there was no substitute for this feeling of accomplishment that the immediate aftermath of conquest engendered. This feeling was what gave true meaning to his life.

He began moving inside her. Very quickly up to ramming speed and then with a gasp he came. Deprivation of sex had taken its toll on his ability to last.

To her astonishment he remained hard and in her cunt, and then began thrusting again, even as their combined secretions ran out of her cunt and down her thighs and buttocks on to the bed sheet. This time he lasted a long time. She found herself parting her thighs completely and raising her buttocks to help his prick reach further inside her cunt. She placed her spread feet on his back where they beat on him in time to his lunging. Again she found herself climbing the rainbow and then with a cry she came. Shortly after that he flooded her cunt with a second load.

He stayed on top of her with his softening cock still in her vagina. He bruised her lips with his teeth, and then suckled on her breasts pulling on her nipples with strength and urgency her baby had never displayed. It stimulated her and she found to her astonishment it made his cock hard once again.

He pulled out his cock with a pop that brought a sigh of disappointment from her. He crawled up her body and held his prick to her mouth.

"Suck this. Open your mouth my queen and suck this hose. Take Mahmud to heaven."

He could not be serious she thought. Suck it?! Ugh! No way!

He held her head firmly and she found her lips parting and her mouth engulfing the head of his prick. Of its own volition her tongue began licking the underside of his penis as more and more of the shaft penetrated her oral cavity. Down her throat it went and all she did was suck and lick till his pubic hair caressed her lips. The repugnance she felt at smelling and tasting their combined intimate secretions had disappeared, replaced by this overwhelming desire to suck the very life out of his prick.

He looked down at her. My God, he thought, she was a natural. This was a woman made for fucking.

He got up on his knees and began fucking her face. She found herself accepting the violation with pleasure and moving her tongue on the underside of his cock as encouragement.

Her hands found his balls and her fingers began massaging them. This was too much even for a seasoned fucker like Mahmud and he came furiously in her mouth. He held her face as his cock exploded. She swallowed quickly but was just not experienced enough to handle all he had to offer. Stuff trickled out of the corners of her mouth and down her face. Her fingers collected the run off and as his shrinking cock left her mouth she replaced it with her fingers and licked them clean.

With a twinkle in her eyes she reached for his penis, "Where do you think you are going with that?"

Her hand gently stroked it to semi hardness and then she wrapped her lips around it and sucked it back to powerful rigidity.

He looked in wonder as this beautiful creature, this personification of the ideal in a woman, sucked on his cock with the wantonness of a slut. He had worked hard to get to fuck her. Very hard. But never in his wildest dreams had he anticipated this result. He had been smitten by her absolute beauty and the outcome he had looked for was to shaft this perfect being. Her beauty had been a goal in itself. He had not looked beyond that. But now as he realized that he had somehow unleashed a lusty tigress his thoughts returned to their usual level of depravity – he was going to ass fuck her. Oh yes he was going to bugger this beauty. He had thoughts of ass fucking her before but those were just the random musings of a sex starved fellow. Never a course of action he had thought possible. But now he saw it as the next course. Make her submit to him, ride her ass, watch as his prong pierced her rectum and her ravaged face begged for release.

Quickly, he removed his prick from her mouth even as her expression said "why?" He turned her on her side and then slid down to place his mouth on her anus. He parted those magnificent buttocks and gazed in awe at the rose bud. But only for a moment before he attacked it with his tongue.

"Yeech," she thought," What is he doing? That is so dirty." And she tried to move away.

Mahmud was single minded in his purpose. He was going to bugger this woman, this vision of perfection, come what may. His sturdy hands firmly held her hips in place as his lingual assault became more intense.

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