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The Potion

by er2122 10/13/13

We resumed watching the TV but mom kept squirming. Time to time I noticed her turning her head and staring at me. I turned myself and met her gaze. Her face was beet red and her eyes were wide, as if
seeing me the first time. There was a desperate look in her eyes. I moved towards her on the couch and she got up as if trying to run away from me.

"Mom what is going on?" I asked again.

"It's nothing, I'm just feeling a bit unwell." She was still looking at me with those wide desperate eyes. I stood up and she turned around and ran upstairs hastily. She yelled "Goodnight!" then I heard her
door shut loudly.

I could not believe the potion worked but there was no other explanation. I had never seen the look she gave me before. It was like she was very aroused, but I couldn't be sure. I walked upstairs and stood in front of her door. I knocked on her door and I heard her getting up off the bed then the sound of the door locking. "John, please go away, I need to be alone. I'll see you in the morning." I gave up and went to my room.

The next morning was Saturday and everything was back to normal. Mom told me she felt unwell the night before and that was the reason why she acted odd. I knew better but I didn't say anything. I offered to
mow the backyard and she read a book on a lawn chair as I worked, watching me. She was in shorts, a red top and flip-flops. From time to time I checked her out as her smooth legs were on display. After I finished mowing I went to the kitchen and poured us a couple of glasses of lemonade. I again put three drops of the potion in her glass.

She took it with a thank you and I pulled another lawn chair up to enjoy the sun with her. After a while she started crossing her legs frequently, I couldn't see her eyes because she was wearing sunglasses. I knew I had to make a move but I sat still, not daring. Suddenly she stood up and threw her sunglasses off. She just stood there, breathing heavily and looking down at me. I stood up slowly facing her.

"I think I'm going crazy." She whispered struggling with each word. Then suddenly she threw herself at me pushing her lips on mine. I swung my hands around her returning the kiss. I moved my hands down and started cupping her buttocks. She was kissing me desperately breathing into my mouth. My erection was pushing against her soft tummy. I was about to push my fingers inside her shorts when she suddenly pushed me off. She was so strong I almost fell back.

"Stay away from me!" She yelled in my face, then ran off. I tried to follow her but she was too fast climbing the stairs. I again knocked on her door but she screamed three times "Stay the fuck away John!" I
meekly went downstairs. I was stricken with guilt and anger. What the hell was I doing? I sat in the living room silently with frustration. I was using this fucking lust potion on my own mother. But I couldn't stop myself. Suddenly I got up and found the vial. I went to the kitchen sink to pour it down the drain. It felt so warm in my hand that it almost hurt me. I couldn't make myself to throw it out. So I came back to living room and laid down the couch. Soon I was sleeping.

When I woke up it was dark outside, I must have slept about three hours. There was no sight of mom, she must be still locked in her room. I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine and made a
sandwich. Then like in a dream I opened the vial. One, two, three drops and I poured the rest inside the glass. I put them on a tray and went upstairs. I knocked on her door.

"Mom are you ok?"

It took a minute until she answered. "Yes John, I need some alone time."

"Ok mom, I just brought you a sandwich and some wine. I'm leaving the tray here." I said innocently. I turned back and went downstairs. I sat there in the living room waiting. I had left the final decision to
her. She could come down or stay in her room. I had no more potion left.

After half an hour I heard soft footsteps coming down. I turned my head to see mom standing there with her fists clenched by her side. Her face was beet red and she was wearing a white sleeping gown. It went halfway down her thighs and showing a lot of leg. I could see she was wearing no underwear because I could make out her blonde pubes and pink areolas.

"John I don't know what I'm doing but I can't take it anymore." She said with desperation in her eyes. I stood up facing her.

"I understand mom, let's not fight it. This will be a secret between us." I managed to say. She took a few steps and grabbed my shoulders. She squeezed them so hard I grimaced in pain.

"Go out now and buy a box of condoms. Do you understand?" She whispered. I nodded trying to free myself from her hold but she squeezed even harder.
"Be quick about it, I can't wait anymore." She whispered again and let me go.

I hastily looked for the car keys and ran out to the car. I turned the ignition and sped away, already semi-hard from anticipation.

Jenny was going crazy, there was no other explanation. She wanted to fuck her own son. The first urge had hit her yesterday watching TV with him. She had suddenly felt herself going wet and a need growing between her thighs. Her nipples had grown hard and painful to touch. At that point she wanted a man, her son more than anything she wanted in her life. But she had managed to control herself.

This afternoon she had almost lost her control. One moment she was happily drinking lemonade and the next she just wanted a fat cock inside her. Inside her cunt, inside her mouth, inside her ass;
everywhere. She didn't understand it, she had never let her husband put it in there and now her puckered little hole was twitching with anticipation. She had almost lost control between her son's arms but her mind kept screaming it was wrong. So she had pushed him off.

But now she felt no right or wrong, there was only need. She needed to be filled and soon. Her juices were already running down her leg and she didn't dare to touch her nipples. Their pink color almost turned
to red. She couldn't even believe she had managed to send her son to buy condoms. The last sane part of herself had screamed she was a fertile woman and about to fuck someone forbidden. So she just stood
there not daring to move an inch waiting and waiting.

She waited there aroused beyond herself for ten minutes. Then ten more and she was standing there with her cunt twitching and legs cramping almost half an hour. The next move she did carried heavy consequences but she wasn't sure she cared anymore. She slowly walked to the front door and walked out on bare feet.

She could see her neighbors light and TV on so she walked there and knocked on the door. Her mind was screaming to stop but her body moved on her own. To fill her desires and body.

Jason opened the door with a surprised look on his face and then whistled. "My, my who do we have there. Are you looking for your son Jenny?" he said admiring her looks.

"I.. I don't know why I'm here.." she stammered.

"Why don't you come in and have beer with us?" Jason said reaching and holding her arm. She meekly followed him inside. When she got in the living room she almost fainted. There were five guys beside the brothers sipping beers and watching a football match on TV. All faces turned to her admiring. She could see their faces getting filled with lust. A few even whistled.

"Who's that Jason, did you call a stripper?" One of them called out.

"No it's our next door neighbor. She wanted to catch the match I guess. Take a seat Jenny." Jason said. She walked to the couch but there was no space to sit. Nick held her wrist and pulled her onto his lap.

"You can sit here dear." he whispered in her ear.

"Is that the hot but stuck-up bitch you've told me about?" one of the guys asked. Nick just nodded as he enjoyed the little wife on his lap.

Jenny could feel his engorging member pushing on her soft bottom and that almost made her cum. They resumed watching the match but the air was heavy with tension. Nick put his hands around her tummy. His
fingers were touching the underside of her breasts over the cloth.

There sat the prim and proper wife, trembling in her white gown. She has always been innocent. She had never strayed, never cheated on his husband before but now she was in a room full of strangers with her nipples hard and her cunt dripping wet.

"Why did you come here Jenny?" Nick whispered in her ear. She couldn't find her words. All she could do was squirm on his lap, rubbing his erect cock with her butt. Nick cupped one breast in his hand and moved the other between her legs under the gown. The match on TV was forgotten as they all watched them.

Nick slowly found her soft folds and pushed a finger inside her wet cunt. Jenny made a muffled sound. "This bitch is here to get fucked!" One of the guys said in surprise. Nick moved his finger in and out few times. Her pussy walls were clinging around his finger desperately. That was all it took for Jenny to cum. Her body started bucking and she came around his fingers. She laid there with her head laid back on his shoulder. Nick pushed her off his lap and stood up, unzipping his jeans.

"This night will be more fun than I thought." Jason said.

Jenny lifted her eyes up to find a hard cock dangling in front her face. His tip was already leaking pre-cum and his coarse pubic hair circled his crotch. The smell almost made her gag but she didn't care. She grabbed it with her delicate small hand and put her pretty lips around the tip. Nick groaned and grabbed her hair pushing forward. "I knew you were a little slut." He said burying his cock inside her mouth.

Jenny sucked desperately. She knew what was going to happen but she was aroused beyond herself. She took the hard cock in her mouth willingly and soon her nose was touching his pubes. She didn't even notice as one of them got behind her and lifted her gown. She did notice though, when a fat cock was pushed inside her cunt in one thrust. It was the second time this night she came and she came hard. She cried out like an animal, letting Nick's cock out of her mouth. Nick started to cum, covering her face with his seed.

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