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The Neighbor's Daughter

by RogueProfile 02/05/06

"Come here and get on your knees? I hope you like to suck cock?"

She once again gave me that pleading look as she slipped off the end of the bed and knelt in front of me. I was stroking myself with one hand while I picked up the camera with the other.

"Go ahead Noel suck my cock"

I left go of myself as she reached out and wrapped her hand around me and started stroking me.

"Please don't take pictures of me doing this.."

I smiled and laughed a little while looking down at her.

"I'll do whatever the fuck I want you little whore. I'm going to have pictures of my cock in your twat and probably take pictures of my cum all over your face too. Now suck me you slut!!"

She looked again at me with a defeated expression and opened her mouth taking me inside. I snapped a few pics making her look up at me with my dick in her mouth then I set the camera down and grabbed a handful of her hair so I could really have some fun. I started out my slowly stroking in and out of her mouth encouraging her to lick and suck on my cock. I could feel my balls start to tighten after about fifteen minutes of her attentions. I started to force myself deeper into her mouth and down her throat, she gagged a few times sending shivers down my spine. I fucked her face until I couldn't hold on any longer. I pulled out and held her right in front of my cock as I exploded sending jet after jet of my hot cum splattering onto her face while I grunted out my satisfaction.

I stroked myself and slapped my cock against her cheeks getting the last few drops out and onto her, I then picked up the camera and made her look at me while I took a few pictures. She was thoroughly embarrassed and started crying as I dragged her towards the bed. I pushed her down on her back and forced her to spread her legs as I knelt between them. I took hold of her right leg and started to kiss and nibble on her ankle then down to her calf and inner knee. As I descended down and started to lick and kiss her inner thigh she gasped.

I knew then that I would not be disappointed with her, I stroked my fingertips gently across her pussy lips as I kissed my way down to meet them. I stopped just short of her cunt and in hailed deeply taking in her sweet scent. I was already rock hard again and I wanted to pound her into the mattress but I wanted to take my time and enjoy her even more. I spread her cunt with my fingers and licked her from her ass to her clit causing her to gasp again and try to pull her pussy away from my mouth. I held her hips firmly and blew gently across her cunt making her wriggle then I slowly licked her again this time I stopped over her clit and flicked at it with the tip of my tongue. She moaned and started to gently push her cunt into my face.

"You like that don't you?"

She didn't answer so I went back to work sucking at her cunt lips and darting my tongue into her while I gently rubbed her clit with my thumb. She was moaning and rocking her hips into my face giving me better access to her now soaked pussy. I stopped thumbing her clit and started nipping and gently pulling at her pussy lips, her back arched and her breathing became ragged so I moved up and again started sucking her clit.

"Oh god... Mr.. Ah.. Mr. Anderson.. I ... ahhhhh..."

I knew she was close so I pulled away from her and stood up, she looked at me with a bit of a surprise.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you"

She looked away from me and rolled onto her side.

"Please.. Don't I'm a virgin, don't rape me."

I was stunned, I couldn't believe my ears, this hot peace of as was untouched, my cock twitched as I stood there with what must have been a look of shock. After a minute or two I collected myself while I stroked my cock and made the decision that I would be her first even if she didn't want me to be. I pulled her up then made her turn around and bend down so her ass was sticking out. She held herself up with her hands on the bed while I spread her legs and placed the head of my cock against her cunt.

"Please don't ... I don't want to do this.. Please don't, I'll do anything else just don't rape me"

She was crying again but I ignored her and pushed myself into her cunt, her body seemed to pull me into her until I reached her cherry and stopped. She gasped at the intrusion into her most privet recesses and sobbed while I held her hips and prepared to make my assault.

"Listen to me Noel.. You need to try and relax, I know you don't want this but I do and your mine now so just stop all this crying. Are you ready for me?

I pulled back a little as she turned to look at me.

"No. Doaahhhh."

I didn't give her the chance to finish as I rammed my cock into her breaking her cherry and sinking up to my balls in her cunt. Her pussy was so tight I felt like someone had there fist wrapped around my cock, She collapsed forward onto the bed while I held onto her hips and slowly started to fuck her. I thought I was going to go out of my mind because of the way her body pulled at my cock, I took it slowly until I felt her body loosen enough for me to really shaft her. She was grunting and moaning through her tears while I pulled her up and wrapped my arms around her holding her tits with my hands. I fucked her standing like that for a few minutes then I pushed her down on the bed and flipped her over. Once I had her on her back I fell on top of her and pushed my cock back into her hot cunt, She arched her back into me so I bent forward and sucked at her tits while I fucked her faster.

"Uh.. Uh.. Stop.. Uh.. Ahh.."

I was pounding into her making my balls slap against her ass, I could feel my second orgasm building so I decided to slow the pace and make this last.

"God damn baby your pussy is so good, it's a shame none else has had a taste, God I want to cum in you."

She stiffened and looked up at me.

"NO! you can't I'll get pregnant... please no"

I sank my full length into her slowly then looked her in the eye.

"Ok I won't cum in you pussy but you have to first make me a promise."

She once again looked at me with horror in her eyes.

"What? What more do you want from me?"

I grabbed my camera and took a picture of her with her cum and tear stained face looking back at me then one of my cock in her pussy.

"I want you to agree to bring your pretty high school girlfriends over and help me fuck them too"

She was shocked and I could tell she didn't know what to say so I started fucking her again at an even pace making her tits jiggle up and down.

"I can't ... Don't make me do something like that."

I paused again and slammed into her making her grunt.

"Fine then I'll just fuck you and cum in your cunt and then I'll do the same to your ass."

I reached forward and wrapped my right hand around her throat and started to hammer her hard and fast. She grunted with every thrust as the bed squeaked out its own protest, I found myself moaning and grunting as her hot cunt gripped me.

"Wait.. Ung.. Stop.. Ahhh.. God.. Wait!"

I buried myself into her making her moan again then held myself there.

"Do we have a deal?"

I twisted her nipple with my left hand.

"Ahhh... yes.. Just don't cum in me. Please"

I smiled and pulled out of her then lay down on my back next to her on the bed.

"I want you on top, your going to fuck me."

She pulled herself up and straddled me then took my dick in her hand and sank down on it. I was in bliss and wanted to just explode right there as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. I reached around her with one hand and stuck my finger up her ass making her shriek in surprise while my other hand massaged her tits. She rode me for a good twenty minutes all the while moaning and grunting out her now obvious pleasure. I was feeling ready myself so I pulled her to one side and made her lay on her back. I grabbed her legs and threw them over my shoulder then speared her wet cunt making her squeal. I fucked her hard and deep pressing her knees against her tits, the room was filled with our grunts and the sounds of my balls slapping against her ass.

"Are you ready baby? Ah... god.

I rammed her making her body bounce up and down on the mattress, I could tell she was close but she surprised me when her cunt clamped down on me and she screamed a soundless scream while her orgasm tore through her. I tried to hold on but it was more then I could handle and I felt myself starting to cum so I pulled out and fired my load onto her belly.

"OHHHH GOD .. FUCK.. AAAGGHHHH... Christ.. Ahh... shit.."

I shot several long sticky spurts of cum out onto her body then I collapsed next to her.

"Fuck Noel.. You're a real sweet peace of ass. I hope you like fucking because were going to do a lot of it."

She just lay there covered in my cum so I again took a few pictures. I wrapped a hand in her hair and pulled her face down to my cock and she took it into her mouth without being told. She sucked me like I had told her earlier making me hard in a few moments. I pulled her face away from me and spun her around so she was on her hands and knees. Taking my dick in my hand I slid it into her wet cunt and started stroking into her again. She was grunting but all I wanted was to get well lubed so I pulled out and pressed the head of my dick against her ass.

She tried to pull away and spin around but I grabbed her hips and kept her there.

"What are you doing? You said you wouldn't, please no not there!"

I slapped her hard on the ass making her yelp.

"All I said is I wouldn't cum in your whore cunt and I didn't I never said I would fuck your ass. Now shut up and relax"

I pushed my cock against her as she protested.

"It hurts, no.. don't"

With a little effort I sunk the head of my cock into her ass.


I just kept pushing until all eight inches was buried in her ass, I then very slowly started to fuck her making her cry and moan at the same time. I paused a moment taking another picture of my cock in her ass then I went back to shafting her. I knew that her folks would probably be getting home soon so I started to speed up after her ass stretched enough for me not to really hurt her. Like her cunt her ass was really tight so it didn't take a real long time for me to build up.

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