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Three Square Meals Ch. 090

by Tefler 09/29/17

Ailanthia stretched like a cat on the soft black sheets, letting out a deeply contented sigh. She felt the wonderful heavy weight at her waist and one of her light-green hands slid down over her gloriously curved abdomen. She bit her flushed lower lip and let out a low moan, her skin feeling so sensitive where it had stretched taut to accommodate her cum-stuffed womb.

She let out a quiet, disbelieving laugh, awed by memories of the heated coupling with her Master this morning. He'd been absolutely magnificent and looked so heartbreakingly handsome... Ailanthia had gazed at him in wonder as he'd taken her, wrapping herself around this interstellar titan and sobbing with ecstasy as he pumped his seed deep inside her.

For Ailanthia, who'd seen the passing of so many long lonely years, her master's relationship with her had radically changed in what seemed like the blink of an eye. For millennia, he'd been dispassionate and aloof... utterly disinterested in her sexually for anything other than a perfunctory feeding. After all, it had been vitally important that she remain aesthetically pleasing for him. But in a matter of mere months, something had profoundly shifted in his bearing, and Ailanthia's heart sang with joy at the change.

Rolling carefully to one side, she ran her hand over the side of the bed he'd laid in, feeling the fading warmth and wishing he was still there. She inhaled deeply, a shiver running down her spine as she caught a hint of his scent. Closing her eyes, she relaxed in a state of bliss, happier than she ever thought possible.

A gentle touch to her swollen belly roused her from her doze and she gazed up at her master in surprise. He was looking down at her with an ambivalent expression on his face as he sat on the side of the bed, some unreadable emotion in his eyes that Ailanthia didn't recognise. Realising that she was awake, he slowly withdrew his hand and studied her for a moment, the vaguest hint of a smile on his lips.

Abruptly he rose to his feet and strode towards the door of the darkened room. He paused before leaving, turning back to look at her, his stunning bronzed features lit by the blood-red glow from the corridor beyond. "Come, Ailanthia, prepare yourself for the day ahead. The entertainment should begin shortly."

"Yes, My Lord," she replied obediently, sitting up in bed. "I will be with you momentarily."

His eyes had a wicked gleam of anticipation to them as he lifted the black cowl over his head and strode away.


Dana's features were bathed in the flickering blue light from Irillith's rapid shots, shadows dancing on the grey titanium wall behind her.

"The idea just kind of clicked," Dana said quietly, unsettled by the look of shock on John and Alyssa's faces. She glanced to her right at the long laser weapon in Irillith's arms. "The Pulse Cannons suddenly seemed wrong... like they were too big and cumbersome, so I refined the design to make a portable version. I didn't have time to make another Progenitor power core, so I stripped one out of a Quantum rifle, then built the cannon's frame with Alyssa's help, added the new heatsinks, anti-grav suspensors, improved focusing aperture, and all the rest..."

Irillith ceased firing and turned to look at her audience, a broad grin on her face until she saw everyone's stunned reaction to the weapon test. "What's the matter?" she asked, looking at each of them with concern.

"I've seen a gun like that before," Tashana whispered, her violet eyes wide as saucers as she stared at her sister. "You look just like the pictures..."

John turned to look at the Maliri girl, finally shaking off his shock. "You've seen murals of Thralls using these kinds of weapons?"

"Yes, in the temple where I found Valada's server. I've got copies in my research notes..." she murmured, transfixed by the long-barrelled weapon. "It's so distinctive, I recognised it instantly."

"We haven't got time now, but we really need to review all your research again," John said, staring at the Pulse Cannon and feeling that same nagging sense of satisfaction.

Irillith's angular eyes narrowed as she looked at John and Alyssa. "I understand why Tashana's reacting like this, but what's the matter with you two? Did I do something wrong?"

John shook his head, stepping forward to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Of course not, honey. You just... took us by surprise, that's all."

Alyssa nodded and said quietly, "We each felt the same thing when we saw you; a Maliri woman in that type of armour, carrying a weapon like that. It... resonated for both of us."

Irillith glanced down at her gear. "So you're saying I look just like a Progenitor's Thrall?"

"Yes, basically," John said, with no small amount of trepidation.

She suddenly gave him a spectacular smile. "That's fantastic!"

He blinked at her in surprise, startled by her unexpected reaction. "Excuse me?"

Irillith put down the long weapon, then cupped his face in her hands. "Don't you see? This means we're closing the tech gap! You're a Progenitor... there's no hiding from that fact. We should embrace the opportunities every newly discovered piece of technology gives us!"

Dana grinned at the Maliri girl, delighted by her positive outlook. "Fuck yeah we should!" She turned to clap John on the shoulder. "Irillith's totally right, you shouldn't be freaking out, this is great! We've just got a new bit of awesome Progenitor tech right out of the blue!"

Nodding eagerly, Irillith said, "We know so little about Progenitors or the way their Thralls fight. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more!"

Walking over to join them, Alyssa slipped her arm around John's waist. "They make good points. We both knew we'd be reaching this point eventually."

"Know yourself and know your enemies, you'll be undefeated in a hundred battles..." John murmured, his expression brightening, suddenly seeing a whole new meaning to that ancient wisdom. He gave Irillith a grateful smile. "Thank you."

Irillith took off her Paragon helmet and shook out her snowy-white tresses before giving him a tender kiss. "You're always trying so hard to make me happy, it feels wonderful being able to return the favour!"

They hugged for a moment and John turned to look at Alyssa. "Can you call all the girls up to the bedroom please. I want to talk to everyone about something important."

Her expression softened and she nodded, gently rubbing his back.

John glanced at the Pulse Cannon on the shooting bench. "It looks like you've excelled yourself again, Sparks. You couldn't have picked a better time to suddenly come up with that."

"Girl with the gear does it again!" the redhead exclaimed, raising her hand for a high five.

He didn't leave her hanging and grinned as their hands slapped together. Turning to Irillith he said, "You better take that beast to the weapon racks in the Combat Bridge. I've a feeling it'll come in handy."

Irillith replaced her helmet and picked up the Pulse Cannon. "Your wish is my command, My Lord," she said respectfully, before winking at him and leaving the firing range with a broad grin on her face.

John felt a surge of tremendous satisfaction at her behaviour, and darted a worried glance at Irillith as she left the room.

Tashana noticed the anxious way he was watching her sister and she walked over to John, wrapping her arms around him in a reassuring hug. "It's okay, Irillith was only joking. Don't look so worried," she whispered in his ear.

When she pulled back to look at his face, he shook his head and met her caring violet-eyed gaze. "I know she was only teasing, but seeing her playing the obedient Thrall really struck a chord in me. That's what I'm worried about."

She looked thoughtful for a moment, then asked seriously, "Have you started having thoughts about galactic conquest?"

John shook his head and frowned. "No, of course not!"

"Any plans to turn your girls into unquestioning slaves?" she asked, studying his face.

"I'd never do that!" he protested vehemently.

"Then you have nothing to worry about." Tashana gave him a gentle smile, pressing herself against him and leaning in for a loving kiss.

Dana walked past John and swatted him playfully on the rump. "Let me know if you change your mind... I'll be your obedient slave any time you like!"

"I guess you're covered either way," Alyssa said to John with a laugh, then held out her hand for him. "Let's go. The girls are waiting for us."

John let her lead him from the Firing Range, then followed after the redhead as she skipped towards the grav-tube, darting flirtatious looks at him over her shoulder. He was still concerned about the way he'd reacted to Irillith looking and behaving like a Thrall, but the sight of Dana's dazzling blue eyes proved to be a very effective distraction. They floated up in the grav-tube, then stepped out onto Deck Two, the sound of conversation drifting towards them from the main bedroom at the end of the corridor.

The rest of the girls were waiting there, gathered in the large open space at the foot of the bed. Their light-hearted chatter died out as John entered the room, with everyone turning to greet him with a welcoming smile. Irillith joined them moments later, taking her place in the semi-circle that formed fluidly around him.

He looked around the group and took a deep breath. "Before we start gearing ourselves up for battle, I just wanted to say a few words."

Rachel raised her hand and said politely, "May I ask you a quick question, please?"

Surprised by her interruption, he nodded, gesturing for her to proceed with an open hand. "Of course, honey. Go ahead."

Her grey eyes were enigmatic as she studied him. "Alyssa told us what happened in the Firing Range. You were just about to reassure all of us that you'll never treat us like mindless thralls, weren't you?"

Startled by her insightful derailing of his speech, he could only nod to confirm her guess.

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