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The Russian Enterprise Ch. 04

by SxRx 06/23/07


As Tony sauntered into the Columbia Club with his nephews and made his way to his reserved table, he could still feel his turgid cock at half mast. He smiled and imagined he had a nice bulge going, which normally served to make things better or worse depending on his point of view at the time. Today, it made things better. Tony was feeling very good about himself. He felt even better when he noticed Jessie on duty waiting on tables.

As they sat at the table tucked into an alcove, Tony reached inside one of his jacket pockets and retrieved another 'throw away' cell phone. He bought these things like a kid bought so much bubble gum.

Stopping to gaze around the place that the family had owned for three generations, he remembered how his grandfather's eyes lit up when he spoke about the days when the place hid the first speak-easy in Florida.

He glanced behind him at the secret doorway hidden by the design of the alcove leading to a maze of tiny passageways. Some were dead-ends, but one went to the speak-easy bar room, now storage, and one to a secret passage that ended down by the Hillsboro river. There, boats had been moored and ready to speed family to safety. Actually, he still kept the passage active and a boat moored there still if need be.

Jessie, the waitress came to the table. Tank and Chipper sat up.

"Mornin' Jessie," said Chipper, the first to speak.

"Me too," said Tank shyly.

"You too what, Tank?" teased Jessie coyly, as a cute grin starting to grow.

"What? Oh, morning, J-Jesssie," Tank finally mustered.

Jessie looked over at Chipper then Tony with an admiring gaze and shook her head. Tony returned her gaze knowingly and just nodded.

"Ah, my smooth young apprentices - so easy with the golden tonsils," Tony added with a flourish.

"I thought mine were removed Uncle Tony," said Tank with a look of puzzlement as he rubbed his throat. The guy was smart, without a doubt.

Chipper just rolled his eyes at Jessie as she eased ever closer to Tony. She smiled at him with an atavistic look about her. Tony felt her gaze flick to his bulge and saw her eyes widen, her look deepen.

"A Matassini all round?" asked Jessie, leaning over Tony and wiping down the table as she gave him another once over with her eyes.

She already knew the answer to her question. It was her way of teasing the boys. She considered a 'Matassini' as really just an Arnold Palmer with a twist of lime; which was simply half sweet iced tea and half fresh-squeezed lemonade over crushed ice. The twist of lime made it a 'Matassini'.

"Right," said Tony and Chipper in unison as Tony raised an eyebrow at his nephew.

'Sorry," said Chipper, but he didn't really look it.

"Alright then," said Jessie and away she went with a nice little swing of her cute ass.

She paused as if she'd just remembered something, and turned back to them.

"Oh, Mr. Matassini, could I see you for a minute please, sir?" she called.

Tony eased up out of his seat, careful to put the phone into his pocket again, and headed towards the kitchen.

As soon as he turned the corner, Jessie was all over him, backing him up against a wall in the passage. Being the mob don of the Tampa Bay area sure had its privileges, thought Tony as Jessie groped his groin greedily.

"Oh God, Tony, I can't stand seeing you lounging there with that bulge near bursting your gorgeous suit. You look so great."

By now she had his zipper down, his shirt up and out of the way and was pulling out his cock that was now reaching considerably greater heights than half mast.

"Jessie, Jessie, Jessie," murmured Tony in a voice of pleasant surprise that obviously turned the young woman on as she dropped to her knees and quickened her paces. He leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes.

Soon her mouth had engulfed the head of his cock. She reached into his pants deeper and pulled out his ball sack. Next she began sucking each ball alternately, and then went back to his cock-head. Tony had to admit she was gifted at giving head. Damn! He was surprised to feel another cum building that morning.

"I love it, Jessie," whispered Tony, holding her head in his hands, feeling it move as she sucked on his member. "You are my little goddess of love."

Jessie lifted her skirt and was furiously plunging her finger in and out of her pussy as she worked on Tony with her mouth. Groans from deep in her throat made their way past his large cock-head, and he could feel the vibrations caused by the sounds she made.

Tony smiled. He guessed this was one way to show his efforts were paying off. He had gotten her the job, treated her kindly, flirted openly and had thrown his power and money around.

Looking down at her bobbing head, Tony didn't need to help her out much - she was doing fine all by herself - but he still had to cop a feel of her incredible breasts. He leaned down with effort and caressed first one and then the other through her uniform and could tell immediately that she wore no bra as Jessie somehow contorted to keep her lips around the head of his cock, but made her bust-line accessible.

Quickly, Jessie unbuttoned one button and her cleavage began to show, the lovely curves splashed with freckles. After the second button, her breasts tumbled out, rather large with hardened nipples ripe for Tony's fondling and flicking. She was obviously prepared for this encounter, Tony was thinking as a wicked grin broke across his Roman features.

In a frenzy, Jessie began to suck and stroke Tony's cock as her passion built to a pinnacle. Not surprisingly, Tony felt his balls tighten, his legs stiffen and his toes curl within his shoes. Jessie instinctively felt he was about to come and began lashing her pussy with even more fervor.

She was right. Tony came then, and Jessie swallowed his gism greedily as she continued to finger herself in desperation. Her eyes opened wide and she let out a scream of passion as she came, her whole body shuddering as she released Tony from her warm mouth just as he was giving her his best shot.

As his cock burst into the open, he wasn't yet finished and ropes of cum shot out, splashing her face and hair. She seemed to relish this moment even more as she gave a cum-covered grin and looked up at Tony with such abandoned wantonness Tony felt weak in the knees.

"Uncle Tony!" hollered one of his nephews at the sound of Jessie's scream.

Knowing not to disturb his uncle unless commanded, he couldn't help feeling worried, as he should be if ever he heard a woman cry out.

"It's OK! Jessie just burned herself a little," Tony called back to him. Smiling, he whispered to Jessie, "With my hot cum."

Jessie was still busy down below, this time licking Tony completely clean, as she fingered herself slowly to a finish. As she came, she fell forward, gasping as she threw her limp weight against Tony's thighs and he held her there awhile. As her breathing steadied, she looked up at him and grinned like a silly Cheshire cat.

Satisfied she'd finished the job, she stood and buttoned her blouse and pulled down her skirt. Then she tucked Tony and his shirt-tail back into his pants, zipped him up and patted his groin with a deep sigh. Tony gave her a little smack on the ass as she headed to the bathroom to clean up.

"What a great day," thought Tony smiling widely.


In no time, Tony was back on the new phone and Jessie had completed their order. She was in the lobby now, waiting for new customers and humming a song. From time to time, she glanced back at their table to make eye contact with Tony and smile at him with wanton lust.

Tony would leave her his usual tip of a $100 bill. She would then act all surprised and point to herself coyly and say 'for me?' and Tony would reply, 'For you Jessie'. She would then tuck the bill with a flourish into her handsome cleavage, now packaged into a black bra. He was her godfather and more.

Tony had Tank carry in his new Sony laptop with all the works as he completed the call to Boris. The Columbia was specially wired for wireless networking.

"Greetings, Mr. Tony," said Boris in his Russian accent.

"Hello, Boris. Talk to me."

Tony kept the tone genial as he logged onto the computer with his free hand.

"OK," replied Boris. "We have another A-1 possible with GenCon. I have kept your suggestion close to my heart, Mr. T. and kept our group small. Keep problems down this way, like you say."

"That's good Boris. You know, problems always trickle down and never up. No more names over an open line either."

Tony connected with the server and called up the 'Russian Beauties' site from his list of favorites.

Boris laughed. "Sure, sure, I know this. Sorry."

"It's good that we understand each other so well. How is your mother by the way, Boris? How is her health?"

"Oh! Very well. Thank you for asking Mr. T. She is healthy as horse. Good Russian stock."

He laughed heartily.

"I'm always glad to hear that your family is doing so well Boris. I hope it's always so."

Tony was scrolling down through a list of names and small profile shots, searching for an ID photo of a particular young blond woman he had in mind - the subject of his call.

"I'm checking our mutually agreed-upon foreign site," he continued, "And I find an interesting possibility in a part of the world that you are most familiar with. Do you see the candidate I speak of?"

"I was going to... to recommend her. I know town... her suburb. Bad. Things are bad there. Katya. I have her on my screen now. Beautiful name for beautiful woman. I have taken the liberty of already responding to her in case we had a need. She seems ripe for picking."

They both laughed at this.

"You found the right words for sure," joked Tony. "But seriously," he resumed, "Responding to her - that has been a part of our deal and so that's good Boris. All very good."

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