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The Neighbor's Wife

by PULLNPITCH 11/20/01

Well, I would like to say the story just started, but it was actually 6 years ago when we moved here. My name is Paul and my wife's name is Kathy. I'm 6'4" 190 lbs and Kathy is 5'7" 128 lbs with the prettiest 36C breasts you could imagine. We just got married a year prior and were extremely active in the bedroom for a mid thirty's couple. Our house backed right up to our neighbor's house, which now is a blessing. Our neighbor's are from New York, Ann being 5'1" 112 lbs, brown hair and a pair of 34C's that makes me rock hard every time I see them. Her husband Mike is 6'3" 215 lbs and in pretty good shape.

Over the last 6 years we have become very close with Mike and Ann and do a lot of things together. I often look out the back windows in the dark just to try and get a look at Ann changing or getting out of the shower and even doing the late night swims with her husband. I've seen Ann naked on numerous occasions and Mike once or twice. Every time we would get together I would always try and get a look at Ann or be next to her. Her breasts are just so damn hypnotic. At the end of the evening I would get the normal lecture from my wife Kathy.

On one occasion I was looking out the back window about a month ago and I was watching Ann and Mike having sex in their pool. I had my binoculars in one hand and my dick in the other. I was stoking my cock to the rhythm they were keeping. I could see the look on Ann's face and new she was about to cum and this drove my desire even more. Just when I was about to go over the top our laundry room door opened and there was my wife. I told her what I was doing and being the wife she is, she peered through the blinds and stroked my cock for me. Sex was good that night, but all I kept thinking about were Ann's breasts. I told Kathy this and for the strangest reason she wasn't upset. She said I could look, but touching was another story.

So, here we are present day and three weeks after my birthday. On my birthday Kathy, Mike, Ann and I went to the air show. We drove over to pick up Ann and Mike and god let me tell you Ann came out in a black spandex skirt and a blue low cut top. This was going to be a hard day in both aspects. All through the air show I kept my sunglasses on and kept looking down Ann's shirt to see her Blue Victoria Secret bra. All I could think about was how lucky Mike was to be able to fondle and suck on the perfect breasts.

The air show was over and we all went back to Mike and Ann's house for supper and some drinks. When we got to their house Mike got us some beer. The ladies requested some Margarita's for gang. I got my drink and went over to the couch and sat down on the long end. They have a wrap around couch. Kathy came over and sat on the short end of the couch and Mike was in the kitchen. Ann came in the living room got her drink and sat down on the floor by my feet right where I could see down her shirt. I don't know if it was the alcohol or the pure desperation, but I told Ann "You look hot in your outfit." Ann sat back looked at Kathy and stood up looked me in the eyes and said, "What did you just say?" I thought oh shit I'm dead and her husband will want to kill me. Then I said, " You look good in that outfit."

Ann said, " That's what I thought you said and called for Mike."

Ann told Mike what I said and that she needed help getting my birthday present. Ann walked out and came back in wearing a clown outfit and said, "Where do you want your present?"

I said," Right here if that's okay." Ann looked at Kathy then at me and smiled a devilish smile and said, "Happy Birthday" as she pulled off the clown outfit. Oh, my god. There was Ann standing in front of me wearing a black teddy and thong underwear.

My heart skipped a few beats as I looked at my wife. Kathy smiled and said, " I didn't know what to get you for your birthday, so what better gift." By this time my cock was already rock hard and fighting my jeans. Ann looked at Kathy and said, " You weren't kidding were you." Kathy said, " Nope you can give him or do whatever you want for his birthday." Ann looked at me her eyes changed and suddenly I saw the passion from that night in the pool. Ann walked in front of me and slowly slid the string straps off her shoulders. I reached my hand up to touch the fruit that had been forbidden for so many years. As my shaking hand touched her right breast, it seemed to just melt into it. They were perfect and now they were mine.

I turned to look for Mike and there he was smiling and said, " Happy Birthday and enjoy yourself." Ann straddled my lap with her pussy resting on my cock. Ann looked at me and said, " I want you to do to me what you've wanted to for the past 6 years." I was sliding my hands up and down the outsides of her thighs all the way to her ass and up to her breasts. I shifted my position so I could get one of those breasts in my mouth. I licked my tongue around her nipple taking it into my mouth and kissing the soft flesh under her breast.

As I looked to my wife to tell her thank you, but my mouth dropped open as she was fondling her own breast. Kathy looked at me and said," This is kind of a present for me too." I then looked at Ann and told her I wanted to see her completely naked. She stood up cupping her breasts and pulled them up to kiss and lick each nipple. Ann said, "Do you want to pull down my panties or do you want me to remove them?" I said, "I want to remove them." Ann walked up to the edge of the couch and put her hands behind her head and said, "I'm all yours lover." I sat up and grabbed the elastic band of her thong and slowly pulled them down just enough to see her trimmed pussy.

I leaned forward and put my nose right to the edge of her wet pussy and blew softly. Ann looked down and said, "If you keeping doing that I'll cum right now." With that I removed her thong all the way and there in front of me was the nicest pussy with hot swollen lips just begging to be licked. I took my right hand and placed it up between her legs reaching up to the bottom of her spine. I slowly slid it down pushing up between her ass cheeks deliberately stopping at her brown button. As I wiggled my finger around and pushed up Ann let out a soft moan.

I said, "Ann I want you to get up on the couch and straddle my face." As Ann moved to my face my wife got up and came over and started sucking my cock. This was almost too much of a fantasy. Ann rocked back and forth grinding her pussy into my face. Ann reached down and pulled my head into her pussy, slamming my tongue into her hot little hole. By now I could taste her precum and that made me even hotter and sucked her pussy that much harder. Kathy stopped sucking my cock only for the reason to come up and start licking Ann's ass. Just the idea of my wife's mouth and mine, touching while licking another woman's pussy and ass. WOW!!

Out of the blue I hear Mike, "Are you going to fuck Ann or what?" Ann looked down and said, "It's your Birthday lover." Kathy sat on the floor with her head back on the couch as Ann got on her hands and knees over her face. Kathy reached up and stroked my cock a few times as she prepared me for a six-year-old fantasy. As I looked down my cock was beat red and pulsing. Kathy's tongue was hard at work on Ann's pussy. I licked my thumb and slid it up and down Ann's crack until Kathy guided my cock to Ann's pussy. I stuck just the head in to savor the moment and slide in slowly. Ann gasped and her head dropped to the back of the sofa as she pushed herself back into me.

I pulled back for a long slow stroke and slammed in on her hard. I could feel Kathy's tongue licking her wet dripping cunt occasionally hitting my cock. I could hear Kathy moaning and after looking behind me knew why. There on the floor between my wife's legs was Paul just going to town on her pussy. This was making me hotter and hotter and hotter. I didn't know where to look, but down at my cock going into Ann's pussy. Ann's breathing was increasing and so was mine as I picked up the pace. I was fucking like a wild horse on a mission. Kathy reached up and squeezed my balls gently applying pressure. She slid her hand back rubbing her middle finger on my anal hole.

The next thing I knew Ann started to cum and thrust herself back hard on me to meet my thrusts. Ann was gasping for air as was I and just when I was about to cum Kathy shoved her finger up my ass. That was more than I could bear and I shot my hot load of cum in Ann's cunt. Kathy was lapping up any cum that slipped out. As I spent my load I leaned forward and cupped both of Ann's breasts and squeezed them not wanting to let go. As my cock got smaller and slipped out of that hot wet cunt, Kathy was there to lick it clean.

As I climbed off of Ann and sat on the couch next to my wife's head I asked Ann to sit on my lap so I could lick her tits and rub her pussy while her husband Paul sucked Kathy off to a toe curling orgasm. I looked down at Kathy and said thanks. Kathy said," Don't thank me it was Ann's idea." Ann smiled and said, "If I only knew six years ago what I know now."

"Damn what a waste of some good times." Paul looked up and said," Hey buddy at least you got to fuck my wife." I just smiled and said, " Turnabout is fair play", but that's another story.

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