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The Next Door Neighbor

by honeydew 04/01/01

He stood there watching her, not believing what he was seeing. His neighbor was watering her back yard naked. His life didn't seem to be going the way he wanted it too. His wife hasn't wanted to have sex in the last three months, his job was the same thing everyday. And now he was very horny. He went on inside the house and try to get his wife to suck his cock, but she told him to go jack off she didn't want sex anymore. He went up to their bedroom and tried to jerk off, but he just couldn't get hard enough come. He gave up and went to sleep.

He woke up hours later, turn to see his wife sleeping, look at the clock and notice that it was after 2 in the morning. He got up and went out to the kitchen to get a drink. He decided he'd go outside to the pool. As he move closer to the pool he notice that his neighbor was also out. He walk over to hedge to talk to her.

"Miss, I'm sorry to scare you, but I thought I'd let you know that its not a good idea to water your yard in the nude, at least not during the daytime, and to be careful about some of the men in the neighborhood." he said.

"Thank you for letting me know, but I was only trying to get your attention." she said.

"I'm a married man, with a wife who doesn't want to have sex with me anymore, and I'm a very horny man who just might take you up on that." he told her.

"Why don't you come over here and join me in the hot tub. I'll be waiting" she said as her robe drop. He watch her robe drop and her ass as she walk away. He found himself following her.

" name is Misty. Whats your name?" she asked.

"My name is Bill" he said. "Take off your robe and get in, the waters nice and hot maybe we can get it a little hotter." she said. He got in and sat next to her. He pull her to him and kiss her, moving his tongue in and out, tasting her. The kiss got hotter and harder, when he pull back and took a big deep breath.

"Wow, if that kiss is anything to go by , I'm going to love having you inside me" she said. "Lets go inside, I don't want anything or anyone to interrupt us for the next couple of hours. "she said. He followed her into her house, to her bedroom. He watch her sit on the bed.

"Come over here and let me suck on your cock...mmmmm feels so smooth like velvet...mmmmm good" she said as she licking his cock. He watch her lick, and suck on his cock. she had me half way down her throat. "OOOOOOhhh sweet god... that feels... ssssooooo good...suck me harder...oh...yes thats it...deep throat me. OOOOOOhhhhh...yes...I'm going to fill you with my come, it comes...I'mmmmmm commmmmmmming" he screams out.

He thought to himself, he's never had a someone who could take his big cock down her throat before, and still be hard as a rock. He reach up and kiss her. He told her that no lady ever given him head that great before. "That’s okay I've never suck a cock like yours before and I love your cock, sucking you got me so hot and wet, so wet that i want your cock inside me now" she said.

"After I enjoy your pussy first" he told her. He took her legs and spread them as far as he could and settle his self there. He slide his finger in, while he ran his tongue up and down, and circle her little nub, till he had it hard. He pulled his finger out and slide his tongue up inside her pussy, locks his lips there and suck her, while his tongue fuck her. He could hear her yelling for him not to stop.

He had no intention of stopping. "Oh yes...lick me...mmmmmm your finger feels soooo good...aaaaggggggg...yes suck my pussy..."she yelled. He had to hold her down she was lifting her hips off the bed. "ooooohhhhhh gggoooddd...I'mmmmm...cccoommming"she screamed. He move above her, kiss her and took his cock and slide inside her. She was so tight he wasn't sure if he could get all of his cock in her. he lifted her hips and slide in all 10 inches of him. "your so tight baby...sooo damn like my big cock baby I know you do, you want me to stop just let me know"he told her.

"NO DON'T YOU DARE STOP I want more...fuck me harder...ooooohhhh god yes...faster... I'm going to come...yes I'm commminnngggggggggggggg" she cried out. He watch her cum, holding his self back, not wanting to come just yet. "Mmmmmm, baby you ready for another ride baby. I'm going to make you scream my name again and again, then I'm going to fill you sweet pussy with a river of my cum." he told her.

He started slamming his cock in her harder and faster, when she slammed him back he turn them over with her on top. "Ride me baby, ride me hard baby" he said. He reach up and squeezed her titties, and pulled them down to his mouth, sucking gentle at first and harder as she scream for him to suck her harder. He couldn't take much more so he turn them again and with her under him he started to pound his cock in her pussy and when he heard her scream.

"FUCK ME BILL...BILL...OH GOD I’m COMINGGGGGGGGG". He lost it then and he came with her. When they came back to earth he look up at the clock and saw it was almost 6 in the morning. "Oh baby I hate to tell you this but I got to get home before my wife gets up and finds me coming home from here" he said.

"That’s alright you will be back wont you?" she asked. He told her he'd be back every night if she wanted him to. "Oh yes I want you back, maybe next time you can fuck my ass, or maybe you can come back some day when she's not home" she told him.

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