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The Rambler

by alwayswantedto 06/13/09

"It's ok."

"What a riot," Millie laughed. "This is hilarious. Come on, Mary, let's take a walk."

"Mom, don't!" Tim yelled, restraining his mom as she tried to reach past Mom for the door handle.

"I'm just kidding, don't freak out," Millie gasped, laughing so hard now she could hardly speak. "We'll play along."

Mom looked at me, reassuring, "Yes, we'll play along."

We all turned to watch the movie. About ten minutes later, Millie complained.

"Tim, what are you doing?"

I looked in the mirror to see Tim's shadowy head moving into the middle of the backseat, squeezing his mom into the corner.

"I can't sit way over there," he said. "It will look like we bombed out."

"What?" Millie sounded confused.

"If we're sitting way apart, those guys will think we bombed out and Rick and I will get the shit bugged out of us on Monday."

"Watch your language," Millie said, then, with more understanding, "Oh, I see." There was further rustling in the dark as Tim completed his move, then Millie complained, "But I can't see through the middle now."

"Rick," Tim said. "Move over."

I didn't move, staying behind the wheel. Tim pushed on the seat several times, hard enough to jerk me ahead.

"Come on, move over. Don't blow it."

"Come on, honey," Mom kicked in. "I won't bite you." She picked the popcorn up from the seat, opened the glove box and set it there. "Come on, play the game," she beckoned.

I shifted over about half way from behind the wheel, leaving about a foot between us. Silence settled into the car, except for the sound of the movie from the speaker box hanging in the window, the munching of popcorn, and the odd suck through a straw. After another ten minutes or so, Tim's mom spoke again.

"Timmy, can you pull the seat back so I can see over it?" Her voice was quieter, almost like a real date half an hour into a movie.

Tim wiggled the seat. "Move over more, Rick."

I complied and Rick must have leaned down to pull the seat lever because it pulled back as soon as I shifted over. I had to move even more then to support myself and ended pressed very close to Mom. I felt awkward.

"Sorry, Mom," I whispered.

"It's ok. You haven't cuddled with me since you were little. I don't mind," she assured me.

Mom nestled against me and I put my arm around her a minute later, not knowing what else to do with it. As the movie played on, we gradually shifted about, getting more comfortable, Mom turning her back a little more to the door and me shifting closer to her because the screen was to the left of the car and I needed to twist toward Mom to save my neck.

Silence reigned in the car again. In the quiet, I became aware of Mom as a woman, even before the first sex scene. The scent of her perfume, tastefully applied in small amounts, filled my nostrils. I found myself pretending that I was relieving my neck by looking away from the screen but I was really looking at the front of Mom's sweater, pleased to see that she was wearing one with a deep 'V' cut that showed the inner swells of her breasts. I truly hadn't noticed until then but, once seen, I couldn't help looking again and again. Mom didn't seem to notice my attention.

Mom's breasts were captivating in the flickering cinematic light. She must have been wearing one of those bras that connected only at the bottom because I could see quite a bit of her cleavage without any sign of a white restraint. On my umpteenth perusal of her assets, Mom suddenly fidgeted and I thought I had been caught. This would be awkward. But she only complained about her foot going to sleep and lifted her left knee to dangle her leg over mine. I was thrilled when the flickering light revealed that Mom's skirt had been pushed back from her knees to reveal tantalizing glimpses of tender, white thigh.

For the next while I was torn between admiring Mom's breasts and trying to dig my eyes deeper under her skirt between her legs, trying to catch a glimpse of white panty. I was also surprised to realize that at some point I had started toying with Mom's hair and stroking the nape of her neck. Stranger yet, she hadn't said a thing or given any indication that she was even aware I was doing it!

Just then, there a rustling in the backseat, followed by Millie whispering.

"What are you doing? ... Stop it, Tim."

"Shhhhhh." I presumed it was Tim responding. "Just play along or they'll figure it out."

More rustling followed by an unintelligible protest, then a long pause. I looked at Mom and she looked back at me. We were still regarding each other when we heard the unmistakable sound of kissing. Mom's eyes widened, as I'm sure mine did, and then looked into the backseat. I kept my gaze fixed on Mom's face and I remember clearly thinking that she wasn't just handsome, she was beautiful. Mom looked back at me, eyes sparkling, her face crinkling up into a conspiratorial smile of shared discovery.

"Tim ..."

"Someone was standing behind the car. I think those guys are checking us out."

Millie's response was cut off by the sound of more kissing. Mom smiled at me again and turned back to watch the movie but I had to twist my head around to see if Tim really was kissing his mom. He was. They were necking as hard as he did with any girl I'd seen him with. When I turned back, I cast my eyes down over Mom's chest and suddenly realized that my left hand was on the outside of her right knee. I must have moved it naturally when I twisted around. Mom was paying it no attention, so I left it where it was.

When the light flickered brightly across Mom's features I again realized how truly beautiful she now seemed. As the light dimmed, I impulsively leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the cheek in response to the overwhelming affection I felt for her at that moment.

Mom turned, perhaps in surprise. She must have mistaken my intent, thinking I wanted her to play along like Millie was doing with her son, for she leaned forward and kissed me softly on my lips. I was taken completely by surprise and was shocked into stillness but when Mom's lips stayed pressed to mine, I kissed her back. She didn't pull away when my lips began moving on hers so I curled my arm tighter around her neck and started to really kiss her. And kiss her, and kiss her.

I lost track of time. I don't know how long we were necking but when the drive-lin lights flicked to indicate the end of the first movie and concession time, my tongue was inside my mother's mouth and I continued to kiss her while the credits scrolled up the screen behind me. When I relented to the gentle pressure of Mom's hands against my chest, I realized that Mom had settled further into the door and I was leaning over her. Mom smiled sweetly at me, perhaps to show me that she wasn't upset with me. I looked down and realized that my hand had slipped up the outside of Mom's leg from her knee and was now underneath her skirt, though still on the outside of her thigh. I pulled back to sit upright, reluctantly dragging my hand with me. I turned to look into the backseat.

Tim and his mom were looking back at me, a little sheepishly. They were somewhat disheveled and Millie's legs were stretched over top of her son's, like Mom's were still stretched over mine. Millie was lying more prone than Mom, having settled deeper into the corner of the backseat. I could see in the still quite dim light that Tim had a big smile on his face. His hand was on his mother's leg, still slightly under her skirt, but inside her legs! I quickly turned away to hide the shock on my face.

Mom was still lying back against the door. "Well, Millie, that was fun," she said languidly stretching her body, her bottom pushing my legs further away. "Should we get going?"

"No let's stay for the next movie."

"I don't know, Millie. It's getting late. I really should go home."

"But I told Norm we were going to a double feature," Millie complained, adding to her argument after a brief pause. "And it isn't fair to make the kids leave so early."

I looked back to see Tim's face still painted with his satisfied smile, his hand draped casually between his mother's legs, near her knees. I looked back at his face and he flared his eyes to acknowledge what I'd seen. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed his hand slip an inch further between his mother's legs.

"I don't know, Millie. I think we've played enough games for one night." Mom shifted upright, sliding her legs across mine but she didn't twist them off, staying turned toward the backseat as she continued talking to her friend, leaning with her elbow on the top of the seat. I noticed how her outstretched arm tightened her sweater over her breast and was able to truly appreciate its magnificent shape when Mom suddenly lifted her hand to brush her hair away from her face.

"Oh, come on. How often do we get to do something new. We should stay until just before the end of the movie so those kids will think our sons hit it really big with some college girls. They'll be heroes."

I noticed Mom glance down at her friend's knees, then quickly fix on Millie's face again. She must have seen Tim's hand.

"Yeah, c'mon Mom," Tim pitched in, adding his plea to his mom's. "Help us out."

Mom looked at me, possibly surprised by how far Millie had 'played along' yet not wanting to deprive her friend of something she seemed to want, or perhaps she simply felt awkward and wanted an excuse to look away.

"Do you want to stay longer, Rick?"

I looked into her eyes. "Yes."

Mom nodded. "Ok, then."

She twisted her legs around off of mine then, leaning down to get her purse. She fixed her face and brushed her hair, all the while chatting to Millie about the movie the way she would normally talk to her when they were having tea together. Obviously, she'd been watching the movie, unlike myself who couldn't have told you a thing about it. Looking back on it now, I realized that she never did say anything about the last part of the movie.

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