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The Mirror

by 1Browneyedguy 10/21/10

It was one of those spring days that are just perfect. She sat on a bench by the pond watching the ducks swimming in the water. A soft breeze gently lifted her shoulder length hair from time to time. Soft scents from flowers blooming filled the air. Nearby was a quaint little shopping area. People were milling about, so she decided to do a little browsing....

She wandered into an antique shop and began to look around. There were some beautiful old things and some junk mixed in as well. She touched a lot of the items feeling their history in her hands. For some reason she was drawn to the back corner of the store. There, hidden among some furniture, was a mirror. It was exquisite. Large and ornate it just stood in its' frame propped up against the wall. She peered around to see if anyone was nearby to tell her about the mirror. There was no one! She reached out to run a hand gently down the frame.

She felt a strange jolt! Suddenly, in the mirror, a man began to appear. It was almost as if he were an apparition. He was handsome in appearance, in fact, she felt as though she had known him before. She just stared at him for the longest time. He beckoned to her with his eyes. They were inviting and tawny in color. They had a light about them, somewhat worldly. Mesmerizing would be a good way to describe them. Her eyes drifted shut as she felt myself falling into a trance.

When she opened her eyes, all her senses went on alert. She could feel every pore in her skin. Her face immediately began to blush with excitement and anticipation. She knew just what he wanted from her even though he didn't utter a word! Did she know him before? Possibly.

She felt as though she knew him intimately as well. He smiled at her with sure intention. "Hello, Leigh," he whispered to her as he lifted his hand to caress her cheek. Stunned was how she felt. How did he know her name? He spoke in a deep voice that vibrated right through her body. She felt a strange sensation, almost as if she were flying. He held his hand out to her. The next thing she knew was stepping into the mirror.

She looked around and realized they were no longer in the store. Somehow they had been transported into his world, a meadow field. The mirror was still there. There it was, propped up against a lone tree and they were still in front of it. She felt decadent! Outdoors, with the wind blowing softly around, she knew she was going to have sex with this man. The atmosphere was almost ethereal. She felt free to let herself go and take what she wanted. She wanted him! She wanted him buried so deep inside her pussy that she wouldn't be able to tell where they separated.

"Only you..." he said to her as she looked at him with sexual desire written all over her face. "You are the only one for me," he continued as he began to touch her breast. "We've been here before Leigh, do you remember?" he purred into her ear.

Her mind was working overtime. There was something there, foggy, in the back of her mind. Was it recognition of prior times? She wanted to repeat the hazy memory that she was having. To feel the sexual desires building inside of her. The wetness, the slippery heat.

Facing the mirror as he began to lift her hair away from the base of her neck. He gently blew against her tender skin. It tickled and aroused her at the same time. Then he pressed his lips against her neck. Her sundress was blowing softly, the skirt gently teasing her legs. Softly he kissed and licked all along her neck. Her legs were feeling weak and she started to moan. They slowly turned to face each other the trancelike feeling continuing. She wanted to touch him! His erection so much!

She wanted to take him in her hands. She placed her hands on his chest. He placed his hand on one of hers and slowly slid it down the front of his chest. He placed it right on his cock. She could feel how hard he was! Hard as steel! "This is what you do to me Leigh," he said "you make me want you beyond all reason."

She felt electrified! The current washed over her, leaving her breathless. She began to rub him through his pants. She couldn't get close enough though! She wanted more and she wanted it right now!

While she continued to stroke him, he began to remove my clothing. He started by unbuttoning the buttons on the front of her dress. They opened very easily. All the while his eyes were caressing her breasts. Her nipples hardened into two tight buds. She could feel them tightening and beginning to tingle. She felt like an arrow of desire had shot her. It went straight from her nipples to her pussy. Once all the buttons opened he slid the dress off her shoulders and lifted it away. Ahhh, the freedom she felt. She was outdoors with the warm sun shining down on her body. That was a pleasure in itself.

"Ahhhhhh yessss, just as I remember," he said to her as he ran his hands all over her body. "Look at us in the mirror, Leigh...Do you remember yet? We were magical together. Let me show you how incredible we were!" She was having a hard time catching her breath. He was saying all the right things and touching her in all the right places. As her dress opened, her breasts tumbled out and he immediately leaned forward to take the hardened nipples into his mouth

He sucked, kissed & teased them until they were harder then diamonds. More arrows of desire were shooting through her body. His hand slid down into her wet panties. His hand began an intoxicating rhythm against her silken lips. The combination of him sucking her nipples and touching her folds was bringing her close to an orgasm. She wanted his clothing gone immediately! Frantically tearing at his loose cotton shirt! She couldn't get all the buttons undone so she just ripped it open. The buttons went flying. He understood her desperation at trying to disrobe him. "Let me help," he said trying to calm me down. She nodded while still grasping for the buttons on his pants. He helped undo them. Together they pushed his pants down and he kicked them away along w/ his underwear. He was naked! What a sight to behold. She wanted to look at him! To taste his cock!! She wanted him to fill her with his hot cum!!

They fell to their knees, embracing and began to kiss passionately. What is a kiss, you ask? They were like starving people at a feast. They were relentless in our hunger. Their tongues mingled and breathes became one. They opened their mouths as wide as they could. Their bodies were lined up just right. His hard cock was straddled in between her legs and rested right up against her swollen lips. She still had my soaked panties on. He was thrusting against her over & over.

"I want to taste you, again" he whispered as he started to lean down lower. He removed her panties with his mouth as she leaned back on her elbows. Dipping his head down to taste her, his tongue was masterful. He licked her wet pussy and stroked her thighs with his hands.

The combination of sensations was bringing her to the edge. "I can't hold back, please," she breathlessly murmured. The sensations were getting too strong!

Just as she was about to take his cock into her damp, swollen lips, she felt a different sensation... a kind of tapping. "WHAT! WHAT?" was all she could say? The sunlight disappeared and the haze was lifting. "Where am I?" Leigh was no longer in the field.

The words became clear "Miss! Miss! Can I help you? The store is about to close." She turned around and a young man in a sweater & jeans was waiting for a response. Leigh looked around & she was in an antique store. All her clothes were in place. Looking for the door, she made a quick exit. As she left & turned around... the mirror was still there. Was her mind playing tricks on her? She wanted to leave but was also being beckoned. The memories were still so fresh. Ohhhhh, it was so erotic.

Was it deja vu? Leigh promised herself she would return see the Mirror.

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