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Three Square Meals Ch. 004

by Tefler 12/30/15

John slowly opened his eyes, as the fog of the night's sleep began to fade from his mind. He was about to perform his normal stretching routine when he felt a strange weight on his left side. He looked down to see a mass of blonde hair resting against his shoulder, and the previous night's events came flooding back to him. He half-turned, careful not to wake his sleeping companion as he wrapped his arm around her again. This was a new experience for him and he savoured the feeling of protectiveness he felt for his young bed mate.

John's hand began to gently and carefully explore the nubile girl's body. Alyssa's tummy had shrunk back to normal again, her body voraciously consuming the high protein feast he had fed the pretty teenager the evening before. The gloriously smooth skin on her toned stomach felt incredible to his sensitive fingertips. His fingers roamed upwards, cupping one of her breasts which nearly filled his hand with warm, pliant flesh. He decided not to do any more exploring for fear of waking her, so he settled down for a nice lie-in and waited for the young girl to wake on her own.

John didn't have to wait for long, as a mere ten minutes later Alyssa stirred as well. She seemed to flinch initially when she felt another body surrounding her, but as she regained full consciousness she sighed happily and snuggled into his embrace. She raised her hand to brush the wayward blonde locks from her face, and twisted in his arms to look up at him. John studied her lovely fresh young face and realised he would have to stop thinking of her as pretty, and more accurately describe her as beautiful. Alyssa's skin seemed to be glowing this morning and she looked radiant. Her piercing blue eyes were sharp and focused, watching his every movement intently. The wide, full smile on her face lifted his spirits and he felt a strange feeling of contentment and happiness that was most unusual for him.

"Do you know what I'd like to do today?" she asked him quizzically.

"I'm fascinated to find out," John replied, genuinely interested.

"Have breakfast in bed!" the exuberant teen answered, before ducking below the covers.

John could only moan appreciatively as the eager girl zeroed in on his stiffening shaft and engulfed him in the warm, wet softness of her mouth. He leaned back, fingers interlocked behind his head, as he enjoyed the insistent sucking sensation that felt so wonderful on his cock. He could see no sign of Alyssa, just the bobbing mound under the covers, but he could hear the delightfully debauched sounds of her slick mouth as she slid up and down his length.

He lost track of time as his enthusiastic companion worked her magic on him and before he knew it, he was gasping in pleasure as his balls gave up their sweet tasting reward. He came long and hard, serving the teenage girl her first meal of the day. Alyssa appeared from under the covers a few moments later, licking her lips suggestively.

"Mmmm, that was a hearty breakfast," she purred contentedly, as she sat up and stroked her convex tummy.

"Thanks Alyssa, that was a magnificent way to start the day!" John said as he got up, and kissed the beautiful young woman squarely on the lips.

"You're welcum!" she replied.

"I am indeed!" riposted John as he swaggered to the shower. He stepped into the roomy cubicle and the autosensing jets of water began a rhythmic pitter-patter, as he relaxed under their warm caress. He was able to finish his shower uninterrupted, which left him feeling just slightly disappointed, as he'd hoped his lovely companion would join him.

He reached up for a towel as he left the shower, rubbing himself dry as he walked back into his cabin. The sight before him stopped him in his tracks. He almost had to pinch himself to check if he was dreaming as he marvelled at the sight before him.

His bed was a vision of orderly perfection. While he'd been in the shower, Alyssa had made his bed for him. He took in the crisp clear lines, the smoothed out pillows, even the 8" strip of sheet folded back over the cover.

"That's how you like it, right?" she asked cautiously.

John picked the young woman up in a tight hug before swirling her in a circle around him. She laughed gaily, delighted at his reaction. He planted a big smacking kiss on her lips, before placing her down lightly on her feet again.

"Thanks honey, that was very thoughtful," he said, smiling down at her appreciatively. The girl basked in his praise and grinned up at him. John considered getting dressed, but then decided to embrace the new 'clothing optional' dress code aboard his ship.

"Is there anything else I can do to help around here?" Alyssa asked enthusiastically.

"If you could bring me some breakfast, and meet me in the cockpit, that would be fantastic," John replied. Having a crewmate was turning out to be most useful indeed.

Alyssa nodded eagerly and bounded out of the cabin. He followed the teenager out the door, turning right and heading into the cockpit.

"I wish I still had that youthful energy," he thought to himself as he eased into the Pilot's seat.

John checked the ship's performance readouts and the long range scanner for any activity. He then moved on to track the progress the ship was making on the route home. He was so engrossed in the system charts that he didn't noticed when Alyssa returned, and placed an assortment of food carefully on the console. She sat quietly, quite fascinated, as she watched him follow their projected path through the holographic representation of the upcoming systems.

"Which system are we travelling through now?" the inquisitive girl asked, snapping him out of his preoccupied thoughts.

"This is Carilan-Prime," John said, pointing at the glowing red orb in the centre of the holo-display. His hand made a slight sweeping gesture and the display moved on to centre on a fiery orange orb surrounded by the arcs of its orbiting planets. "And this is Iridani-Major, we'll be travelling through here next," he said, his finger tracing the blue path of their intended course.

"I like learning about stars. Stars are pretty!" Alyssa chirped, her face a picture of wide eyed innocence.

John looked at her incredulously, before her expression broke suddenly and she dissolved into peals of laughter.

"You had me there for a minute," John grinned good naturedly.

"I'm sorry, John" the teenager said, smiling apologetically. She reached out and touched his arm. "Please continue, I'd love to know more."

John launched into a beginner's guide to Astro-Navigation. Alyssa was a remarkably quick study and was able to rapidly grasp the concepts of gravity wells, flight vectors, and directed thrust. He soon found himself moving on to more complex topics, and was pleasantly surprised that she was able to process and understand those too. They spent a few hours covering as much as he could recall off the top of his head, before he turned her loose to practice using the ship's navigation system. He was delighted with her progress as she plotted a potential course through a sector, using a slingshot manoeuvre around a gas giant to increase the ship's velocity.

"That was excellent, Alyssa! Are you sure you never received any kind of training on this before?" he asked her, quite amazed.

The girl shook her head, beaming at the praise.

"Keep this up and we'll make a first class navigator out of you in no time!" John said, grinning encouragingly, and waving her back to the console to continue practicing what he had just taught her.

He reached over to the food she had brought him and tucked in, savouring the fresh-tasting apple, and then chewing his way through the protein bars. He watched his eager new student as she cycled through the stellar charts, experimenting with navigation routes and flight trajectories. The teenager had a quick and agile mind, he realised, as he forced himself to re-evaluate his young companion. He pondered what a tragic waste her growing up in such a bleak environment had been. He felt sad, thinking about how many other bright young lives had their potential wasted in such a manner.

Alyssa seemed to sense the change in his mood and looked over at the downcast expression on his face. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked, worried that she had upset him somehow.

"No, no, of course not, you've been doing great!" John replied quickly, snapping out of his dark introspection. "Sorry, my mind just wandered a bit."

"Maybe I can help distract you," Alyssa replied, as she rose from her chair and walked towards him.

The sultry young woman held the back of his chair and gracefully swung her shapely leg over his thighs, before carefully lowering herself to sit in his lap facing him. It was a move John had seen exotic dancers perform before and Alyssa executed it perfectly. She cupped his face in her hands and then moved in to press her full lips against his. They shared a number of tender kisses before the girl's mouth parted and she delicately licked his lips with the tip of her tongue. Her tongue brushed over his lips as it darted into his mouth, as she began to intensify their passionate embrace. She kissed him fiercely, before he responded and began to duel her darting tongue with his own.

John's body responded accordingly and his manhood grew thick and hard as the teenager kissed him eagerly. Her small breasts grazed over his chest, her pink nipples excited and erect. He moved his hands to hold her fantastically firm ass cheeks causing the girl to moan into his mouth. He lifted her slightly, then repositioned her, so that her labia were centred over the shaft of his burgeoning cock.

"Ooohhhhh!" she gasped, as he rocked her body along his length, her lubrication easing the way.

Alyssa opened her eyes and stared intently into his matching gaze. Her mouth was slightly parted, her lips glistening after their kiss. John's strong hands held her firmly and he stroked the teen's body along the underside of his cock, the warm wet velvety touch feeling amazing. She moaned breathily, her face mere inches from his own as he rocked her in his lap.

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