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The Wedding Reception

by MarleeM 02/24/10

It has been several years since my son and his friends graduated from high school and they all have gone on to finish college as well. For quite a while, the house has seemed empty without the guys spending their afternoons hanging around the house and soaking in the pool. I have to admit I found it more than a little sad to come home from work to an empty house.

Recently, though, my husband and I attended the wedding of one of my son's closest friends. It was a great time, like a family reunion in many ways. I enjoyed seeing all of my son's friends together again.

I was amazed at how they all seemed so much older now, especially since I didn't feel like I had aged a bit. I have to admit that I checked out the "competition," meaning the dates the guys brought to the wedding. The guys' dates were all very pretty – although I noticed that none of them wore hose.

I also noticed that most of the women in my generation also were bare-legged. Maybe I was a bit critical, but I thought they would have looked much nicer and much better dressed had they been wearing hosiery. I was wearing hose, as usual, and I think it was noticed by many of the guests – especially the men and especially my son's friend Jason.

Jason was the boy who had been spying on me undress when my son was in high school. At the time, I was upset with him at first, but then decided to tease him a little, so I undressed within his sight, although he never saw much more than he would have seen had I been wearing a bikini at the pool.

At the wedding, Jason walked up to me and hugged me, telling me how great it was to see me again. He certainly had grown up and was much taller than he had been during his high school years. He introduced me to his date, Traci. She was a gorgeous tall blonde with hair to the middle of her back and a fantastic figure. She did not seem very happy to see her date gushing over this "older woman" especially when he said I was the best looking woman there.

I thought I looked pretty good, I have to admit. I was wearing one of my favorite outfits. It was a navy silk dress with a little jacket. The dress itself had spaghetti straps with a square neckline that showed a little cleavage. Because of the thin straps and the neckline, I sometimes wore it without a bra, but this day I wore a strapless bra that did not show. It was not quite knee length. I was wearing sheer energy suntan pantyhose which showed off my legs quite nicely and had a nice noticeable glint when the light hit them.

At that, Traci took his hand and led him away. As they were leaving, he looked back over his shoulder and said he'd be back to catch up with me later on. Traci did not look happy at all.

I went back to my table and sat next to my husband. He already had found the open bar at the reception and seemed to be happy sitting, drinking, and talking with a few of our friends. I enjoyed spending time with everyone while we had dinner and drinks. As we ate, I removed my jacket, as the room was quite warm.

Once dinner was over, the music started and people began to dance. I have to admit I got a little misty-eyed watching my son's friend and his new bride dance the first dance because it made me think that my son and daughter would be getting married at some point and I really would be a full-fledged "empty-nester." Even though they were both living on their own, they were around enough that I didn't miss them.

As I was reminiscing, Jason walked up and asked me to dance. I was surprised and flattered. I asked why he would want to dance with an old lady when he was with such a pretty girl, and he smiled and blushed. He said he meant it when he said earlier that I was the best looking woman at the wedding. It was my turn to blush.

"I'm not going to embarrass myself by dancing to one of the fast numbers being played," I told him.

"That's okay,' he said, "I'd rather dance a slow dance with you anyhow." At that, he blushed again.

Later, Jason returned and told me the band was going to play a set of slow tunes. I laughed and said it must be "old people's music."

Jasin said "no, just slow songs. And besides, you aren't that old."

I laughed and found myself blushing again.He took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

I smiled and said "My, aren't you the gentleman."

He smiled back. "I know how to treat a lady."

As we began to dance, I remembered attending the wedding of my former boss' secretary and how Paul and I had enjoyed ourselves at that wedding. I reminded myself that I was dancing with a guy young enough to be my son – who was almost like a family member – and to get my mind out of the gutter. At that thought, I chuckled.

Jason asked "Am I that bad a dancer that you are laughing."

"No," I said, "you are a very good dancer,I was just remembering something funny from the past." As I talked to him, I realized that I had to look up to see his face and told him he had grown so much since high school. As I looked up, I noticed he had been looking down at me and I wondered if he'd been trying to look down my dress. I smiled at the thought.

The music stopped and I started to return to my table when he asked if I wanted to keep dancing. I said I'd love to, and asked if Traci would mind. He said she was talking with their friends and had hardly noticed when he left the table, but he was willing to risk her getting mad to have the chance to dance with me.

I told him he was sweet to say so. As we danced, I began to feel his arms holding me tighter as the songs continued to play and, as he held me tighter, I began to feel him rubbing against me, although it did not seem to be intentional. I did notice that he was becoming excited as we danced and I thought back to the wedding Frank and I had attended. I had to admit, it was an enjoyable memory and also an enjoyable sensation feeling this young guy get excited.

As we danced, we made small talk. Suddenly, Jason looked very serious. "What's the matter," I asked.

"I have a confession to make. There is something I wanted to tell you that I've been thinking about for quite a while. I finally worked up the nerve to tell you," he blurted out.

Although I had a sneaking suspicion, I asked what sort of confession.

He coughed, then asked "do you remember when I and the other guys used to hang out at your house after school and during the summer?"

I said "sure, I loved having the guys around."

"Well, we all loved being there because we all loved to see you when you came home from work, he said, blushing.

"Why was that?" I asked.

He blushed quite a bit more. "The guys all loved to see you in your work outfits," he said.

"They did?" I asked, "why?"

"They all loved looking at your legs in your skirts," he said. "There was something so great about seeing your legs in stockings," he went on.

I acted as if I were shocked and simply said "Jason!" "I am old enough to be your mother."

He said "that never bothered the guys."

Although I was not sure I heard it, at just the time I was thinking "MILF" to myself and smiling, he might have said it under his breath.

"So that's your big confession?" I asked, "I was a sex symbol?" I laughed.

"No," he said. "Well, you were – still are actually – but that's not my confession."

"No?" I asked.

"There was one day when we were all at the pool when you came home from work and you just looked so hot," he said. "You talked to us for several minutes and I couldn't help myself – I just was staring at your legs and trying to look up your skirt as you stood next to the pool." As he told me this, we kept dancing and I could feel his excitement.

"I told the guys I had to go to the john and went inside a few minutes after you did. I was pretty excited and was just going to ...well......jerk-off....while you were still fresh in my memory."

"As I walked into the house I heard you going upstairs, so I had the thought that I could use your upstairs john and be closer to you when I did it."

"I sneaked up the stairs and saw your bedroom door wasn't completely closed. I was afraid you'd see me if I walked by so I stopped."

"I meant to go back downstairs, but them I saw you sitting on your bed looking at the mail. I really meant to leave, but then you stood up and unbuttoned your skirt. I thought I was going to faint."

"Goodness, Jason," I said.

All the while we were dancing, along with several other couples. It was quite the experience, listening to Jason as we danced with others so close by.

He continued. "Before I knew it, you had removed your skirt and it just slid to the floor. Luckily, you were facing away from me, because when you bent over to pick up your skirt you would have seen me there. I don't think I will ever forget how amazing you looked."

"You were wearing little red bikini panties, sheer pantyhose, and a white blouse. You walked to the closet and hung up your skirt. You were facing away from me the whole time and I have to tell you your legs and butt looked incredible. Then, you took off you blouse and I saw a lacy beige bra."

"You turned around and walked back to the bed, so I could see you from the front for a few seconds. I still think it was the most exciting sight I'd ever seen. You sat on the bed and removed your pantyhose then got up and went into the bathroom but before you did, you removed your bra. I remember being so disappointed that you did not turn around, because I have always wondered what your breasts looked like."

At that, he blushed even more and I felt a very obvious erection rubbing against me. He apologized and we finished the dance.

As he walked me back to my table, I took his hand and said I had a question. "Did you jerk-off?" I asked.

"Thousands of times, thinking of you after that,"he said.

The rest of the reception certainly was uneventful compared to that. As my husband and I were leaving, I told him I wanted to say goodbye "to the guys." He followed me around as I stopped and said something to each of our son's friends, giving each a hug and a peck on the cheek.

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