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The Woman in Black

by Bigpuss 11/22/02

Richard did not hesitate. He quickly pulled off his jeans, shirt and t-shirt, showing his muscular torso. Around his neck he wore a celtic pendant on a thin leather strap. The same celtic symbol was repeated on a tattoo which adorned his right shoulder. Augusta thought him quite the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Richard scrambled on top of her and their naked bodies entwined. The young man's cock sank deep into Augusta's clammy depths straight away and she clenched her internal muscles tightly around it.

"Oh!" she cried as he filled her pulsating channel, stretching the velvety walls to the limit. "That's so good! Oh!"

Chris watched, speechless, as the intense coupling began, right in front of him. Already his cock was acheing to be inside the red-haired woman the way Richard's was right at that moment. Grappling with the buttons on his pants, Chris opened them and pulled out his stiffened prick. It was bigger than he had ever seen it; throbbing visibly, the head coloured an angry red, pre-cum oozing from his slit.

Augusta, despite being mid-fuck with Richard, caught sight of Chris with his bursting penis in his hand.

"Come here!" she gasped. "I need another cock - now!"

Chris didn't waste a second. He dived over to the coupling pair and knelt beside Augusta's head. She reached out to grab his swaying cock, closing her hand around it tightly. The head, protruding from her fist, swelled enticingly and she put it to her lips. Chris groaned.

"You are one horny bitch, aren't you, Scarlet?"

Augusta began jerking him off, moving her hand up and down his veiny shaft, whilst still being penetrated deeply in the pussy by Richard. The dark-haired man was sweating now, his naked body glistening in the firelight. Augusta put one hand to his heaving buttocks; in the other she still held Chris's cock. Gradually, she slid the twitching phallus, inch by inch, between her red lips. Chris gave an extra-loud moan. He began to fuck her gorgeous mouth, bucking his hips frantically, amazed at how much of his length she seemed able to swallow.

Augusta squirmed beneath Richard's muscular body as he continued to drive his cock into her willing pussy. She curled her legs around his back, clasping him tightly, keeping him there. So delicious were the sensations of his thick cock thudding repeatedly into her body, that she could not help herself from screaming profanities.

"Now, now!" panted Richard. "That's no language for a lady!"

"I'm - not - a - lady!" Augusta gasped. "I'm an ordinary woman, with a woman's needs. Just keep fucking me with that big, hard cock!"

Richard obliged. His climax was nearing, his balls were tightening, ready to give up their load. In Augusta's mouth, Chris's cock exploded, discharging a flood of cum down her hungry throat. He pulled out, gasping, and sprayed more viscous fluid over her breasts.

Then Richard hosed Augusta's pussy with semen, at the same time as she reached her own orgasm. Her screams were stifled by Chris's mouth; he kissed her forcefully, tasting his cum on her lips. Augusta's body spasmed wildly around Richard's cock, and her legs tightened their grip on him.

A moment later, Richard slid out of her sopping channel and moved down her body, putting his lips to the ravaged pussy. He tongued her little red clit and she went berserk beneath him.

"More!" she screamed. "I want more cock!"

Chris was ready and willing. He urged Richard to move off to the side, and knelt between Augusta's spread legs, positioning his cockhead at her pulsating entrance. With one, brutal thrust, he pushed himself inside and she bucked frantically, screeching. Chris clamped his hand over her mouth.

"Quiet, bitch!" he hissed. "Someone'll hear!"

"Don't be rude to the lady," murmured Richard, his mouth against Augusta's furry mound. He flicked his tongue over her straining clit now and again, making her moan.

Meanwhile Chris, still kneeling, thrust deeply in and out. His teeth were clenched with the effort and the veins of his neck stood out.

"Take her up the arse next!" he said to his friend. "While I'm still in her cunt! Go on!"

Richard looked doubtful. "D'you think she'll be able to take us both at once?"

"Course she will, the fucking whore!" Chris manouvered himself and Augusta into position, rolling her onto her side, keeping his cock inside her spasming hole. Richard moved in behind her, feeling for her anus with his finger. She was quite tight, so he pushed the digit in first, to get her used to it. Augusta gasped at this new penetration, and ground her bottom closer to Richard. The next thing she felt was the head of his cock sliding up and down her crack, spreading moisture from her sodden pussy over her arsehole. And then his cock went inside her, popping into her rectum, filling her right up with thick, throbbing meat.

"Oh!" she cried. The sensation of two hard cocks in her body was amazing. When both men thrust together, she thought she would be ripped in half.

"I can feel your dick!" gasped Richard to Chris. "Bloody hell!"

Chris laughed. "You dirty bitch, Scarlet, you're loving this, aren't you?"

Augusta gave a strangled cry. "I'm coming!" she burst out. "Oh, God help me, I'm coming!"

Just the anguished tone of her voice was enough to bring Chris to a raging climax. His cock spasmed and let loose a torrent of semen, which pumped in hot jets up Augusta's pussy.

At the same time, Richard's prick spewed its load. He filled her rectum with a flood of cum, cursing loudly because it felt so good in that tight, twitching hole.

Both men opened their eyes as the final spasms of their cocks subsided. Between them, Augusta was coming also. She threw back her head and emitted an animalistic roar; a totally inhuman sound. And, as the men watched the beauty in the throes of her orgasm, something happened that made them both recoil in horror.

For a few seconds, Augusta seemed to change. As the howl of euphoria left her lips, she briefly metamorphasised from a beautiful young woman into something ugly and haggard.

Both men were briefly aware of different things. Chris saw shrivelled, drooping breasts, and skin the consistency of old leather, criss-crossed with lines. The hands clenching his buttocks felt bony, the nails claw-like and digging into his flesh. He let out a cry.

From behind, Richard saw the long, auburn hair disappear; in its place there came grey, straggling, sparse locks, sprouting from a pinkish scalp. The buttocks were scrawny, hip bones protruded skeletally.

"Oh Jesus!" he moaned, realising that his cock was still inside this thing.

Augusta opened her cavernous mouth and laughed. The few teeth she had were yellow, rotting stumps. Chris withdrew his cock at the speed of light and scrabbled away, yelling:

"Richard! Oh Christ! Richard!"

Richard closed his eyes as the crone bucked wildly on his cock. She still issued a hideous, cackling laugh, like that of a witch in a child's story. Then, Augusta, after one final, powerful internal spasm, rolled away from him and lay still.

It was a moment before Richard dared to look at her. Augusta was slumped on the ground, her red hair thrown forward over her face, fluid seeping from her pussy and anus. She moaned quietly to herself.

A little distance away, Chris lay on his back, his limp cock resting against his thigh. It took him a moment to catch his breath.

"What the hell happened?" he asked.

"Christ knows!" Richard sat up and bent over Augusta, stroking her hair. "We must have been hallucinating or something when we came, she's so good. Hey, pet, you're something else, you know that? What a girl!"

Augusta lifted her head wearily. "I have no strength left," she whispered. "Let me sleep..."

Richard exchanged glances with Chris. "Aye, alright. Let's have a nap. You can drive us home in the morning, darlin'!"

So, as the flames in the grate died to glowing embers, Chris, Augusta and Richard lay close together, naked, on their bed of sweet-smelling leaves. Their bodies were covered with sweat, their flesh pulsated with the memory of good, hard sex. It wasn't long before the boys were asleep. For Augusta, tired though she was, it took a little longer. Smiling to herself in the darkness, she gently touched her clit and it throbbed powerfully in response.

"Thank you, gentlemen," she murmured. "That was just what I needed!"

* * *

The morning sun slanted across Chris's face and woke him with a start. Trying to open his eyes, he squinted, wondering for a moment, where the hell he was.

Then, gradually, he began to recall the events of the night before. Of course! He and Richard had fucked this beautiful woman, Scarlet, in a ruin of a cottage, beside a flickering fire. It was a pity the fire had gone out; the cool, dewy air touched his naked skin now, raising it into goosebumps. Never mind, perhaps Scarlet would be able to warm him up a little. The memory of her gorgeous, wet, heated pussy contracting around his cock, was still deliciously clear. So it definately hadn't been a dream.

Still with his eyes half-shut, Chris reached out, expecting to make contact with a soft, naked, female body.

"Come on, baby," he murmured. "Want some cock for breakfast?"

But all he touched was a pile of brittle old leaves. Chris's eyes were suddenly fully open.

"What the fuck -?"

He was alone. No Scarlet, no Richard. What was going on? Had he dreamt it after all?

Chris staggered woozily to his feet. A morning erection stuck out in front of him and he wished there was some pussy around to shove it into.

"Scarlet!" he called out, cautiously. "Richie?"

There was silence for a moment. Then a scuffling noise behind him. Chris whirled round and came face-to-face with Richard, who was fully clothed.

"Jesus, man!" Richard said. "Can't you cover that up?"

Chris looked down at his swollen prick. He felt that he could still see Augusta's full red lips wrapped around it.

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