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The Missing Dragon Ch. 05

by Lien_Geller 06/23/17

He'd noticed a few changes in their relationship since he'd taken up the orc idea of becoming life-mates with Algra. Orc society was structured around a system of the best fighters being dominant over the weaker ones. Almost every orc he'd met served a stronger one, who had usually beaten them in a challenge of single combat. By sheer luck, along with the element of surprise, and perhaps the fact that Algra wasn't in her right mind, he'd managed to become her master.

Now that had changed. As mates, they were equals and as such they were both master of each other. It was his right to tell her what to do, and her right to do the same. As such, she no longer needed to appear subservient around him, and often made a point of showing everyone who owned him. The orcs also had a similar system to the orcish battle challenge for each time they disagreed in order to determine who was right. Because of this, Gregory made a point never to disagree with Algra.

It said a lot about how much she valued Janette that the orc warrior sat on the opposite side of him rather than simply taking her preferred position in straddling his lap. Once their tongues finished their dance, she settled against his side. Her plentiful breasts pushed up against his bicep, and she leaned across him to give Janette a lighter kiss by way of greeting. Gregory's trunks started to feel several sizes too small after the two kisses, and he momentarily wished he hadn't ordered Algra not to take his cock out when the others were around. It had been a good idea at the time. Orcs didn't really understand the concept of modesty all that well.

Gregory saw that the others were now assembled before them, mostly smiling with amusement. Frelki had a slightly different expression, and her eyes were fixed on the bulge in his trunks. He made a point to look away from the slender beauty, and shifted his attention to the others.

"That was a good session, guys. I think we can head on back to the proving grounds tomorrow. Make sure to cover up the new toys. We'll come here first to warm up and then use the clubs out there so no one catches on to what we've been up to. Let's give the first pack Ulag throws at us a shock, eh?"

There was a murmur of agreement and some shared nods amongst the pack.

"Great," he continued. "Let's get a good night's sleep then. I'll see you all at sunrise here tomorrow."

They departed, and he watched them leaving and falling into their usual habit of sharing advice and talking about the session they'd just been through. It was a relief to see them like that. They were excited, and they were adapting well to his ideas about changing their game out there.

"You should be alpha." Algra spoke up once the rest of the pack were out of earshot.

"Not this again. Look, I told you that I'm more than happy with Ulf as alpha. He's done way more than I have in getting the others on board with all this. Besides, he's more experienced. It's him who usually goes around giving everyone pointers and getting them thinking about what they're doing."

"Then he is good captain, bad commander," she replied simply before turning back to him.

This wasn't a new argument. Algra was fiercely proud of the work he'd done with the pack, and didn't feel it was right that Ulf would get the glory. Gregory didn't much care about glory, but he wasn't stupid enough to tell Algra that. Her entire society revolved around it.

"I think we all know the answer to this problem," Janette helpfully piped up before beating her fist against her chest. "I should be the alpha."

"She's right," he nodded without missing a beat. "The woman has a knack for bossing me around. She'd be great at it."

Algra's lips curved up into an amused smile that she clearly didn't want on her face whilst discussing such a serious matter.

"Oh yeah, and since we're talking about things I'm not comfortable with, can you please stop telling other orc women that I'm great in bed?" He shifted his attention from Janette back to Algra, his tone becoming somewhat annoyed. "I've had a few of them come sniffing around the camp looking for me to see if the rumours were true."

"You should fuck more. I not tell others that my mate is good in the rut. I tell them my mate is good anywhere." Algra noted somewhat fiercely.

Janette burst out laughing at that so hard that she almost fell off the rock. Gregory's arm slipped around her waist as he saw her teetering, and she happily settled against his side. Then, just because he could, he reached out with his other arm to do the same with Algra who happily pressed herself closer against his flank.

Ever since he'd stepped into the orc encampment with Algra Strongblood at his side, he'd noticed that quite a few orc women tended to look at him with what he'd thought of as suspicion. He was an outsider after all, and the idea of an orc woman taking up with a human was unheard of. They might have casual relationships that led to casual fun for all involved parties, but they never made such dalliances official. One night he'd mentioned the newfound attention he was getting to Algra, who had informed him that many of the females in the camp probably wanted to see if he was as good as the rumours suggested.

A skilled lover was almost as prized in orc society as a skilled warrior. This was because the females went into heat at least once per month, and during this time they required a great deal of sexual stimulation. Plenty of the males couldn't quite keep up with this demand, and that also explained the orc tendency toward polygamy. One of the reasons Algra's former mate, Rowun Strongblood, was one of the most renowned of his kin was his ability to keep Algra satisfied without assistance.

When she had returned from her self-imposed exile with a human, the interest in Gregory had grown considerably; especially when it became clear that she wouldn't take any other lovers. He hadn't realised it, but he'd been amassing quite a bit of respect amongst the orcs. This amplified when it came to light that he and Algra had been mated, and she no longer felt the obligation to allow his silly attitude to stop her from proclaiming him as the extraordinarily talented lover that he was.

For the past few weeks, she'd been trying to get him to take a few of her friends so that the rumours and her bragging could be confirmed. This kept him on his toes when he was walking around the camp, keeping an eye out for horny orc women wanting to tempt him into a dark corner and test his reputation.

"Ok then, I promise that as long as it's alright with Jan I'll have as much sex with your friends as you like." Gregory heard the somewhat strained note in his voice when he said that and wondered what the hell was wrong with him.

"Hey, it's fine with me. Just as long as I can watch." Janette flashed him an impish grin whilst her hand slid down his chest to tug at the hem of his trunks. It didn't take much before his cock burst free of the leather confines and up into the warm air. "I was a little jealous for a while there, but it's not like you aren't keeping me happy. Besides, I think you nearly orgasmed me to death the other night. Sometimes it's nice to be able to tag in a partner."

She winked over to Algra, leaving Gregory at a loss for words as each of them reached out to stroke his cock. Algra's hand wrapped around the base and slowly slid up and down whilst Janette teased her fingertips around the engorged tip.

In times such as this, he knew what was expected of him. Both of the sultry females were determined to show off. It was his job to sit back and appreciate their considerable skills. Since the beginning of their time together on Arolius, they had gotten very skilled indeed.

Janette relinquished her hold on his cock to allow Algra's lips to descend over its tip. Slowly, he felt her take him against her tongue and along to the entrance to her throat whilst gently suckling him all the while. The way her tongue began to massage his hot length allowed him to just about keep enough of his wits to appreciate Janette disrobing. The fiery-haired girl had caressed her hand across his chin to draw his attention before slipping out from beneath his arm to crouch on the rock beside him. He watched as she playfully reached behind her back and unfastened the string that held two triangles of fabric in place over her nipples. It was already strained against the considerable weight of her bountiful tits and, as soon as it was loose enough, the string sprang forth to allow the entire garment to collapse into her cleavage.

The sight of her bare tits was enough to make his mouth water in anticipation. Large, yet firm and gorgeously rounded. Each capped with a light pink nipple atop the creamy globe. She must have read his mind, because after giving him such a stunning view she knelt forward to press one of those pink nubs against his lips. A little yelp escaped her lips when she felt his teeth tighten upon her nipple, and a soft moan followed as his lips sealed about it and he sucked lovingly at the offered delight.

Janette's hand slipped through Algra's hair whilst she enjoyed Gregory's mouth at her breast. An ecstatic gasp soon followed when she felt his hand slip between her thighs. Her knees were parted upon the stone, more than enough to give him room to slide her tiny thong to one side and press his fingers against her hot pussy. Rather than focus on the little pleasure button, he plunged his fingertips into her welcoming folds and massaged the slippery flesh within. His thumb eventually did find her clit, but it teased rather than pushed her toward release. The contact was light and infrequent, sending little shocks of pleasure up her body and perfectly complimenting the rhythm of his fingers inside her.

Algra then ceased giving his delicious cock a mouth massage, and lifted herself upright to raise to her knees beside him just as Janette had done. Noticing that he was unattended, Janette immediately wrapped her hand around him and began stroking. The movements were more urgent than Algra's mouth had been, and he felt his own sizzle of pleasure beginning to rise steadily into something more. His lips released Janette's nipple and he turned to his mate. Janette quickly ducked down to engulf his hardness with her mouth and continue the blowjob her friend had started.

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