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The Wasp and the Dragon Ch. 05

by Denarive_Rintner 09/22/13


Suzumebachi stood behind the giant iron gate leading to the arena. Osamu was beside her wearing his customary grin. "This should be a good match," Osamu chuckled. Suzume glared at him from the corner of her eye. She stood firmly; only wanting to get this over with. Though she didn't entirely understand why Osamu was having her fight in these pointless bouts. He could just keep Suzume lock in that room and have the Oni and ninja pound away at her all day; or week thanks to that accursed jutsu.

"Now I wouldn't normally do this; but I like you and actually want to see you win again. And the crowd wants the same. You've become rather popular since your last match. So I'll inform you about the opponent you'll be facing tonight. He is a half human and half Oni. His mother was a kunoichi from a forgotten tribe that was raped by a very powerful Oni. Thanks to his unique blood type he's been endowed with a very special ability. He can clone himself at will and make as many copies as he wants. So be careful not to get outnumbered and surrounded by him or he'll get to have his way with you for the rest of the night. And I'm sure neither of us wants that," Osamu laughed out loud.

The iron gate began to raise very slowly; Suzume could hear the enormous chains rattling as they pulled the gate up. "Go show 'em whatcha got!" Osamu slapped Suzumebachi on her ass. Suzume turned her head and spat flames at him with her eyes. She wanted to lash out and sever Osamu's head from his shoulders. However she could feel the magic of the seal preventing her from doing so. Osamu had placed some kind of controlling jutsu on her earlier with a mark above her left breast; which was mixed in with the seal that prevented her from using the dragon's Ki. Suzume walked forward out to the arena floor and the roar of the crowd. At the center she saw her opponent waiting. Suzume prepared herself by spawning a dagger in each hand. Then the bell sang out and the two fighters charged.

Suzumebachi carefully blocked every one of the ninja's incoming sword attacks. The fact she was using two short weapons gave her an advantage in number of attacks and speed. Suzume knocked his sword out wide to the side and threw a dagger right for the ninja. However, just as the blade sank into his flesh a clone leapt out from his shoulder. The ninja flipped over Suzume and landed on his feet. He spun about and grappled Suzume under her arms and locked his hands behind her head. Then another clone popped up in front of her. Instead of attacking, the front clone reached out a hand and unzipped Suzumebachi's coat. Suzume brought an elbow up into the cheek of the one restraining her and bent at the waist, flinging the rear clone into the other. The crowd roared as the floating cameras zoomed in on Suzume's chest plastering the image on the four large monitors over head. Suzume brought up her arms to cover herself. The two ninja rose up and charged Suzume. She blasted two daggers into each of their faces but not before two more clones popped out from them. The two new clones flanked Suzume and grabbed both of her arms before she could do anything else. A third ninja appeared and proceeded to rip off her coat completely. Now the only thing covering her upper body was her fishnet under shirt; which proved no cover at all really.

The spectators went into an uproar being able to see Suzume's fully exposed rack. "More! More! More!" they all chanted out. Suzumebachi let out a scream of rage as she spawned two daggers. She shoved them into the guts of the ninja holding her and slashed at the one that had ripped her clothes off. The ninja back flipped away from her attack and was poised to attack again. If he even meant to do such a thing. Now Suzume understood why Osamu had put her into these matches. It wasn't about making her fight; it was about humiliating her to the roar of these beasts. And were they getting a good show.

Suzume began to throw out several daggers at the ninja. She didn't want him getting near her anymore. The ninja easily dodged the incoming knives and pressed forward once more. He leapt over six daggers in flight and landed in front of Suzume. He grasped onto her fishnet shirt and tore it off. Suzume slashed at his face but he slid between her legs and taking Suzume's panties with him. Suzumebachi was now entirely naked except for the armor and cloth around her arms and legs. The ninja held Suzume's panties in the air for the whole crowd to see. The entire arena cheered in approval of the ninja's actions. Watching this fine kunoichi get stripped down to nothing was way more entertaining than seeing her get sliced up. Suzume tossed out six daggers which planted into the back of the ninja. But still another clone raced out from the falling corpse.

Dammit, Suzumebachi thought to herself, He can still clone himself even if he's dead. Well I suppose he wouldn't have instantly been killed from that attack but still. Perhaps I just have to predict where the clone is going to come out and attack it before it has time to think about making a new one. Now she had a game play, she just hoped that it would work out. A hail of daggers flashed out from her hand. The ninja dodged the storm of steel but Suzume sent out another one. The ninja continued to dodge as Suzume poured out more and more knives. She began to flash at unperceivable speeds all around the ninja. Finally a blade ripped through the ninja's throat. But again a clone jumped out from the dying one. However he didn't see Suzume had flashed above him and threw a single dagger straight down for his head. The blade pierced through the ninja's skull. The corpse fell to the ground motionless. No clone popped out from it this time.

The on lookers whaled out in excitement over the kunoichi's impressive victory. The hover camera's circled around her. Suzume covered her breasts with an arm and her pussy with her other hand. Osamu walked out to the arena and stood next to his victorious pawn. He grabbed her by the wrist and held up the arm she was using to cover her breasts. The camera's zoomed right in on her luscious tits and projected them onto the screens. The arena fans roared out one last time chanting her name, "Su-zu-me! Su-zu-me! Su-zu-me!"

"Not bad. Not bad at all." Osamu praised Suzumebachi as she entered her prison, "You won me quite a lot of cash with that fight."

"You probably paid that ninja not to attack me," Suzume snapped at him.

"What?! I'd never do such a thing. It was all his decision not to take you seriously. I guess to him you were just a nice pair of tits to look at." Osamu laughed. Suzume simply growled at the cocky man. He was getting too much enjoyment from all of this. But there was nothing she could do. Escape was impossible on her own. Who knows how deep underground she was, and with no weapons and her Ki being thoroughly suppressed she couldn't fight her way out. Not to mention the valve like construction of this room made of shadows and magic. She'd have to endure until her mother sent a team to get her back.

"Every time you fight you seem to get more popular with the soldiers." Osamu explained, "I don't know if it's 'cause they like you or want revenge for their fallen brothers. Today a very special group wanted to have some fun with you. You've already had some time with the red orcs, and even a red lizard. Now you get to spend the night with some red imps. They're devious little creatures that feast on the bodily liquids of females. Lately they've had to feast on strays from the street so they're very excited to have such a delicate meal as the kunoichi leader of one of the most well known ninja clans."

Six red imps stepped into the room gazing at Suzume's cream colored skin. They were all about three feet tall with thin limbs and long pointed ears. Longs tongues rolled out from their mouths, dripping with saliva in anticipation of their meal. "Stand," Osamu commanded. Suzumebachi rose to her feet, she was unable to control her actions thanks to the seal tattooed above her breast. The imps rushed for her pushing and climbing over each other to be the one to get the first taste. One leapt up and planted his feet on Suzume's shoulders. His long slimy tongue wiggled through Suzume's lips. The tongue flopped all around her mouth lapping up every drop of spit in Suzumebachi's mouth. A second climbed up her long legs, his hands sticking to her like a spider. The second imp suspended himself upside down with his face hovering in front of her cunt. The imp's tongue crept out and licked across the lips of Suzume's pussy. Suzumebachi let out a grunt with the first imp still running his tongue all over the inside of her mouth. She felt it slither into the back of her throat. She felt like puking, but her training as a kunoichi had gotten her over her gag reflex. Damn her mother's thorough training.

An imp stood behind her and clasped two hands on to her round ass cheeks. Its tongue zigzagged up and poked into her asshole. Suzumebachi jumped and let out a high pitched screech. The tongue crawled farther into her rear as she started to salivate. It all felt so incredible she just couldn't control her body anymore. The imp deep French kissing her pulled out his tongue from the inside of Suzume's mouth. Then he shoved his surprisingly massive cock down her wet throat. The width of the imps cock was more than any of his other limbs. It pounded its shaft deep into Suzume with force and speed. Suzumebachi felt another imp crawl up her legs and post himself at her upper chest. The imp flopped his cock right between her massive tits and squeezed them tightly. He pumped his hips lightly while his tongue wrapped around her nipple. The imp licking her cunt finally dove his tongue into Suzume's pussy and wiggled it around the inside. She was dripping wet and the imp soaked up as much juices as he could. Suzume felt the imp's hard dick begin to grow in size, getting thicker and longer as it was pressed against her belly. The imp fucking her throat began to lick up the drool forming on her chin as it guzzled out from her mouth with every stroke of the imps cock. Again Suzume could feel the imp's cock grow in girth and length this time in her mouth.

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