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The One Less Traveled By Ch. 10

by JayCuck 11/03/13

I'm not sure where the email fairy lives, but if I ever find out I'm going to bomb his little house! My email inbox never seemed to empty. I made good headway though this morning and resolved that from now on, I was getting in the office by 6:30 because the first hour and half was the most productive. A soft knock on the door, provided just the excuse I needed to stop working on email. I looked up to see Sheila standing at the door, smiling at me and I beckoned her inside. I did my best not to notice the how nicely her slacks fit her and the ample swell of her breasts under her shirt. The last thing I needed was an issue with Sheila, but there was no denying she was very pretty.

"Morning Sheila. What's up?"

"Morning Nick." She took the chair facing my desk. "I just wanted to ask if you knew when the interviews were going to take place for your position?"

"Sheila, I'm meeting with HR today and we're going to discuss that subject exactly."

She nodded and smiled at me.

"Sheila you will be a part of the interview process and it's going to involve several other managers. As soon as I know more, I'll let you know or HR will contact you."

"Thanks Nick. I appreciate it."

"Your welcome." She gave me a warm smile and left my office.

I buried my head in my computer and tried not to look at her ass, as she walked out of my office. I was unsuccessful, but it was just a glance. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some lecherous dickhead, who can't wait to sexually harass his employee. I genuinely respect Sheila, her abilities and I think she can be an effective leader. It just so happens that she's also very attractive. C'mon, who wouldn't like a 5'3" blonde haired, blue-eyed woman, with killer curves and a great smile? I made a mental note to work harder at not noticing her attractiveness in the future.

The email fairy had just stopped by and dropped off ten more emails, when there was another knock at my door.

"Hey baby." It was Nicole.

She stepped into my office wearing a very sex, but still professional dress. It's hard to explain, but it's like a really long men's dress shirt, but belted at the waist and it fell down to just above her knees. The top part was unbuttoned just enough to give someone a hint of her cleavage, but not enough to cause whispers. It was one of those professional, but very sexy work outfits and I had to remind myself to close my mouth.

"Hey gorgeous. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to lunch with Collin today."

"Oh. Ok. Cool, am I invited or is it just the two of you?"

"It's just the two of us honey."

She gave me a direct look, followed by a little smile and a wink. I took a deep breath and tried to calm my heart rate.

"Ok. Say hi for me."

"I will. See ya tonight."

Since Nicole was my wife and unable to accuse me of sexual harassment, I stared at her ass as she left my office. Hey, I was going to take what I could get at this point.

The day went quickly and the meetings with HR were filled with a bunch of legalese and warnings about the correct hiring procedures. Fortunately I shared the meetings with two other managers and we'd make up the interview team, with the final decision being a consensus decision. I didn't hear from Nicole for the rest of the day, but that wasn't unusual, given my schedule and her work.

Dinner was on the table and the kids were just dishing up their plates, when she walked in the door. The girls got a smile and I got a kiss on the cheek, as she scooped up the glass of wine I poured her and headed into the bedroom to change. I sat down with the girls and we started planning for the first day of school, which was in a week. The girls had all the school supplies and more than enough clothes, so we just needed to get bus schedules and we were set.

Nicole helped herself to my world-class spaghetti, before sitting down and joining us, before too long we were all laughing. It was a good dinner and Nicole and I treasured these moments. While I wondered what happened with Collin at lunch, it wasn't as important as this family time.

The girls cleared the table and did the dishes, before disappearing into their rooms and onto their computers. Nicole and I walked into our bedroom and I noticed that she had clothes laid out on the bed. They were the kind of clothes she wore when she went out to a club.

"What's up baby?"

"Collin has a late meeting with a potential client who flew in this afternoon and he's asked me to join him. This came together at the last minute, so he didn't have a chance to give us any warning. The guy is leaving tomorrow morning and flew in specifically to meet with Collin."

"Uh. Ok." I was surprised and at a loss for a better response.

"Nick. I'm going to stay the night with Collin at his hotel. The moving company hasn't gotten everything into his house yet, so it's pretty empty. I'll see you at work tomorrow."

"Umm. Is this going to become normal? Where you come home for a few hours and then leave again?"

"No Nick. I told you this was a surprise meeting." Her voice was curt, a little cold and she walked into the closet.

I started to follow her into the closet, but she closed the door.

"Nick. You know the rules, I'm changing in here. I'll text you where the meeting is at, so you'll know. I'll try and call you as well. Ok?"

I let out a heavy sigh. "Alright."

A few minutes later she came out of the closet looking absolutely fabulous and sexy. The dress draped loosely down her front, exposing her gorgeous cleavage, but it was tight around her hips and ass. It was a short dress, that accentuated her legs and the very high-heeled shoes had straps that criss-crossed up her calf. The click of her high heels on the tile, was even sexy. A quick glance at her ass revealed absolutely no hint of panty lines or underwear and I couldn't help but get hard just looking at her. Nicole leaned over our bathroom counter to touch up her make-up and her ass stuck out invitingly.

My feet moved me forward, totally beyond my control, and I approached Nicole hoping to get a chance to run my hands over her dress. I got close...but no cigar.

"Ah...Ah...Ah!" She straightened and used her reflection in the mirror to look at me.

"Aww baby. You look so good. I just wanted to give you a hug."

"Bullshit!" She turned and pointed a finger at me with a smile. "You were going to start fondling me and you know Collin wouldn't allow it. I may not be naked or in my underwear, but I don't want to wrinkle this dress and I'm pretty sure Collin doesn't want you touching me sexually right before I meet him." Her voice was light and teasing.

"Nicole. I'm dying over here. You are so freakin' sexy and I'm hard as a rock." I smiled lecherously at her. "Just a quickie....please?"

She looked me up and down slowly, hesitating at my crotch and seeing my obvious erection. I felt like I was being inspected and coming up well short of her expectations. She seemed to make a decision, because she smiled at me and stepped back into the closet, making sure to step around me and keep a few feet between us. She returned with a little gift bag and held it out to me.

"Collin and I thought this might come in handy for you." She held it out to me.

"What is it?"

"Just open it Nick and I'll explain."

I took the bag and pulled out a long cylinder and a small container of lubricant.

"What is this?"

"It's a Fleshlight silly. See, there is an imitation pussy at one end and you stick your litt---, your cock inside and that way you can get a quickie while I'm with Collin."

She looked at me with a smile and giggled a little bit, before continuing.

"Don't for get to use lubricant and the sales lady told me it's tight, so it should feel pretty goodyou're your size." She pointed at the Fleshlight. "It's also clear, so you can see your cock go in and out when you're fucking it. I'm sure it will be better than your hand honey!"

Humiliation, embarrassment and anger welled up inside me, as I turned the Fleshlight over in my hands. I was still hard though and the way Nicole was treating me, turned me on and pissed me off at the same time. Lust won out though, as it usually did, and I put the Fleshlight on the bathroom counter.

"So, we're not having sex anymore? Is that it?"

"No Nick. We're still going to have sex. I promise." She put a hand on my shoulder. "It's just that Collin wants you to call him and ask permission to have sex with me."

I shook my head in disbelief. "What?"

"Baby. It's ok. Collin said he wouldn't deny you sex. He just wants to clearly establish our roles in this relationship and this is his way of asserting his leadership. Collin also wants to make sure, I'll be fresh for him if he wants me, like tonight."

Nicole's voice was part light and teasing and part pleading with me. I could tell this was important to her and it obviously turned her on as well. Hell, it turned us both on, but I couldn't help feeling that I was losing ground, bit by bit in this relationship. I had decided to trust Nicole and Collin though and I had to admit that the ride had been fun lately. Collin had been pretty cool the other night and I it had been highly erotic and satisfying for me. I glanced at the Fleshlight, shrugged my shoulders and decided put in away in the night stand. It was no coincidence that it went into the night stand on my side of the bed.

Nicole watched me with a smile and she met me by the front door. She leaned forward and gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek and a pat on my shoulder. I knew she was overdoing the whole 'deny the cuckold' thing, but it was exciting nonetheless. She looked beautiful, sexy and she could easily pass for being in her late 20's. No wonder Collin was so possessive of her and that made me nervous and excited; at the same time though I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen her this happy.

Nicole stepped out into the night, slid into her car and drove away, the tail lights turning the entire driveway red. The door closed softly, I locked it and I went up to check on the girls. Fortunately they hadn't noticed Nicole's departure and they were both buried in their respective electronic devices. I got nod from both of them and went downstairs, into our bedroom.

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