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Three Bikers and a Needy Mommy

by Frenchman 11/17/11

"Oh yes daddy, I can make it all better for you. I can't wait to smother it with kisses to show you how long I've waited to meet you."

In no time at all she unzipped my jeans, unfastened my wide leather belt and then hooked her fingers over my pants and shorts. As her fingers grazed the skin on my stomach I felt a tingle from her touch all the way to my brain and back to my cock. Ever so slowly she lowered them with ever widening eyes as my swollen cock came into her view...then...all the way to the floor around my boots. Then slowly her hands reached out so tenderly at the back of my calves and felt my hairy legs. As they traveled exquisitely up my legs the sensations caused me to actually drooled a long thin strand of pre-cum down from the tip of my extended boner which damn well told her that I was in total lust of her beauty.

" very careful or you just may get a hot load of daddy all over your beautiful face."

My words caused her eyes to roll back in a hypnotic trace-like fixation and tongue began to wet her lips in anticipation of placing them on her daddy's bone to get her first taste of her heart's desire.

"Unlace my boots and take off my pants little girl so I can hold your naked body!"

Soon I was stript from the waist down with only my heavy wool shirt and undershirt remaining. Now I'm no big 'hung like a moose guy' so I won't bullshit you in that department. I'm only about 7" of cock(about average in length). But what I am proud of and is so appreciated by the women I've fucked; is the fact it is remarkably fat in girth with a very large mushroom shaped tip that slips easily into a woman's pussy but is wide at the base of the tip so it never slips out until it has completed its task and made her and I both cum. Its a bit like a hunter's spear that pierces easily into the flesh but doesn't dislodge once inside its victim (or in the case of my cock...inside a woman's pussy) and women love licking, sucking, and fondling its wicked, sensual shape made for a good lancing of her pussy.

Again, not bragging but, Women have told me it is a good cock to get fucked with because it doesn't hurt them like a big long dick that can hurt when forced to deeply into their tender pussies. And yet, because of how fat it is, it stretches them to where they know they've got a good piece of manhood between their legs that lets them know they are being 'taken' and 'controlled' with just enough forceful penetration making for a good and satisfying fuck.

I can't ever remember any fuck session in which I wondered if the woman was maybe faking an orgasm for my benefit. I always damn well knew my cock was giving them the best God intended a woman to have from a man's cock that was guaranteed to result in a hell of a lot of pleasure. That's what I'm proud of being able to deliver...a lot of fucking pleasure and my ol' pecker had be well used over the years but still had the look and feel of a much younger man's cock.

As much as I had admired Linda's tits, she was now oohing and awe-ing over my fat cock as she began licking and nibbling all around to test the firmness and began getting acquainted of what she was about to claim ownership.

"Oh...d.a.d.d.y..., you have such a beautiful cock. Is it all for your little girl? Can I have it whenever I want it to kiss and lick it?"

"Honey you can do anything your heart pleases but be a good little girl and put in way inside your mouth and suck it...oh yes...daddy likes little girl!"

Now up to this point, this kind of back and forth childish talk suited us both but it had reached the point were I needed to take control of her hot body. I positioned Linda on her hands and knees with her big tits hanging down and swaying all around as I slipped my fat cock into her tight beaver and began pounding her ass from the back pulling her long red hair.

My change of pace and taking control of her was obviously a big turn on because her cunt was warm and wet in a New York minute. My talk went from 'little girl', to 'Move that ass of yours bitch and fuck daddy's cock with that tight little pussy. Yeah baby, move those hips back and forth and make your daddy proud. You're a bad little girl who needs to get a good fucking. Do it for me and show me how much you want to keep daddy around so you can get some good lovin' whenever I want it! Is this what you want baby? Is this what you've been wanting to feel deep inside that hot pussy of yours?"

She was doubt about it as she moved to my every word. Her hips were doing all the work stroking my cock with her tight, wet pussy. She couldn't speak other than making gutteral sounds of pure pleasure of our love making. I know...we were fucking but had to be there in my shoes to feel what was taking place in the way all this was going down because it was HOT...HARD...FUCKING...AND PLEASUREABLE TENDER LOVE ALL WRAPPED AROUND A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME MOMENT FOR THE TWO OF US DOING WHAT FEW EVER REALLY EXPERIENCE!

After a lot of pussy pounding, hair pulling, and fucking her to a point where she began to shiver and shake I knew her orgasm was about to break loose. What I didn't know was that Linda had never been completely satisfied by any prior lover. I believe her not ever having a father figure inside her pussy kept her psychologically from tripping over the edge to where she felt she was deserving to come and somehow not a real woman for lack of a real father.

A woman has to either be strong enough to 'take a fucking and make it work for her in a bit of a selfish way.' Or have the feeling that her man 'owns her body and demands her giving of herself to make him happy...thereby in his release, she feels fulfilled and comes as a result of her joy in satisfying her man'. Either way...without being 'taken' or feeling they are 'giving'...women can more often have better results on a more consistent basis with a dildo in which there is no need of any relationship other than that of their fantasy and need to be cum.

Suddenly...Linda froze in place, while still on her hands and knees with me buried to the hilt, deep-down inside her pussy. She started to quiver and shake even more...then all hell broke loose as she let out a blood curdling scream that soon had a neighbor, two fucking apartments away, come knocking on the door to ask if she was ok.

The scream was followed by a babbling of garbled swearing so unexpected yet so fantastic to hear confirming she was getting everything she wanted from me. Then after the scream, swearing, shaking in obvious complete mind-blowing orgasm she dropped from my cock and collapsed on the floor and froze with both hands grabbing tightly to her breasts.

That final collapse of hers had me worried until she rolled over, grinning from ear to ear with a wide-eyed surprised look of just experiencing total release for the first time.

"Oh my God my darling daddy. You did really did it for me you wonderful man! I always wanted to feel like the woman guys took me for, but I only felt half alive until the way you made love to me just now."

I was speachless but very happy to have boned such a fine piece of ass like Linda. Hell...I always wondered what it would be like to actually fuck a beautiful Playboy Centerfold...and now I knew!

After a couple of grateful kisses and more endearing words of thanks she said, "Did you come yet honey?"

"No beautiful... you've got a lot more for you to do for your father...understand?"

With a big smile and nodding of her head she said; "Yes daddy, tell me what you want and I'll do anything you ask. Your wish is my command."

Really! was not the time to hold back. I loved getting into a woman's ass. Anal is like the frosting on the cake of good sex for me...but only with the right woman. And, no woman could be more right than this hot piece of ass I had lucked into today!

"Have you ever had anal?" I asked.

She got real quiet for a while and the smile turned to a frown.

"No. One guy tried and I wouldn't let him. It's nasty isn't it?"

"Not if I do it to you, beautiful! remember I'm your father confessor and the only way to absolve you of all sin is for you to give me everything I did say you would do that, didn't you. You did said you'd do anything for me. And it is something I very much would like to you need to be prepared by your father confessor. Here's how its done so you're good and clean where it counts."

I took her into the bathroom and using her douche bottle, instructed her how easy it was to cleanse her bowels. I closed the door so she could prepare herself for a good ass eating and fucking which I knew she had never experienced. God...I got hard just thinking of kissing and licking her sweet ass and fetched another beer from the fridge to try and cool down. When I left she did not appear very happy. A mixture of frown and puzzlement as to why all this was to be done in the manner I described...but, yet willing to do as I asked.

After about half an hour she came out of the bathroom, went into her bedroom. Five minutes later she quietly called, "Ok daddy, I'm ready."

Wow! She was now dressed in the sexiest baby-doll nighty and had a big grin on her face.

"Oh father, it felt so weird when I did what you told me to do. And then I had to go potty. But it also kind of felt nice making me really clean back there just for you. I did it two times just like you said. Would you look and see if I did it right."

I made her take off her panties and turn around and bend down to grab her ankles. OMG! As she bent over and those marvelous tits came into view again, my erection came right back up as before. Her tits...her looks...her young perfect body...and that beautiful ass all ready for my cock...all had the combined effect on my cock that until now only Viagra could get it this hard.

I instructed her to get back upon the bed on her hands and knees so I could test her work and explain the results. First some kissing and nibbling of her little rosebud of her beautiful full ass...then she said; "Oh father, that feels so strange and so nice."

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