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The Storm

by tjrabbit 08/11/10

I replied, "I don't get it."

She asked, "Didn't you feel it Stevie? I've never made love before when there was a storm raging outside. The thunder and lightening made me want you to fuck me harder and deeper. You remember me screaming at you, don't you."

I said, "Yeah, I remember that."

She said, "Nobody has ever done the things you did to me tonight. It was so great. The intensity of our fucking increased as the storms did. I cum so hard my pussy hurt."

I replied, "My cock is a bit on the sore side sis. You were really pounding on it."

She asked, "So you did feel it too, how the storm intensified our fucking, our pleasure?"

I said, "I know how good it felt; I guess the storm was somehow involved."

She said, "I will never fear storms again because of what happened tonight. I embrace them. I feel their rage inside of me."

"That's wonderful sis," I replied "I'm so happy for you to have that behind you."

She said, "You did it Stevie, you fucked the fear of storms out of me." She added, "Well, it was you and the storm together."

I was really happy that Katie had finally overcome her fears, but I jokingly said, "I'm glad I could help you with that sis."

She replied, "And I will always be appreciative baby brother."

"And I hope you will continue to show that appreciation sis." I replied.

She said, "You know mom and dad are going on vacation in a couple of weeks and while they're gone I'll show you how much I appreciate it. We're going to do some serious fucking while they are gone. I hope it storms every night, but it makes no difference, I've internalized the fury of this storm. I can always draw on its rage."

"I can't wait," I responded.

Katie said, "But I'm not through with you tonight. I want you to fuck my ass with that giant cock of yours'. Your finger felt real good, I can just imagine what your cock will do for me."

I responded, "You don't have to imagine sis. I'll gladly show you."

Katie turned off the lamp light and went to the window; opened it and raised the screen. She leaned over and rested her arms on the window sill. I knelt behind her and used my thumbs to pull open the crack of her ass. I put my nose in her asshole and my tongue into her pussy. I rubbed my nose up and down through the crack of her ass and moved my tongue around in her pussy. I licked her asshole, filling it with saliva. She pushed her ass back against my face and moaned, "Oh hell yes that's good. Put your cock in my ass baby."

I stood behind her and gently shove my cock into her tight ass. She flinched and groaned as I shoved deep in her ass. When her muscles relaxed she began to rock her ass against my hard cock. I reached around her and squeezed both nipples. She moaned, "Oh hell that hurts good baby! Fuck my ass Stevie! Ram your cock deep in my ass! Fuck the shit out of me! Make my ass cum! Shoot you're cum in my ass baby; Lets cum at the same time!"

I felt her fingers moving in and out of her pussy as she began yelling, "Now baby, cum with me now."

Her asshole tightened around my cock, as her body trembled she pushed hard against me. I shot my remaining cum deep inside her hot ass. As I started to pull out of her, she yelled "No not yet! Let your cock get soft while it's in my ass."

As my sister's asshole tightened around my cock, squeezing the cum out of me, I gazed out the window and saw the clouds braking apart and a few stars glimmering in the night sky. The storm had spent its fury and energy. There would be no more of natures' orgasms tonight. But I could feel that deep within my sister's body the storm raged on!

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