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The Price Is Right

by daveslounge 01/30/03

It was quite a shock, winning the lottery. All my life I had moved from cockroach infested apartments, dead-end jobs, and drove shitbox cars. The day I received my cheque still seems very surreal. I took the subway downtown, put it in the bank (I waited in line, as I didn’t want to trust an ABM). Then, even though I was officially rich, I took the subway back! On the walk from the station to my apartment, I stopped off and rented a couple of porno tapes. I handed the man his ten dollars, and walked home in the rain.

It was the usual night for me…I fast forward to the cumshot, and hope for a facial. Two movies takes me about half an hour, then I go back and find my favourite scene. It is then that I make myself cum. On days when I couldn’t afford the ten bucks, I’d jerk off to various ‘preview’ sites on the Internet. Then I’d go to bed, looking around my apartment and promising myself that tomorrow I will tidy up the mess that it had become.

I was stroking my erection and watching a scene where the guy spewed in the girls open eye. I knew that was the ‘cumshot of the evening’! I reached for the remote to rewind, and it hit me. The realization came over me in a torrent. An overwhelming ‘Hell-Lo???’ that made me break out in a cold sweat. My cock went soft in my hand. I felt like such a loser, such an idiot.

I was rich! Shit, I thought, I have money! Why the hell was I jerking off when I have money!

I hadn’t been laid in about a year. My last girlfriend dumped me because I had asked her to do things in bed that she wasn’t comfortable with. She left me after I pulled out and sprayed her face with cum when we hadn’t ‘discussed’ it beforehand. I’ve always wanted to meet an opened-minded girl, like the ones on the videos or on the ‘net.

I pulled up my pants, and combed my hair. I smiled at the rich reflection in the mirror.

“I’m a fuckin’ horny millionaire,” I said out loud to my reflection.

The local strip-joint was about a 10-minute walk, but I took a cab. I tipped the cabbie ten on five. I thought he was going to hyperventilate when I handed him the fifteen!

There was a two-dollar ‘fee’ to get into the club; I gave the bouncer a ten, and told him to keep it.

I sat at a table to the left of the stage, and watched as the girls, one by one, showed off their bodies.

The waitress quickly became my favourite. She was a young brunette wearing a short mini-skirt and stretched out halter-top. She was always at my table, making sure everything was all right. Guess service improves when she was getting a ten for a four buck drink!

A dancer came on stage. ‘Skye” was her name (yeah, right!). She had a bead dangling out of her pussy. It looked like she had been pierced, and had attached a single bead. As she danced another bead hung from between her legs. Soon there were four and five, as she spun around the pole naked.

“Sir, would you like another?” It was the waitress.

“Sit by me,” I said, pulling the empty chair near me.

“Sorry, sir. I’m not allowed.” She smiled, as though she was used to that request from a thousand other guys.

“Just for a minute? Until the end of this show?” I reached into my wallet and handed her a hundred dollar bill.

“Okay, sir!” She sat down, and slid the chair ever so slightly away from me, but I didn’t mind.

The girl onstage was halfway through her third song, when she sat down on the stage, legs dangling over perverts row. There were easily ten beads now dangling from her pussy. She sat with her legs spread wide, as the deejay urged the crowd to clap.

“What’s she going to do?” I asked the waitress.

“Watch,” she replied, not taking her eyes from the stage.

And, as I watched, the stripper proceeded to pull out a rosary worth of beads from inside her. She wrapped it around her neck three times before going offstage.

“Will you dance for me?” I asked the waitress.

“Sorry, sir. But I can get you one of the girls over if you want.”

“How about a ‘private’ dance?” I asked, as I slipped another hundred into her palm.

“I’ve never danced before. I’ve only watched the girls dance.” But I could tell that she would do it, if the price were right. I looked at her pretty face, and wondered how it would look with cum on it.

“Can you wait ‘til 2?” She asked. I nodded yes. My mind was doing ninety, thinking of the possibilities ahead.

“Just a dance, though?” She questioned.

I wrote down my address on the napkin, and handed it to her with another hundred.

“Yeah, babe. Just a dance.”

The buzzer buzzed. I turned off the TV, and let her in.

“Come on in, babe,” I said as I opened the door. “Have a seat.”

She walked over and sat on my couch, and crossed her legs. She was still in her cocktail ‘uniform’. I wondered what colour her panties were.

“Can I get you a drink?” I asked, as I went to the fridge for a beer.

“Beer is good,” she said when she heard me open mine.

I came back, handed her a beer, and sat down on the other side of the couch. With the TV off it was very quiet.

“So. How much you paying me?” She asked.

“It depends, I guess. I’ve already given you a lot to get you here. How much is a dance at the club?”

“Twenty. For the VIP room.”

“Do they get to touch?”

“‘Not supposed too, but it happens. But I don’t want to be touched.” She looked so timid and frail, hands holding her bare knees.

“What’s your name, babe?” I asked, still keeping my distance on the couch.


“Okay, Kathy. What kind of music do you like?”

“Lots, I guess. What do you have?”

“You like The Stones?”

“Yeah…I like ‘Angie’”

I went to my collection, and put the cd into the drawer. I sat back down and clicked to the track.

“Okay, Kathy. The song is ready. But we have to talk.” I reached into my pocket, and handed her another hundred. She took it and put it in her handbag.

“You’re not touching me, mister, that’s for sure! I’ll dance but that’s all!”

“I have a fantasy.” The words just fell out, and I cursed myself for wanting too much too soon.

“And what might that be?” She asked.

“I want to masturbate while you dance.”

I guess she was thinking about it. She stared at my crotch for a minute before she gave her approval.

“There’s something else, Kathy,” I said, biting at my bottom lip. “It’s about when I cum.”

“No way,” She said, reading my intentions. “I’ve watched those movies at work. Those chicks are freaks!”

“I’ll give you another hundred?” I pleaded. Shit but I wanted to see her face with cum on it!

“I’m not a whore!” She exclaimed.

“I know you’re not. But I just really want do this. How about two hundred? It’ll be over before you know it. I’ll get a towel ready, so you can wipe it off.”

She contemplated, and crossed her legs the other way. They were long and lean. Her skirt was rising up her thighs.

“So how much in total do I get?” I let out a sigh of relief!

“If you show me all of your body, and spread yourself so that I get really turned on,”

“Yeah? Go on. I sense there’s more.”

“And when I’m ready, I want you to ask me for it. Oh, and though I don’t mean them, I might want to call you names.”

“The ‘names’ I don’t mind. Ask you for what?” But I sensed she knew already, she just wanted me to say it.

“I want you to beg me to cum on your face,” I blurted, hanging my head down. There was a moment of eerie silence. She broke it.

“How much?” The ball was back in my court.

“Five hundred.” I would have given her fifty grand, but I didn’t want her to realize just how much money I had. And I had many more fantasies to come.

“Six hundred?” She countered, “ And I’ll make it worth every penny.”

“It’s a deal, babe!”

“Then take off your pants, and get stroking,” she told me, as she lifted the remote and handed it to me. She stood up, and straightened her skirt. I unfastened my jeans, and pulled them off. I wasn’t shy about pulling down my underwear. My cock lay hard, resting on my belly. I don’t think she was aware that she licked her lips when she first saw it.

“Press ‘play’”, she said. I pulled off my shirt, and did as I was asked.

The first guitar chord sent a shiver down my spine, as she began to slowly gyrate her body. Her hands went to her hips, and she swayed back and forth. She slowly turned around. Her hands reached back and took the hem of her dress a little higher. Teasingly more of her legs were displayed, creamy milky thighs that I wanted to touch, higher, inching up, swaying hypnotically to the music. She was almost at the point where I could see her panties, as I stroked myself ever so slowly.

She turned around, and let her hands go to the swelling of her breasts. She squeezed them for me, and smiled at my cock. Slowly, seductively, she lifted her top along her belly, and again turned around. I watched as more of her bare back became visible, and eventually she had pulled it over her head.

She again lifted her skirt, this time letting me have a glimpse of her panties. They were white, with little purple flowers on them. The left side had crept between her bum cheeks; she bent over slightly and used her finger to pull the material out from the crack.

Then she turned around. I had to take my hand off my dick because I knew I would cum.

Topless she stood, still swaying, hands at her sides. Her brown nipples pointed from the two mounds of firm white flesh. She brought her hands up and flicked her fingers at her nipples, as if to point out the fact that they were hard. She smiled, as I continued stroking myself.

Her hands went behind her waist, and she unclasped her skirt. Swaying in front of me, she let it fall. Now she was just in her panties. I was breathing heavily, trying hard to be gentle with my cock. But shit did I want to cum!!

“Need a rest?” She asked, running her fingers inside the top of her underwear.

“Keep going, Kathy.”

She turned around, and bent over. Her fingers slowly pulled them down. I again let go of my cock. Inch by inch, I saw her ass. As she was pulling them down they clung to her pussy. I watched as a trail of what looked like saliva hung then broke. She pulled them down and off, and reached back to hand me them.

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