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Three Square Meals Ch. 117

by Tefler 03/15/19

Alyssa let Helene cry against her shoulder, rubbing the aquatic girl's back as she wept. Whispering soothing words in her ear, she waited until Helene had cried herself out, then said quietly, "Let's go have a lie down."

Helene nodded and let the blonde lead her out of the Officers' Lounge into the corridor beyond. The door to Faye's room slid aside after Alyssa opened it with a telekinetic touch. They walked inside then sat on the bed, with Alyssa pulling the weary teal-skinned girl down into a comforting hug.

"I'm sorry..." Helene murmured, sounding self-conscious.

"What for?" Alyssa asked, her voice kind and reassuring. "Everyone needs a good cry now and then. Besides, you're worn out... I should be the one apologising for letting you push yourself this hard."

"They were all so hurt and upset. I had to do something to help them..."

"You did... and you were amazing!" Alyssa gushed, her voice full of admiration. "Many of those colonists would never have fully recovered after everything the Kirrix did to them, especially the parents that lost their children... but you helped them live again."

The aquatic girl looked dubious. "Rachel was the one that healed those people; I just helped to ease their suffering."

"Theo was on the verge of a breakdown," Alyssa said emphatically, looking into those trusting baby-blue eyes. "You helped him put all the shame and humiliation behind him... and gave him his life back. Luce was terrified that she'd lost him forever, that she'd never get her husband back again, but you managed to save him. She'll never forget you, Helene... you saved the person that woman cared about most in the galaxy."

"I was just trying to do the right thing," she said, blushing at the blonde's effusive praise.

"You really did," Alyssa said with an encouraging smile. "The trauma all those people suffered from the Kirrix would have given them flashbacks and haunted their nightmares for the rest of their lives... until some of them couldn't take it anymore. Suicides would have killed hundreds if not thousands of them in the end, but you prevented all that. I wasn't exaggerating earlier; they needed you and you were there for them."

Helene let out a wistful sigh. "I've never been needed like that before, not really. Back at Neptra village they let me look after children in the nursery sometimes... but it was done out of pity and the mothers would soon ask me to leave." Her eyes were downcast as she continued, "And... I realise now, that when I thought I was helping defend the village... they were actually hoping that I... wouldn't come back."

Alyssa brushed her fingers through Helene's light-green hair. "They were awful for treating you that way, but you don't have to put up with that superstitious nonsense any more, Helene. You've grown so much since we first met and not just your new psychic powers... you're blossoming into an incredible woman."

"That's a lovely thing to say, but I don't think I'm all that special... not compared to you," Helene said with a grateful smile. She wiped her eyes and propped herself up on an elbow. "You knew John would be furious when Jade brought me back to the ship, but you asked her to bring me anyway... and I'll never be able to thank you enough for that."

"I can't take all the credit. Jade told me she'd met a very kind, beautiful, but sad girl... and she wanted to help. You belong with us, Helene, you always have." Alyssa winked at her and added, "John just needed a bit of gentle encouragement to see it."

Helene laughed, the tension easing from her body. "I don't know how you can wilfully defy him like that. I can't even imagine doing something that I knew might displease him."

The blonde looked troubled for a moment and nodded. "It can be very hard sometimes... What John says and what he really wants can be quite different." She shook that thought away and smiled at Helene affectionately. "You just continue being a good girl and you can't go wrong."

"That's fortunate... I very much enjoy that," Helene said, licking her lips and smiling back.

Now it was Alyssa's turn to laugh. "I didn't just mean giving John blowjobs... but yeah, keep doing that too."

"How is he doing at the moment?" Helene asked, a frown appearing on her lovely face. "I've been missing him."

"He's having a fine old time with the twins," the blonde replied with a smirk. She looked up at her bedmate and brushed her fingers over her teal cheek. "We'll catch up with him tomorrow. You should get some sleep now... you really pushed yourself today and you need to rest."

Helene nodded, then settled down on the bed again, sighing contentedly as Alyssa slipped her arms around her. She glanced up at her matriarch and frowned. "I thought you were going to have some fun with the girls?"

"I can do that any time," Alyssa said, patting her on the back. "You need a nice cuddle."

The mermaid stifled a yawn, then kissed Alyssa on the cheek, her lips soft and warm. "I'm grateful that you want to stay and take care of me, but please be with Calara tonight. I would hate to think that I kept two lovers apart... and Faye already offered to keep me company in bed." Before the blonde could object, Helene turned and called out loudly, "Faye, would you still like to join me?"

A winged sprite popped into existence beside them. "Of course! I'm on my way!"

Alyssa rolled Helene over so she was on her back, then leaned down to give her a deep kiss, making the aquatic girl moan. They only parted when the door opened and Faye bounded inside, the petite pixie flopping down on the bed beside them.

"Do you want to take over, Faye?" Alyssa asked with a sultry grin, caressing the blushing mermaid.

Faye nodded exuberantly, draping herself over Helene. "As long as you're not too tired for a goodnight kiss?"

Helene smiled and shook her head, then caught Alyssa's hand as the blonde moved aside. "Thank you..."

Alyssa kissed her fingertips. "Sleep tight..."

She left the two of them entwined on the bed and slipped out of the room, closing the door behind her. Excited giggling echoed down the corridor from the Commander's Quarters and Alyssa grinned with anticipation as she hurried to join the rest of the girls in the bedroom.


"No more snoozing, your breakfast's ready!" Charles called out from the dining room.

Lynette Devereux stretched like a cat, then smiled as she smelled a tantalising aroma wafting into the bedroom. She threw back the covers and grabbed a silk robe, slipping it on as she climbed out of bed and padded into the dining room just as Charles walked in from the kitchen, carrying a plate of mangled yellowish-brown toast.

She smiled at him affectionately. "That looks... intriguing."

"The first bite is with the eye," he said with mock sincerity, presenting the misshapen concoction to her with a flourish.

She took the plate and sat down at the table. "And what's the name of this wondrous gastronomic delight?"

"It's Eggy bread of course," he replied, as if it wasn't obvious. He glanced down at the plate and added, "Although with your background, perhaps I should be calling it French toast?"

"My family called it Pain perdu," she replied as she picked up her cutlery. Taking an experimental bite, she looked at him in amazement. "This is delicious!"

Charles laughed as he returned to the Kitchen. "You don't have to sound quite so surprised."

"I want your recipe; it tastes better than my version," she readily conceded, then grinned at him when he reappeared with a plate for himself and two steaming mugs. "Although, I might just be able to beat you on presentation."

He frowned and looked at the egg and bread catastrophe. "It's supposed to look like the aftermath of a missile strike isn't it?"

Lynette giggled and gave him a loving kiss, then the couple enjoyed their breakfast together.

"Busy day today?" he asked, sipping his coffee.

"I'm visiting the Firing Range with Jehanna this morning," she replied, looking excited. "It's been at least thirty years since I last fired a handgun, I'm quite looking forward to getting some practice!"

Charles watched her with amusement, shaking his head.

"What?" she asked, looking at him quizzically.

"It's difficult enough trying to remember you're my age when you look the way you do," he replied, eyeing her flawlessly smooth skin and youthful face. "But it's even harder when you act so-"

"Perky?" Lynette suggested, giving him a coy smile. She let her robe slip open, revealing her gravity-defying breasts. "You certainly weren't complaining about my perkiness this morning..."

"I never said I was complaining..." he murmured, trying hard not to stare at her spectacular figure.

She finished her breakfast and leaned back on the chair, crossing her slender legs. "It's a good point. I'll have to try to rein in my enthusiasm a little when we're in public."

Charles toyed with his mug and it was obvious he had something on his mind as he studied the brunette. "Lynette... how long do you plan on serving as Fleet Admiral?"

"At least ten years," she replied without hesitation. "I suppose it depends on events, but I'd like to stay in the post for as long as possible."

"You're going to need to maintain this... illusion... for over a decade," he said, watching her carefully. "And we both want a family, but how are you planning to handle having children while still pretending to be the old Lynette?"

She shrugged. "Getting pregnant at 52 isn't impossible, especially with medical intervention... it shouldn't be too hard to convince everyone." Her hazel eyes softened as she continued, "We can start trying whenever you want, but I think the sooner the better. I would like to be married first, but we can plan a quick wedding..."

"I really want that too, but I was thinking further into the future. What happens when our children start getting older? We'll have to teach them to lie to everyone about your true appearance," he said quietly.

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